Monday, March 31, 2014

Hot Mama Monday- Goal Update

Good Morning Everyone,

It is the last day of March! Can you believe how fast this year is going? The months are flying by!

Since it is the last day of the month it is time to post my recap on all my monthly goals!

So here we go! 

1) 30 Day Squat Challenge- Um...nope. I did two weeks and then suddenly just spaced out for like three days that I was doing this challenge. I tried to pick it up again but I already felt pretty guilty for missing the three days and that messed me I am going to try it again in April!

Khloe's squat workout wonder if this would give me a butt, been doing this for a week now and it's fantastic!

2) The Big Ten- Oh so close on this one! My weigh in day is Saturday morning and I was down 8 pounds this week! SO CLOSE! Still even though I did not reach the big ten I am SO happy about the 8 I did lose! Hope to have those last two pounds shredded by this Saturday!

3) Blog at least three times a week- I did awesome on this one! I believe last week was the only week I put up just two posts but there was never a week without a post! Big Improvement!

4) I will finish the first draft of my novel.- Nope, not yet, many reasons but the biggest one is a change in plot that will involve some rewrites. No worries on this though as the rewrite will make it much better I will be able to move things along pretty well and most likely finish the first draft in April!

5) Stop feeling guilty- This is still a work in progress. I still feel pretty guilty/like a failure a lot of the time. I'm not sure this will ever go away. I'm always worried that I am doing something wrong....just the way it is I suppose. I will continue to work on this though.

So all in all, I did okay....not great. There needs to be some changes made, but hey, tomorrow is a brand new month! Also I would be lying if I didn't feel like the fact I lost 8 pounds makes the rest of the list seem not as important...Seeing the scale go down really gave me a boost! Cheers to next month!

Tomorrow I will post my monthly goals for April!

Big hugs to you all and Happy Monday!
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Planet Comic Con Recap

Good Morning Everyone!

Today is the day I finally post my Comic Con Recap!

Basically the day started out with us getting ready. I did not dress up but my mom made a costume for Kyra and my youngest brother was going dressed up as well. So we all went to my other brother's apartment to get ready. He was doing all the special effects makeup and he lives the closest to where the convention was being held.

Dylan(my youngest brother) went as Two Face from the Batman comics/movies. My brother Brandon did all the effects makeup and my mom tailored the suit, combining two suits into one. It turned out awesome! 

Kyra's costume was transformed from the onesie that we picked up on clearance a few weeks ago. She was a Totoro! If you do not know what Totoro is, it is a character from an amazing film of the same name by Hayao Miyazaki. It is an adorable anime and Kyra was adorable as the character! Also for all the moms that have watched Toy Story 3 a million times, the little girl Bonnie has a stuffed toy of Totoro!

Here are some pics!

After getting ready we headed to the convention. Luckily my husband has connections and we got a sweet parking spot. Then it was Convention Time! My favorite part is of course the Cosplay so here are the very talented Cosplayers!

(Our Super Heroes)

(All Hail Loki) 

  (The Joke/Nurse, The Dark Knight)

(Odin the All Father) 

( Two Face and Harley Quinn) 
(Two Face and Catwoman) 
(Two Predators, An Alien, and the creepy facegrabber alien thing) 

There were so many other cosplayers but I have yet to get the other pictures loaded from my husband's phone. I utterly failed at picture taking because so many people kept stopping me to take pictures of Kyra in her costume! 

All in all it was so much fun, we got some really great art as well too! If you are interested in my favorites let me know and I will gather up all the links to their websites, trust me there is some awesome stuff!

Okay now I'm off to have story time with Kyra, big hugs to everyone! 
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Monday, March 24, 2014

Hot Mama Monday- Motivation

Good Morning Everyone,

My morning has already been filled with a lot of mess and headache (my vacuum is not working properly, Kyra is so not into me doing my chores...etc)  So I thought instead of writing much today I would just post some motivational pins I found on Pinterest. AKA the easy way out!

Hope you enjoy, will be back tomorrow with proper posting. Oh and in case you were wondering, down 2.1 pounds....not thrilled but at least it is something.....seems bratty not to be grateful!

Rock any outfit 

Our Kenpo Karate saying is The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war. 

i will! 

applicable to everything.

