Saturday, February 28, 2015

28in28 Recap: Things I learned

Good Morning Everyone, 

Today marks the end of my 28 posts in 28 days challenge! 

I have to say I was really excited to start this challenge but I am even more excited that I completed it! It was a fun challenge to undertake and I did learn some really important things along the way!

1) I do not like to post on Sundays. For some reason I never seem to have enough focus to know what I want to write for Sundays. The weekends are usually either busy or they are spent being a little lazy, either way I will be very glad to get back to writing five times a week with weekends off! 

2) I learned to start having my phone at the ready for pictures. This might seem silly but I actually caught a lot more moments because I was thinking about sharing them on the blog. I don't want all the pictures to come to the blog of course and I don't want to be one of those people that are like "STOP! Don't move! I need to blog this!" But I am glad that I actually thought to grab the camera and capture some of the adorable moments. Pictures really do make a blog post more fun and exciting. Even if they are just ones on your phone. I honestly don't mind that they aren't high quality pictures but I am going to try and use the fancy camera a little more!

3) On that same note- it pays to make designs on PicMonkey. I really like creating them for one thing and they are really eye catching to post on Pinterest or on Facebook. I usually get more hits on a post if I take the time to make a cute "logo" type thing! 

4) Having a schedule for blogging is very helpful. I am not sure why I fight schedules so much...maybe it's like a flashback to school or something? Well call me officially converted to scheduling. Even if I didn't use the post I scheduled for the day I had options that even led to better ideas for posts! 

5) My blog might not be big or have a huge following but the following I do have is amazing! You all have been so supportive with your comments. You kept me motivated to finish this challenge and to come back here and write every single day this past month! Thank you all so very much! 

Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to take a break. See you back here in March....on Monday. 
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Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Favorites: 2/27

Good Morning Everyone!

It's Friday!!!

Here are the Favorites for the Week! 

Beauty Favorites: 

Beautiful eye makeup for brown eyes or any eye color really

 essie - under where

Fashion Favorites:
20 Fall Fashion Outfit Ideas! I'm a sucker for black ;-) stretch pants instesd of jeans


 academic style pleated dress

Nerdy Girl Favorites:
I am Groot. Perhaps he is a descendant of Treebeard

Favorite Funnies:


That's it for me today! Check back in this weekend for my LAST post of February with my 28in28 recap!!! I've learned some things!!!! Don't forget to link up your favorites as well!!

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday Thoughts: This Morning Thoughts

Good Morning Everyone, 

Here are my thoughts this morning (a little late) : 

She is still sleeping...can I get in a shower? I think I can....

YES! She is still asleep! Successfully took full shower in actual hot water! Today is gonna be a good day. 

*I attempt to sneak out of the room and down the hallway* MAMA!!!!

Her hair is wild this morning but she is smiling the biggest smile. Gonna be a good day.

She is already asking for Aristocats. We only watched it four times yesterday. Oh well it could be worse, at least it isn't Hakuna Matata again.

It is like ice out here...even the dogs don't want to be out here. The sun is deceptively bright here in the frozen wasteland.  

I bought sugarless coffee creamer. WTF. I cannot drink this swill.

 If it is wrong to have leftover homemade rolls for breakfast I don't wanna be right. 

She is content with her eggs and roll and watching the Aristocats. Now I can get my blog done for the day. Why didn't' I work on it last night?  Oh right because I was watching Big Hero Six instead. 

Big Hero good. SO MANY FEELS. I cried and cried and cried. LOVED IT. 

She's almost done with breakfast, I need to stop looking at Pinterest and emails and write my blog! Seriously get writing!!! 

I hope you enjoyed this random stream of thoughts from my morning. Also if you haven't seen Big Hero Six and you like Disney (which of course you do!) watch it ASAP. It was so visually beautiful and the story was lovely. Even if I cried big baby tears. 

Happy Thursday Everyone, Don't forget to linkup your Favorites tomorrow!


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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Confessions: Blogger Edition

Good Morning Everyone,

It's Confession Time!

1) I confess that I that when I find a new blog that I like I become like a creepy blog stalker. Seriously, I will dig through all the archives and binge on the new blog as much as possible in order to get to know the blogger and basically read their life story like a book.  Yep I'm a creeper.

