Confession Day 7/9

Good Morning Everyone,

Happy Hump Day!

Vodka and Soda

...I confess that lately I have been wanting to run off to another country...partially because I feel the need to travel....partially because I want to run away and not be an adult anymore....
Being an adult is not going to work for me
...I confess that I'm headed for a pit of despair when I think about my car. The air compressor is going out and unless I drive 70mph the air doesn't get cold in my car. Not comfortable for me and the baby. Seriously this is how I feel right now...

...I confess that this has been me for the past two nights....
*clap clap*

...I confess that in one weekend I managed to undo all the progress I had made on the weight loss front. I may never be thin again. I'm not sure I care at the moment....

...I confess that I have given up trying to tame my hair this summer. It is going to be in either a bun or a braid the rest of the season. Going to be rockin' it like Katniss.

...I confess that the only way I will be rocking said braid is if I have my Mum do it. I can't French braid or Dutch'd think with all this hair I would be a pro at styling...hah! 

... I confess that I am really bummed no one joined my link up.

...I confess I've been thinking of taking the blog down or making it private. I'm confused why some blogs are SO popular and have SO many followers even after only being up for like...a year. What am I doing wrong?

...I confess that I didn't mean for this to be such a downer post and the gif above was an attempt to cheer myself up.

...I confess if I could sew I would spend the rest of the month locked up and creating Cosplay costumes. I blame Heroes of Cosplay for this. Also the fact that I am not in fact a real adult.

...I confess I will be spending my evening watching The Walking Dead over again, reading all the confession blogs and drinking a glass of wine, except it probably won't be wine and will most likely just be water because of this....

Okay kids, I'm out of here. Happy Hump Day Everyone!


  1. I sang that anxious and you know it song in my head while reading it. Naturally. and NOOOOO dont make your blog private, I most certainly enjoy coming on here and reading everyday!

  2. Noooo don't go private! I'll be sads :(. I feel like the whole fitness thing for me is a constant struggle too.

  3. Girl I liked your link up idea dont be bummed. Playing catch up at work is killing me lol Dont give up!

  4. I can't braid in any way but the traditional boring one. I've tried and end up knotting hair for days!

  5. blogging is HARD work when it comes to building your readership. as in day and and day out, you have to read/lurk/comment/interact with bloggers daily. i admit i thought that if i wrote my stuff, people will eventually find me and i'll explode on the interwebs - NOPE. your blog is one of billions on the internet and everyone is busy interacting with those who they already have connections with. so i changed my perspective and decided to put myself and my blog out there - reaching out to bloggers, commenting religiously, interacting with them, responding to them, lurking for new blogs. ask anyone who has started blogging within the year how they got their readers and they'll tell you exactly that - that blogging is pretty much like a full time job to get your initial reader base. once you've made the connections, it's not as busy but still work.

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

    1. This is why you should keep blogging Kathy! Great idea and hard work! Sorry for jumping on your comment lol

  6. I can't braid or do my hair either. So annoying! I wish especially that i could french braid.

  7. Keep going! Growing readers is definitely hard work! I had a blog years and years ago and it seems so much easier to get followers back then. Starting over is hard but you have to keep at it!


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