Thursday Thoughts: This Morning Thoughts

Good Morning Everyone, 

Here are my thoughts this morning (a little late) : 

She is still sleeping...can I get in a shower? I think I can....

YES! She is still asleep! Successfully took full shower in actual hot water! Today is gonna be a good day. 

*I attempt to sneak out of the room and down the hallway* MAMA!!!!

Her hair is wild this morning but she is smiling the biggest smile. Gonna be a good day.

She is already asking for Aristocats. We only watched it four times yesterday. Oh well it could be worse, at least it isn't Hakuna Matata again.

It is like ice out here...even the dogs don't want to be out here. The sun is deceptively bright here in the frozen wasteland.  

I bought sugarless coffee creamer. WTF. I cannot drink this swill.

 If it is wrong to have leftover homemade rolls for breakfast I don't wanna be right. 

She is content with her eggs and roll and watching the Aristocats. Now I can get my blog done for the day. Why didn't' I work on it last night?  Oh right because I was watching Big Hero Six instead. 

Big Hero good. SO MANY FEELS. I cried and cried and cried. LOVED IT. 

She's almost done with breakfast, I need to stop looking at Pinterest and emails and write my blog! Seriously get writing!!! 

I hope you enjoyed this random stream of thoughts from my morning. Also if you haven't seen Big Hero Six and you like Disney (which of course you do!) watch it ASAP. It was so visually beautiful and the story was lovely. Even if I cried big baby tears. 

Happy Thursday Everyone, Don't forget to linkup your Favorites tomorrow!



  1. I ordered a batch of movies from Disney Movie Club and got the free pin from Big Hero Six. I'm already excited I own it and I've not even seen the movie yet. SOOOOON. PS, I'm feeling slightly guilty for serenading you via email, but I swear if I didn't get it out I'd still be singing Hakuna Matata through the weekend and no one wants that. :)

  2. Happy Thursday! I was going to do some errands at lunch but it's too cold for that.

  3. I love how most your thoughts revolve around her! Mama love!


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