2) I confess that blog design is SO STRESSFUL. Seriously I see blogs get new fancy designs and then I start worrying that my blog doesn't look awesome enough. Then I start shopping blog designers only to be like "No this is too expensive, I know code, I will just do it myself" which always ends up with me yelling at the computer for an hour. 

3) Blogging is a community. That being said it can also be a lot like high school. You wanna fit in, you wanna make friends...but sometimes you are just the weird kid and find out that even though you put a lot of time into your blog and just aren't one of the popular kids. Some blogs will become popular like....overnight....and then some of us just hang out here with a small following and wonder why it is that we aren't the "Cool" blog. I try to not let it bother me but you know...sometimes you just wanna be liked.

4) I confess that I get SO EXCITED every time someone comments. Seriously I bounce around a do a little happy dance. Someone out there is reading!! Someone liked my post!!!

5) I confess that sometimes I think I have replied to a comment when in reality I have only replied in my head and forget to reply all together. This happens more than I care to admit. So if I respond to a comment like five days later...please know I mentally responded right after you sent it!

6) I confess to using bloggers names as though they are friends I just had coffee with and being offended when no one knows who I am talking about. 

Me:  Well Steph, Kay and Megan said this book was a really great read so I need to put it on hold.

Husband: Who? 

Me: The Blogging Girls

Husband: Oh....Internet Strangers...I see. 


That's it for me today! Happy Wednesday Everyone! Be sure to linkup with your own confessions!!!
Making Melissa
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

10 Things I've learned since becoming a Mom

Good Morning Everyone, 

Today is going to be a Mommy post, if that isn't your jam I get it, come back tomorrow for my Confessions Post! 

For those that wanna stick around I'm gonna share with you: 

1) Personal boundaries on appearance are more like "guidelines" really.- After having Kyra I was surprised at how little I cared if anyone saw me in my pajamas at three pm. At the beginning when I was nursing I didn't care what I looked like or what raggedy item of clothing I had on...Kyra was my focus and there are still days when showering is a luxury.

2) You will talk and think about your child's bathroom habits far more than you ever thought you would think about anyone's. Even your own. - At first it is all about diapers and how often and is everything healthy....and then it is all about potty training, avoiding accidents, and how weird the process of potty training can be.

3) Every day is different. Every child is different. Make no assumptions and always expect the unexpected. 

4) There will be so many days where you are sure that you a screwing it all up and you  just wing it. I think this is true for all moms out there. You probably aren't really screwing it up. So long as you are really trying.

5) There are days where you will listen to the same song/movie/show on repeat. You will become so ingrained with starting them over that you convince yourself that you aren't even doing it anymore. You will start to hum Hakuna Matata in those rare moments you are alone....and you will REJOICE the moment that the kiddo shows interest in literally ANY OTHER song/movie/show. (101 Dalmatians I adore you for saving me!) 

6) You will learn that some battles cannot be won. Especially with a toddler. 

7) Big purses are no longer for makeup must haves but for band-aids, baby Tylenol, Orajel, extra wipes, extra outfits, diapers, bloomers, lotion, diaper cream, and extra toys and snacks. 

8) Even if you cannot handle puke at all....when your kiddo is sick you will be there every puking moment. When Kyra got sick the other week she would run to me upset and I would pick her up and hold her....then she would proceed to puke down my shirt. She did this four times. I honestly didn't even care because I was so busy trying to make her feel better as she cried that her belly hurt. (We also climbed fully clothed into the shower at one point because that honestly seemed the easiest option. Totally worked.) 

9) Everyone and ANYONE is going to give you advice. Smile, Nod, and then go with your gut. No one knows your baby the way that you do.

10) There are so many moments when I feel like my heart is going to burst out of my chest with love for this little girl. Seriously I will well up at times just looking at her playing, sleeping, even throwing a fit....She is my most beautiful wonderful masterpiece. 

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Scenes from the Weekend

Good Morning Everyone! 

Here's some scenes from our weekend! 