And my personal favorite, from one of my favorite authors and heroines, J.K. Rowling....

“‘Fat’ is usually the first insult a girl throws at another girl when she wants to hurt her. I mean, is ‘fat’ really the worst thing a human being can be? Is ‘fat’ worse than ‘vindictive’, ‘jealous’, ‘shallow’, ‘vain’, ‘boring’ or ‘cruel’? Not to me."— J.K. Rowling 

Big hugs to all, Happy Monday. 
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Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Five- #ProjectSelflove

Good Morning Everyone,

So this week has just been a wash when it comes to the blog. I have been busy and my little angel has been a little less than angelic....still the sweetest baby ever but we've had some trials this week.

I am still working on my Comic Con post it is coming.

So today I am again jumping on the bandwagon. I saw Whit over at I wore Yoga Pants to Work do a post on this last week and I thought it was a great idea. I know a lot of us tear ourselves down on our blogs. Sometimes intentionally and sometimes not so much. Also I know we are all hard on ourselves whenever we look in the mirror and see our imperfections instead of all the good things that are there. The point of Project Self Love is to remind yourself of the things you Love about yourself!

So here is my Friday Five #ProjectSelflove!

1) My hair~ I was gifted with Disney style hair. I'm sorry I will brag about it just a bit. It is curly when I want it and straight when I want. I've had the same hair style for years (I can get pictures to prove it trust me) and it always looks good. It's jet black (with some sparkle now) and most days does just what I want it to. I never have to pay for stylists or anything like that. I have never been to a salon. Once every couple weeks I have my mom chop off an inch or two and chop my bangs back to length. That's it. Super low maintenance and I LOVE it.

2) My eyes~ They may not see the best but I do love my eyes. Yes they are small and squinty but I love them. My normal eye color is deep brown going into black but normally I am rocking my purple contacts and once I get into they eye doctor I will have the gold ones again. I think my eyes are pretty and when I smile they nearly disappear but that is okay, you just know I am happy!

3) My "top"~ This doesn't really need much explanation. You all get it. The ladies are nice and I appreciate them even though they get in the way all the time and I will never look right in a normal tee shirt without it having a V neck. Still I'd rather have too much than none!

4) My lips~ Again super weird but I like my lips. I think I have a nicely shaped mouth and when I remember to wear lipstick I usually get compliments on my mouth (which again is weird but hey boys are weird) So yes, lips are a favorite of mine, plus I usually am smiling and that always makes a person prettier.

5) My waist~ When I am not out of shape, and heck even when I am if I wear the right clothing, my waist is pretty nice. I have an hourglass shape when I am thin and my waist always is my favorite part when I am skinny. I love wearing corsets and corset style tops and it just helps to intensify the nipped in waist shape. Thank you to my mom for that gift because she also has the smallest waist. Yay genetics! 

So there you have it! Please feel free to post your own favorite things about yourself! Everyone deserves to be reminded how awesome they are with the things they already have!

Big hugs to all, Have a great weekend!
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Monday, March 17, 2014

Hot Mama Monday- Trying something new

Good Morning Everyone and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

So it is time for Hot Mama Monday again!

The weekend was awesome and I will have a recap tomorrow with all the fun pictures from our adventure at Comic Con!

I like to try things out, but have a little problem sticking to them. I kinda give up when they either become too much work or I have a bad day and fall off the wagon. I have never been the type that can bounce back and be like "oh well I will do better tomorrow" I am much more likely to be like "ugh I suck, I will never get this, I'm done."

But I don't want to be that way.

So I'm not going to be any more.

So what am I doing?

Well basically I figured out that I didn't know how to eat and worse yet I ate at the WRONG times. I starved all morning, binged all night until late into the night keeping the cycle going. This did horrible things to my metabolism and no matter what sort of workout I did, if I couldn't get the furnace lit and going, nothing was going to burn off.

This meant that there would have to be many more meals incorporated into my day. Five meals in fact.

But they need to be easy. I have no time or patience for cooking. Baking is my love and I will do it all day but cooking? Ugh. So I need something easy to whip up.

