A Different Kind of Throwback Thursday

Dear 19 (omg it has been ten years…) year old me, 

I’m writing you this letter because now that ten years have passed I am for sure older than you and though some days it may not seem like it, I am wiser. So as a “wiser” person I thought I would give you a few little tips to help you on your journey. Even though some of them will be too little too late, just roll with it and trust me. 

First and foremost because I know it is the biggest thing you are worried about even though it shouldn’t be. YES you will get married. YES you will have a gorgeous child. That is all I am giving you on that, but since I know it is something that keeps you up at night I thought I would be kind and just let you know now that it all works out in the end. 

Now to the other stuff: 

.........Enjoy yourself. Get out of your dorm room and have some fun! I know that college was a big step. It is scary but you have to get out of your room for more than just class and the amazing baked potatoes in the cafeteria. 

........WORK OUT. For real. Cheerleading is over and you need to supplement the activity. Baked potatoes are not calorie free even if you are eating them in the privacy of your dorm room. 

........Do not get guinea pigs. Just trust me. 

........Don’t worry that you don’t seem to really “click” with the other girls in your dorm. It’s okay. You are going to meet some truly amazing people and they will be your friends for life. Not one of them live with you freshman year. 

........DO NOT fall into the hoodie and sweatpants trap! 

........DO NOT take out student loans. So not worth it. 

........DO call home. A Lot. You will miss them. They will miss you. It will do you good. 

.......Go easy on Mom. She is just trying to do her best for you. You will really appreciate her in the years to come. 

.......Stop stressing out so much about what everyone is thinking. They are not thinking about you.They are 9 out of 10 times thinking about themselves.

.......Smile a lot and often. People love it when you do. 

.......Never be ashamed of your body. It may not look like everyone else, but that is the beauty of it. 

......Write more. You need it now more than ever. Write all your thoughts, hopes, and dreams down. They are powerful.

......Stay up late and play board games during finals week. Stay up all night in fact and then get IHOP at 5am and run home in the pouring rain. It is still one of my best memories. 

......Let your freak flag fly. You are a Fangirl. You love Harry Potter, Movies, Books, Anime, Cosplay, and pretty much all things nerdy. OWN IT. 

......Remember that you are not required to have your whole life figured out right now. Trust me on this because even ten years down the road you won’t have it all figured out….but somehow it all seems perfect anyway. 

.....And one last thing.....Some words to live by....

I hope these tips help. I’m cheering for you girly.



  1. omg I would tell 19 yr old me to work the hell out too! Yikes.

  2. Love it...I would tell 19 year old me DONT GET MARRIED YOU"RE TOO YOUNG!! RUUUUN! lol

  3. But the hoodies and sweatpants trap is so comfy!!!! ;P hahaha


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