Friday- My husband took the day off and we spent it enjoying the day out. We took Kyra shopping and she picked out these two little Dalmatian puppies. She is IN LOVE with the movie 101 Dalmatians! Anyhow she picked them up and I asked her which one she wanted....she said she wanted both....she got both. We are softies what can I say? 

I had to return something to Sephora and thus did an exchange for something else that I am really excited to do a post about this week! 

After shopping we spent the evening having a game night with my husband's family and my little brother. We had a ton of fun as usual! 

Saturday- It was supposed to be a miserable cold snowy day but instead the weather pulled it's usual mischief and it was rather nice! We decided to take advantage of another lovely day and go out and about. We hit up a Tabletop game store and ended up bringing home even more games! 

After the Tabletop store we stopped by my dad's work and visited him so he could see Kyra for a bit. He loves getting to show her off to his coworkers! 

Next we stopped at Trader Joe's....because that is what everyone does in the city right? Stop at the different grocery stores? No? Just me? Huh.  

Well anyhow we stopped and I picked up my real reason for stopping there. YUM. 

Then my brother's friend said she would like to come up and have a game night again with us. My parents took Kyra for a couple of hours and more gaming commenced. We played until was awesome. 

Sunday- Lazy day. We were all pretty wiped out from the days before and thus spent most of the day watching movies with Kyra. Although I still did laundry, dishes, and cleaned all the bedrooms. Still it was pretty laid back. 
Mom's dogs were exhausted as well...but very much enjoying the heat from the stove!

Sunday Selfie

Sunday nights are also our nightly dinner/Walking Dead nights. No Oscars for us! Last night's episode was pretty intense though so I think it was a good trade off! 

Kyra didn't watch however. She instead watched 101 Dalmatians for the millionth time with her Pop Pop and enjoyed time riding her rocking horse and delighting everyone. She's adorable. 

So there are the scenes from our weekend! 

Happy Monday Everyone!
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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Top 5 Cosplay Costumes

Good Morning Everyone, 

So Planet Comic Con is held here in Kansas City every year. I've been going the past two years and this year will be no different. I am SO excited to go because I love all things Nerdy and because one of my best friends is coming up to go with us this year!!! 

Out of all the Nerdy things however the thing I truly love most is COSPLAY. 

For those that might not know Cosplay is basically dressing up like a character from a book, movie, comic, etc. 

I think of it as an art form. A lot of work goes into these costumes and some people spend MONTHS trying to recreate exactly their favorite character's look. I've wanted to Cosplay ever since I first heard about what it was about five years ago but I haven't done one yet. There are many reasons why two of them being 1) I can't sew and 2) I'm not exactly....slim. 

But if I got the chance I do have Cosplay's that I would love to do. 

1) Lulu from Final Fantasy X-
lulu | Lulu - The Final Fantasy Wiki has more Final Fantasy information than ...
This costume is just brilliant but as you can imagine by looking at it....a pretty difficult one to put together! Still when it is done right it is a really striking and amazing looking Cosplay! 
Final Fantasy cosplay! taking a bit of the asian and steampunk fashion away from this
Actual Cosplay (Source)

2) Psylock from X-Men-

The Cherry Blossom Art by: Mark Brooks  As beautiful as a Cherry Blossom but as deadly as an assassin
Would totally LOVE to do this one as she is my favorite character but pretty sure my brothers and my father wouldn't appreciate the um....skimpy-ness. (BTW Yaya Han is one of the most amazing Cosplayers out there. I pretty much love every character she does!  ( Source)

3) Avatar the Last Airbender Group Cosplay-

Oh how I love this group! Cant wait till all my cosplay friends are ready to get started sewing for this!!!
I would be playing Katara (second from the left) I love her costume and totally relate to her character (Source)
4) Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail-
I would love to do a fully armored character and Erza is pretty awesome! Source

5)Ahri from League of Legends- 
I love the look of this one with all her nine tails! It would be really fun to figure out just how to work all those tails into the costume and I love the look of the kimono-esqu style dress in this one!

So there you have it! My top 5 Cosplays that I would totally rock if I could! This was a tough list as I have a LOT of favorite cosplays and honestly if given the chance I would cosplay just about anything! 

Happy Saturday Everyone!
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