With this criteria in mind I began the search. What sort of plan was I looking at? Was there even a plan similar to what I was looking for? Does everyone apparently live where they can get fresh seafood? Because seriously I cannot be eating fish three nights a week. I. Just. Can't.

Then I remembered something. I love that show Extreme Weight loss. I love it WAY more than biggest loser because it is focused on one person and they have a year to make the changes, that seems just so much more healthy to me. Also I really like the trainer, Chris Powell. He is inspiring without being mushy and is tough without being drill sergeant. (I'm sorry I will just say it...I'm done with Jillian. Go ahead and hate if you want but she just isn't for me)

So I went to the library and picked up Chris Powell's book, Choose to Lose. 

Then I read it.

Not like diet book reading it, where you skip to the back see the menu plan/monthly schedule and then give up right then and there.

No I read it. Cover to cover, word for word.

I don't know how to explain it, but something clicked.

I could do this. I could make this one work, it was adaptable to my lifestyle. I could be the me I really wanted to be....I really could...I only had to try. 

I went and bought the food I would need, I actually only had to pick up frozen berries and protein powder, everything else I already had in my house....oh and skim milk. It says to do Almond but I just couldn't do that, but skim was an acceptable substitute. So it was just fine on the budget.

The idea of his book and his plan is to Carb Cycle. One day is high carb, the next is low. Your body keeps guessing and thus you never feel deprived, you only have to make it until the next day to have something a little higher in carb. That doesn't mean you get to have cake every other day, but it isn't like most low carb diets where you are ready to trade in your worldly possessions for a slice of bread. 

Breakfast is a berry smoothie. Super easy and I can make it while Kyra is in her high chair having her breakfast. 

Second breakfast (morning snack to some) is a shake. I like the Chocolate Peanut butter. On high carb days you ad some oatmeal to the mix. Easy peasy. 

Lunch is normally Asian chicken wraps for me. A chicken breast diced up and cooked with veggies wrapped in a lettuce leaf. Add your tsp of soy sauce and hell it's Chinese takeout!

Dinner (or supper depending on where you are from) is another shake. 

Supper is Chicken Stir Fry on High carb days and Chicken Cobb Salad on Low.

Is it repetitive, yes very. Do I mind? Nope!

I like it, I know what I am having and that means I don't have to stress out too much. I know my grocery list and that makes my life even easier. Also Sunday is Sunday Funday! Sunday is the "cheat" day. He recommends you go out and have dinner somewhere so you don't have the stuff in the house. Personally I went and had some ice cream with cookies and it was damn delicious!

 This morning I was back on track again.

THAT had never happened before. Not once. Never.

I've done this for a week and yeah maybe I am in the Honeymoon phase, but not once last week did I get upset and cry about how I couldn't have something. I never felt that way, honestly. Also I was PMSing (TMI Sorry) so I could have potentially been really awful and bratty about it, but I wasn't. I actually felt really amazing. I still feel pretty amazing.

So I am going to try and stick this one out.

I am going to change.

I will be the best version of myself.

Want to lose this weight once and for all? Skinny fiber is an all-natural weight loos solution! It melts away stubborn fat, naturally detoxifies the body and speeds up your metabolism! You can do it with the help of skinny fiber!!!
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Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Five

Good Morning Everyone!

It's Friday!!!!!!

Let's jump right in shall we?


Today is my brother's birthday! It is also Pi Day and Albert Einstein's Birthday! A good day all around! Anyhow my brother is celebrating his birthday by going on the free tour of the Boulevard Brewing Co. His awesome gf is taking him. She always finds the most fun things to do....and always for free or nearly free! I wish I was better at husband would love to do this tour....why do I never think of these things? Fail.  Anyhow big wishes to my brother bear on this lovely Friday!


Comic Con is tomorrow, and I am EXCITED. Seriously I cannot wait to go and see what everything this year. The art is amazing and I love to see the Cosplay. I will be taking my camera and taking lots of pictures and video of the day. There will be a post about it next week. If you are not into such things you have been warned, it will be a whole blog post and it will be nerd overload. Sorry I'm not sorry.


