Monday Meme's Over Coffee

Good Morning Everyone, 

So this morning I thought to myself, "I'm so ahead of the game! I have all my posts planned in my calendar for the month! I have some great new content ready to go!" then as I flipped open my calendar to see what I had scheduled for today...I saw that I had nothing! The first "real" day of the challenge I set for myself and I didn't bother to schedule anything! 

Then I thought about just posting a weekend update as our weekend was pretty busy but because I am a "PRO" blogger....I took exactly zero pictures. 

So I snapped a picture of my morning coffee setup  in order to look like I was actually prepared. 

Then I sent it to myself in an email. Prompting this moment to occur....

I am totally winning this morning.....

Happy Monday Everyone. 

Tomorrow I will have an actual post on Valentine's Date Ideas! Check back then!


  1. ha! I always do my weekend posts on Monday so I know they're ready to go. I hate when I think I've prepared something and I'm all like WHOOPS, nothing there.

  2. Hahahah! This has definitely happened to me before, too!

  3. hahaha totally a blogger thing to do!


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