Tuesday Tunes: Mixtape of My Life

So I saw Lauren post this post and I knew that I had to do one of my own!

I present to you:

1. I am a Disney Girl at heart and spent pretty much my entire childhood obsessed with all the classic Disney movies. Sleeping Beauty is my Favorite movie and Belle is my favorite princess. Both of these songs pretty much were sang throughout my childhood.

2. As a tween I became obsessed with the Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, and 98 Degrees. All equally. I don't play favorites. Nick Lachey is still a hottie though.

3. In high school I fell madly in love with drama. Little Shop of Horrors started it all. I was a Do Wop Girl. I hadn't even tried out for the play but I got a call from the drama teacher one night saying they needed a high soprano and I was pretty well known for having a large vocal range and thus began something wonderful.

4. Senior Year I was driving my own car and driving my brothers to and from school daily. They were subjected to whatever I happened to fancy at the time. They both recall this one as absolute torture.

But as Dean Says....

5. I also have an intense love for Classic Rock. My husband loves this fact about me. (This song in particular....my maiden name was Black)

6. My First Concert was at 19 years old and I went with my Dad to see ZZ Top.

7. My husband and my first dance was this one and I still love it.

8. This was also our wedding song....but he and I only played it for one another since we didn't want to offend anyone with the language at the wedding.

9. This song is the one that I listened to pretty much on repeat during my pregnancy and after Kyra was first born.

10. Now my days are once again filled with Disney music. But if we are in the car this is the song that Kyra wants to dance around to. 

What songs would be on your mix tape? I'd love to know!!!


  1. Hahaha I love the randomness (and amazingness!) of this mix tape! Sleeping Beauty is my favorite too. I catch myself singing "Once Upon a Dream" more than I'd like to admit.

  2. Nice collection! I have a pretty good selection on my phone - The Arrogant Worms (Me Like Hockey!!) to Turn Down for What, Katie Perry and stuff like her, lots of Def Leppard and 80s hair bands, Rupaul, George Strait, Chris LeDoux, all sorts of both old & newer country. A total mish-mash. But I don't have our wedding song, tho! Gary Allan's The One. I think if I heard it a lot it wouldn't have as much meaning.

  3. I did a post called Mix Tape of My Life a while ago when basically no one was reading my blog. I think I'll pull it back out and repost. The other day, I was in a store, and I found myself singing along to NSync's "It's Gonna Be Me"...I hadn't heard that song in years! I love that your first concert was ZZTop because I'm biased...they're Texas boys.

    Have we discussed this and I forgot??

  5. Aww thank you for the shout-out! And I love how much Disney and Broadway is on this list!!

    Lauren :)


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