Kyra is starting to display startling signs of INDEPENDENCE. She wants to do everything herself. She wants so badly to walk and you cannot turn your back for a second or she will be in whatever you just told her not to touch. I realize she is only 9 months and does not really understand what I am saying and is just curious but MAN OH MAN. Why do we teach children to be mobile? She is still a sweetheart though and is just a little cuddle bug of affection. Still...that independent side....oh she is gonna give Mama trouble when she gets older....


My parents took Kyra all day yesterday. I got the entire day to myself and you know what I did? Super excitement....chores! I also took about an hour nap but couldn't lie there any longer once I  started going through the list of things to be done around the house. Do other people do this? Make lists while they lie in bed of all the things they need to get done with the knowledge that it will take much more than 24 hours to get it done and you will have no time in that 24 hours to get even half of the stuff done because other stuff will happen? I do this all the time....but I did get stuff done yesterday and today Kyra and I are spending the day playing in her room with toys and books and other fun things. Because it is Friday and we can!


My dog Luna is a Fugitive from the Law! Not really...she escaped yesterday and I had to load up Kyra and drive around the neighborhood looking for her....only to find her cornered by the police! Luckily I live in a very small town and the officers knew me. I got Luna loaded up in the car and was not fined or anything...however she is now staying out at my parents' farm until the foreseeable future. She is not an town sized dog....she's um.....Marmaduke sized? I have no idea what type of dog she is other than very large and sweet....if a bit dim....and now a fugitive....seriously you can't make this stuff up.....

Well that is it for me this week, have a great weekend and for those going out to celebrate St. Patrick's Day early this weekend, be safe and have a DD! 

Big Hugs!
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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday Thoughts- The Motherhood

Good Morning all,

Yes this post is getting up a lot later than I would like but honestly after the morning I have had....ugh.

Anyhow as I was reading the blogs I ran across Mama Laughlin's post on her transition from working mom to SAHM and I fell in love with her statement. Being a mom is hard. Working mom, SAHM, adoptive mom....being a mother is hard.

My little darling is only 9 months old but in those 9 months and the 38 weeks it took to grow her, I became a different person. I am still me, but I am changed.

I never dreamed I could love a little human being so much. I never knew I would care so deeply about someone or that I would utterly forget myself at times.

When Kyra came along I had had every intention of returning to work....but after 12 weeks of maternity leave, three ten hour days back at the job, crying when I dropped her off at my parents and texting my dad eleventy billion times an hour.....I realized that it was not for me. I was sick, miserable, and I missed my baby. Also I was not working a job that I particularly loved. I loved my co workers but I did not love the job itself. So I made the decision that I was going to stay home with my baby.

It was hard. Our budget was cut in half. I had/have no money to just go blow on whatever I want. There are weeks that I never leave my house. There are days that I don't get to have an actual conversation with an adult, either because there isn't one around or because I can't have one without being interrupted. I never mind the interruptions but not everyone feels the same way.

I realize a lot of people think that I just sit around all day. To which I say, come stay with me a day and then tell me how you feel. Then I say, "Why are you judging me? What is wrong with my decision? It in no way effects you...."

You see I think being a mom is something pretty amazing. Not just because you have a little person in your life that you love more than you ever thought possible, but because it transforms you. Suddenly you are capable of so much. You run the house, you take care of this little life, you might be a wife, worker, you are still someone's daughter or sister. You have to think of a million little things in advance but still manage to forget where you put your keys....

It's a tough job and one that not every woman gets the opportunity to enjoy.

So why are moms so mean to other moms?

I'm not sure why the judgement happens. I personally cannot judge. I see a working mom and think, "Man she is amazing. How does she do it? Work so hard and still come home and smile and play with her babies when you know she is bone tired?"

I see a SAHM and think "My gosh she's got everyone dressed and out today! Rock on Mama! How does she do it with three kids?! I have one and still managed to forget something...."

I never judge if a mom has a messy house. I know because mine is constantly in a state of transition.

I never judge if a mom picking up her kids from a daycare, she's supporting her family and this is probably the best part of her day, picking them up and seeing them all happy to see her.

My heart hurts for the moms that have no choice and leave their babies every day to work when they, like me, would rather be at home.

I don't know why moms are so mean to each other. Why are we judging one another? We are all just trying to do the very best for our children. Why not support one another?

