Confessions 11/11

It's Time for Confession. 

I confess that Kyra is sick. She has caught this awful cold and is sneezing and wheezing. I feel miserable for her. 

I confess my mom is my hero. When Kyra suddenly came down sick yesterday and I was dreading going to the store (as was my plan before she caught the ick) Mom came to my rescue by having all the things that I needed in her house! She loaded up a grocery sack with everything I would need and sent us home! I was so so grateful! 

I confess that this will be just the beginning of the sickness. Since Kyra got it first it will now pass to me...then my husband *shudder* and then most likely to my mom and my brother whom we were visiting yesterday. Apologies to anyone we came in contact with. Get out the hand sanitizer! 

I confess that while I feel horrible for my little sick means that she is extra cuddly. I'm loving the extra snuggles! 

I confess I had no idea that Kathy was blogging again until I saw it on Megan's post....apparently I've been off in lala land this past But she IS hosting the linkup again so YAY! More Wednesday Linkups!

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Be sure to join the linkup!
More Coffee Less Talky
#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren


  1. I hate when you have impending sickness. It is like the cloud of doom that you are just waiting to take you down. Hope you all can fight if off quickly!

  2. blech!! sorry that K is sick :( but the extra cuddles sure are nice!!

    thanks for linking up!

  3. I confess that I don't know Kathy, so I guess I need to check her out since I read several people mentioning her today. Best wishes to Kyra a speedy recovery!!

  4. YAY for helping you be caught up on the blogging world! :D
    BOO for sickness.

  5. Oh no! Sickness is the worst! But I do love it when moms come through and have everything you need. I've totally raided my mom's medicine cabinet more than once. Hope you and your hubby avoid the ick and that Kyra get's well soon!


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