So I will put this out there, if you are a needing some support, if you are a working mom or a SAHM and need someone to talk to, I'm here, message me any time. I will not judge you, being a mom is hard, no matter which way you look at it....and no one but other moms understand it. We are in this together ladies!

Big hugs from me, and a little laugh for you in the video!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wordless Wednesday- Dream Closet Edition

Morning All! (I know it says wordless but whatever...) Here are some outfits for my dream closet when I am thinner/super rich! Ha! All images are from Pinterest because lets face it....that is where we all get our outfit ideas nowadays!
Black and white dress and amazing necklace 


Night out...

Gray long sleeved top, black skirt, and black long socks. This looks very cool.

Belted sweater dress  boots. So cute!...This is what i will be going looking for to wear to a christmas party except long sleeved!!  :)
love this outfit

Summer Summer Time

Also I'm joining the Wednesday Blog Hop Linkup! Check out some amazing bloggers!
The Hump Day Blog Hop
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I am the daughter of two very talented artists. My parents can both draw amazingly well, they paint, they can build just about anything. My mom is also a tailor and has done both military uniforms as well as all our Halloween costumes over the years.

My brother Brandon is gifted at about anything he tries. He can draw, sculpt, paint, photograph, video, and do special effects makeup. He also plays the guitar and taught himself the Cello in a weekend.

My youngest brother Dylan is amazing at video editing and in general is super smart. He is very strategic and analytical. He can solve pretty much any problem. He can also sew and cook.

My husband is just as analytical as my brother and also is very good at drawing.

Then there is me. How can I explain me? Well I write, so there is that, but honestly NO ONE reads the things I write. My blog is pretty much just me rambling and my actual book is a claim to fame in that I'm the only one that cares if it is good or not. Actually unless you are published no one cares what you are writing....and that is a fact.

So what else am I good at? Ha...that is the question. I cannot draw. Period. Cannot do it. I'm not much of a painter since I can't draw. I can't build anything because no one ever let me near power tools, which probably was a good idea. I cannot sew because I was a snot when I was younger and never payed attention to what my mom said. So what am I good at?

When talking to my mom about imaginary businesses that my brothers and I could start she was naming all of the things my brothers could do and then said, "And you could keep the books...." I protested that that was boring and she said, "Well yes, but that is what you are GOOD at!"

WTF? Everyone else gets to be creative and I get the damn bookkeeping??!!! Just because I am good at spreadsheets, just because it is pretty much all I've ended up doing at every job, ever....does not mean that I like it! I HATE IT. Seriously do you ever hear me talking about missing work? Even on days when I have been cleaning up poo, pee, puke (all those words start with the letter "p" apparently it is not an attractive letter...) I never mention missing work. Because I DON'T.

It reminded me of the time in school when we were going on a field trip to Exchange City. For those not in the KC area it is a little building with a faux town in it where the kids get to pretend they are grown ups. You have jobs, have fake money, there is a bank, you take lunch breaks, etc.

Anyhow before we got to go we had to do these pretend interviews for the jobs we wanted. I remember I wanted to work at the store where you got to make these paper flowers that looked like giant pom poms. My second choice was the balloon store where you got to learn how to blow up a balloon inside of another balloon, and my third option was creating the paper sacks that people got to carry all of the silly things that they bought. All of the choices involved creating things.

So guess which one I got?

 Ha! Joke was on me, I got put in the factory but as a bookkeeper. I had to write the checks to other businesses for all our materials and crap. Seriously I had to keep this giant check book and balance it out at the end of the day. THAT WAS IT.

When I asked why I got that job instead of any of the others my teacher said, "Because you are good at it!" I wanted to punch him in the face. Just because I was one of the "smart" kids I got put into the crap job. Which explains a lot of why I pretend to not know anything and not speak up, I am tired of getting stuck with the crap job just because I am smart enough to figure it out.

So I am going to find something I love to do. I want a passion in my life that is totally my own. I love being a mom but I am more than just that. I want to find my talent.

So I am going to work on a few things and report back here, we are going on a talent search and you all get to witness my epic wins and fails!

Now I'm off because the dogs are demanding to be walked. Big hugs to you all and welcome to the Talent Search!

You have a talent that none of the rest of us have. Just find out what it is and use it. It's doing nothing that's the enemy. - Downtown Abbey quote
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Monday, March 10, 2014

Hot Mama Monday: My Story

Good Morning Everyone,

Welcome back to Hot Mama Monday!

If you are new Hot Mama Monday is where I wax on about my attempts to lose weight and get fit. It sometimes involves pictures and will eventually lead to me revealing what I actually weigh (I am not ready for this yet, but the picture is sitting in my files for the day that I am) and hopefully many weigh ins afterward with numbers that are headed in the downward direction.

Today I am going to talk about my history of weight loss and basically what brings me up to the point I am now. I figured since there are some new faces coming to the blog that you might be interested in my story. I know I always love to read the "bios" if you will of bloggers!

So here is my story.....

The first time I ever felt fat was in the fifth grade. I had started getting a little chubby in the fourth grade but was blissfully unaware of it until the fifth grade. I remember we all had to go to the nurse's office to be weighed and measured FOR SOME REASON. I have no idea what bearing that had on school but we all had to do it so I lined up with the others to await my turn. Now by then I knew that the scale was something most women hated. Not from my mom, but from TV and stuff. Being fat was bad and fat was what you were when the numbers were too high.

The nurse was calling out the numbers for everyone to the teacher who was writing them down in a little book. I listened as the numbers all sounded the same, several of the girls were right around 98 to 108 pounds, a few were a little higher, a few snickers came when the first girl hit 120  even more when a couple others were 130....then it was my turn...136. My heart just sank, I sat down among my friends and felt ashamed. My number was bigger. But I was a good student! I had straight A's! I did everything that anyone asked of me....why was my number bigger? Other girls went and it turned out that I was pretty much right in the middle weight wise as there were girls that were bigger than that, none of us fat, just a little chubby as you know CHILDREN are....still I was hurt that I had failed somehow.

That was my first encounter with the emotional roller coaster, maybe it was my initiation as I stepped onto a ride that I would continue to be on years. I'm still on it.....

The next big weight point in my life was when I was the summer before 7th grade. I had overheard my parents talking about how I was chunky and I felt sad that I had failed them again. It was bad to be chunky, all the good girls were skinny and smart. I had the smart thing down. I spent hours reading books and I still had really good grades, but I was failing to be skinny. I spent that summer on a diet. My mom helped me along and I lost a good amount of weight. I went back to school feeling great that I had finally succeeded. I lost weight! I was good again! But so many times to follow was not to last.

By Freshman year I had put weight back on again. Not a lot, but enough that I felt way bigger than the other girls. My mom told me I had to join a team, that I needed to be more athletic. I hate sweat. I hate being dirty, but I agreed and tried out for the dance team. I didn't make it and thus spent Freshman year feeling pretty aimless, but by the end of the year I joined the Cheerleading team and that summer was going to be an eye opener.

Cheer was the best part of high school. I loved the uniforms, I loved being part of a team (even if we fought all the time because high school girls are the source of all drama...) and I lost weight because we worked our butts off trying to be the best little cheerleaders you have ever seen. By Senior year I looked pretty awesome and felt amazing. I was again at that 136 which by high school was a great number to be, by the end of the year I had a boyfriend, I was going to college, and I was down to 130. The world was mine for the taking.
(Me the beginning of Freshman year of College) 

Then came college. I didn't realize it at the time, or maybe I was in denial, but I really hated it. Sure I loved meeting all the new people and my BEST friends in the world are people I met in college. However the classes were ridiculous and had nothing to do with what I wanted to do. I hated being forced to take a class on something that had NOTHING to do with my major. "Electives" hah! College eating through all my money on classes that I didn't need. I became frustrated, and of course food became a comfort and a bit of a burden. I didn't like to go out much because weight had started to creep on again. I couldn't fit into my college clothes anymore and suddenly all I wanted to do was sit in my room or sneak downstairs to the dining hall, grab a baked potato and hide out watching movies.

By the end of Freshman year of college, I had packed on 50 pounds.

The summer after I lost a little with the help of my mom, but again Sophomore year was pretty much the same frustration as the year before. I couldn't find where I belonged and my major seemed like a joke. Also I shattered my ankle and had to spend six months in a boot, no physical activity AT ALL. Suck much.

Junior year was a joke and by the end of the year I was living off campus, fat, and more interested in my job than school. So I quit. Some days I regret it....most days I just regret that I didn't do it sooner. College is not for everyone, and is for sure not for someone who has no idea what they want to do....

The next few years were a blur of me fighting with my weight, working, and in general just kind of "hanging out". I know that at one pointed I joined Jenny Craig and they weighed me. I was 217 pounds, I never went back in again. I was too ashamed.

Finally in 2010 I had had enough and moved back home.

Back home I got a job I liked and was happy. My boyfriend of 8 years by then proposed on Christmas morning and everything felt so awesome!!!

With a wedding coming soon I knew I had to start losing weight. I stepped on the scale and found myself at 230 pounds. I went on to lose weight and when I got married in May 2012 I was weighing in at 160. I was so happy and felt amazing.
(Me and the Hubs, Feb 2012) 

I continued to try and lose weight was doing pretty good, then in the fall of 2012 I found out that I was pregnant. I was so thrilled and I tried my hardest to eat well and be healthy. I did awesome until about 8 months along when I was just exhausted, having contractions all the time and basically just wanted to eat everything in sight. So I did. I don't regret it at all because my baby girl needed that nutrition! She's my whole world and worth every pound and every stretch mark.

 (16 weeks pregnant)

 (28 weeks pregnant) 

(38 weeks pregnant, She was born two days later!) 

So that brings us up to now! Kyra (my daughter) is 9 months old and I am trying to lose the baby weight I put on, which was a lot as I put it on before she was born....and after. I am now up in a range I am not happy with and I am trying to get back down again. The ultimate goal is to be back in the 130s again, but for right now I am just trying to take it ten pounds at a time.

Every Monday I will come back here to the blog and update my progress. I will post my weight once I am finally ready...right now it is just a little bit to painful to put those numbers up here. I will get there though, some day.

So there you have it, my VERY long winded story about how this has been a lifelong struggle for probably always will be, but I am ready to take this thing head on, to make more good choices than bad, so if you are interested to see just what happens in my story please continue to follow along, and if you are are in the middle of your own story let me know! I'm an awesome cheerleader!

As always BIG HUGS to you all! Happy Monday!

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Five- Thrifty Shopper Edition

Good Morning Everyone,

So yesterday was a bit of a "Mall Madness" day for me. Maybe it was my wishlist post that inspired the need to shop but when my parents offered to take Kyra and I out I jumped at the chance to go! Now I did do some shopping but I only bought things that were on sale or I had a coupon for, so I thought I would share my Five biggest deal for today's Friday Five!

1) Ulta Finds- I had an Ulta coupon and since I had never been in the Ulta we were near I HAD to go in. While in there I found two items that I had been wanting for a while. One was a Nyx Butter Gloss which has RAVE reviews and apparently everyone at this Ulta loved them too because there were only two left but luckily one of the two was a color that I wanted and that was Merengue. It is a lovely soft pink color and yes I did try it out and it really does feel super buttery and lovely on the lips. Big win. I also picked up this Loreal eye shadow in Burst into Bloom. A shimmery lavender purple color. I had seen a tutorial of this eye shadow and knew that it had to be mine! Anyhow I spent less than ten dollars with my coupon and my rewards points so big win and big savings!

2) T.J. Maxx- I seriously heart T.J. I love going in there and finding deals on stuff that is normally twice as much. Now I had gone through the whole store not really finding anything that had to come home with me until I got to the checkout area which is where they are hiding all the really awesome beauty products. I was so surprised when I was looking through the nail polish and found a whole group of Butter London nail polishes. These polishes retail for $15-20 dollars normally and thus I don't own any even though I am a polish addict. Seriously some day I will post my collection of polishes on here and you will all think I need professional help....anyways....I got two of the polishes in the two colors I had actually wanted since the collection came out. (or at least since I heard about them a few years ago) The blue is Scallywag and the green is Thames. What did I 48pay? $6.99 each!!! Picture to prove it!

3) Gordmans- Now this little outfit may not look like much right now but it is a base piece for an upcoming outfit for Kyra. It is going to be transformed into something SUPER CUTE. I will post pictures once it is done. Still it was a steal at $14 dollars marked down from $48!

4) Victoria's Secret- Now I just went in to get this body spray because a friend had it on and both my husband and I commented on how nice it smelled! So I went in to get it and to be fair I had a gift card so I hadn't planned on spending any money anyhow but this normally retails for $15 and was on sale for $10 so even though I payed nothing I still saved money! How awesome is that??

5) Charlotte Russe- Okay I have admitted that I am a polish addict, but I am also addicted to cute shoes, heels in particular. I love Charlotte Russe heels and I actually wore some the day I got married. Again I went in with no intention of buying anything but I saw these shoes and I thought they were super cute! When I saw the price tag I was even more in love! They were on super clearance marked down from $32 dollars to $4.99! No joke, picture to prove it! (also, yes I have a display stand for my favorite high heels. Sorry I'm not sorry!)

So those are my thrifty shopper finds from yesterday! I got some really good deals and some really nice stuff so I am one happy girl! Anyone else find any good deals lately? Are you planning on some "Mall Madness" of your own this weekend?

Big hugs to all, It's Friday!

(Also if you are looking for some AMAZING makeup and want to save a little bit tomorrow HauteLook is featuring THE BALM brand makeup and they make some awesome products! Everything will be discounted like usual via Hautelook so be sure to check it out!)
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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thursday Things- Beauty Wishlist

Good Morning Everyone!

So today I thought I would do a post inspired by some other bloggers. I've been seeing this post randomly lately and I thought I would jump on the bandwagon!

I give you the Beauty Wishlist!

So these are things that I would love to have but basically I am a stay at home mom and my husband brings home the bacon so I try to avoid the non necessary items and stick to budget. However that does not keep me from creating a wishlist!

1. Glam Glow Moisturizing Mask
 GLAMGLOW - THIRSTYMUD™ Hydrating Treatment
I have been wanting this mask forever since I saw it on Pinterest but when all the Beauty Youtube girls started buying it and then it became something of an obsession. However it is SO PRICEY. I've heard it is totally worth it but honestly it is just not in my budget. However I will continue to lust after it just the same....*sigh*

2. Mask of Magnaminty
 Mask of Magnaminty
 Another mask! I've heard so many amazing things about LUSH products but unfortunately the closest LUSH store to me is in Overland Park KS and that is a bit of a drive...especially with the baby. So I haven't gotten to try any of their products but I have been dreaming after this mask for awhile. I've heard it is super refreshing and I love the smell of mint! Someday I will have you!

3. Lime Crime Lipsticks
 Now at first this one tempted me with the packaging. PURPLE UNICORNS????!!!! I MUST HAVE! But the colors are also really beautiful! However again these are pricey and also only available online or via Urban Outfitters which again I am not close to.....still I want to own just one of these babies....I don't even care what color at the moment, all of them are pretty and I want the pretty purple unicorn lipstick!!!

4. Boudoir Eyes by Too Faced
 Too Faced - Boudoir Eyes Soft & Sexy Eye Shadow Collection

 I just love the look of the colors in this pallet! So soft and romantic! Another hefty price tag for a makeup product but I've heard the quality is really maybe it is worth it? I may never know but I can still wish!

5. Clarisonic Mia 2
Clarisonic - Mia™ Skin Cleansing System 

Oh Clarisonic Mia.....I've seen these advertized. I've seen them via Youtube and all over the internet. Everyone that has one loves it.....and I wanted one. Then they released the lavender colored one....and I wanted it more. Also since I have been really into skin care lately I've just been reading all these great reviews on how it improved everyone's skin and I just WANT IT. Still it is crazy priced and I am just crossing my fingers that some day it will lose the luster and I can get it on the cheap....or somehow one will wind up at TJ Maxx by some shopping miracle! 

Okay so there is my very expensive wishlist. I realize it may seem pretty silly to some people but hey, everyone's got those little things they would totally buy....if they weren't responsible adults...ugh my feelings about being a responsible adult can be summed up by this meme....

This is me 

So what is on your beauty wishlist? Or any wishlist? Everyone has got one! 
Big hugs to all, tomorrow is Friday!!!

(Photo credits to: Sephora, Lush, and Pinterest)
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