Monday, October 14, 2013

Motivation Monday

Morning All,

So this past weekend was a lot of fun and really busy. Unfortunately I have pictures of the weekend because they are all on my husband's phone. We had a great time though and I will post pictures just as soon as I can rescue them from the abyss of digital land.

....Okay so I have tried to write a post for the past half an hour. I keep writing things down and then deleting them.

So instead I am putting up a Motivation Poster and we will try this thing again tomorrow! Hopefully by then I will have pictures and we will do a recap of the weekend!

Here is your Motivation and trust me I needed it this morning too!

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What's Up Wednesday?

Morning all,

Been MIA this week since Kyra's sleeping schedule has been really off. I think it is teething combined with the normal 4 month old sleep regression that most babies go through. Either way it has made for some long nights and early mornings.

However she is out right now and has been for about an hour so I am just going to let her rest and keep quiet. Thankfully blogging is not something that requires more noise than just the click of the keys.

I am not sure what to write about today....I'm not even sure what I have been blogging about lately as I have no idea just what direction this blog is I a "mommy getting fit" blog? Am I just a "mommy updating about her baby" blog? I'm not really sure where I am at the moment...

I do however think that I would like to lean toward the "mommy getting fit" type of blog. I mean I want to get fit, I want to be healthy and as bad as it sounds, I want to be skinny. I can sit her and type all day long about how important it is to be healthy and to make your lifestyle change...I mean I know all these things...but in the end....I just wanna look good in my clothes and so not to be TMI but I want to look good without clothes too.

I know my diet is where I really need to start. I mean working out is not my favorite thing to do and I really do need to step it up but if I don't change the way that I eat then it is going to be for nothing.

The problem is what I eat and when I eat. I tend to eat only about two meals a day and they are usually full of junk that I don't need. I rarely eat breakfast which is a big no no. If I do then it is usually something quick and microwavable. Lunch rarely happens and dinner is usually way too late in the evening. Actually it is starting to happen more and more around 9pm or later and that is not when I should be eating.

It is really tough right now with Kyra's schedule ever changing...and with the guilt that I feel if I just sit her down and take thirty minutes for me...I have a lot of mommy guilt. Food however is the biggest issue. So I am going to try and make a meal plan and make all my meals. No fast food allowed! I am also going to watch my portion sizes and try to eat normal meals at normal times. Hopefully that will jump start this whole thing and get me going. I am not patient when it comes to weight loss.
This pretty much sums up my whole feelings on the diet situation. I am not patient and I want results. I want to lose major inches baby! 

I actually wrote a post to myself about what it is I imagine life will be like once I lose the weight. I might post it here but I am not sure yet....

Well that will have to be all for now. Kyra is up!
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Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Four....

....Months that is!

Tomorrow my little angel will be four months old!

Here is her monthly update!

-Babbling and finding her own voice. Miss Kyra has really found her own sound and seems to want to respond when we talk to her. She loves making noise!

- Everything goes in her mouth. Hands, clothing, stuffed animals, burp cloth...anything she can rub on those gums!

-She is up to eleven pounds and seven ounces! No more weight checks, baby girl is growing!

-Loves- The dogs, ceiling fans, baths, when anyone kisses her neck she laughs out loud, also in love with this crazy bird we got from Target for her car seat, and her  stuffed elephant. Oh and fabric! She adores fabric!

-She is still fitting into 0-3 months clothing and just did move to size two diapers which we decided on when she was having major leaking issues at nighttime.

-Still sleeping through the night most nights. Usually from 10pm to 6am but not always. Teething always makes for an interesting schedule.

-Naps are come and go these days. She used to get two really good ones in but now she spends about fifteen minutes down and then is up and cranky for an hour and then finally another fifteen minutes. She just wants Mommy during these times. She also tends to do these sort of grunting noise when she is irritated but not ready to cry yet.

-Rolls all over. Front to back, back to front....just a rolling machine! She loves being on the floor on a blanket and just rolling around. However when she gets the urge to try and crawl she gets mad. She can scoot using her legs all over the place but has not figured out that her arms would really help her along. It will come I suppose.

-Sitting propped up. If she is not on the floor she demands to be propped up so she can survey the world.

I cannot believe it has been four months that she has been part of our lives. Every day I just love her more and more! However right now I have to run because Little Miss is DONE with waiting on Mommy!

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thursday Things

Good Morning!

This post is just going to be a random mish mash. I am still working on the favorites post. I cannot seem to get good pictures! FRUSTRATING.

Also I am working on a Things You Don't Know About Me. I always love those type posts!

So here are some random things for your Thursday!

1. I had to run out in the rain and rescue the dog this morning. I had put her out early and then went back to bed since Kyra was up most of the night. Of course I wake to hear the thunderous roar of pouring rain and I had to run out, in pajamas, and rescue the monster dog. Who of course got away from me, ran into the house and tracked muddy paw prints all over. Super fun.

2. Speaking of super fun. Did anyone else watch Super Fun Night??? I LOVED IT. I am a huge fan of Rebel Wilson. She just cracks me up. Also her name is Kimmie in the show. That means we are practically sisters right? Plus I would for sure be up there singing at a piano bar. Love it.

3. Holly over at Where we can live like Jack and Sally did a post yesterday where she basically called all the lurkers out and then spent her evening responding to everyone. I thought this was the coolest thing ever. Holly would never act like it but she is kind of a big deal. I mean....people know her! So when she sent me an email ( even though we have emailed before) I got all excited. You know like when the cool kid in high school would say hi to you. She is hilarious and awesome and yes I am a little starstruck!

4. I am working on Kyra's 4 month old post! I cannot believe she will be 4 months old! She is now wearing at least two outfits a day to make sure that she wears everything at least once. Actually I am considering just putting her in all of them one day and taking a picture of each one....Not that it matters, she is the cutest baby no matter what she wears! I might be biased though....

5. I am already working on Christmas lists. I am thanking Swagbucks now for this one. I hope everyone likes stuff from Amazon! Also if you don't know what Swagbucks is, it is a site that rewards you with points for using them as a search engine, online shopping through them, and watching video things. Basically you earn points and then cash them in for gift cards. Now that I am home full time I try and make the most of these during Kyra's nap time. If you are not signed up and would like to just go to the website and register. Also if you would say that I referred you that would be awesome!

Okay that is all for now. Time to Zumba! ....If Kyra lets me....
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

So What Wednesday October Edition 1

Welcome back everyone!

It's So What Wednesday! Let's just dive in!

So what...I am still working on my "Favorite/Haul" posts. I have a feeling that they will end up either happening at the very end of the week or beginning of next week.

So what...I have to do my workouts in ten minute increments when I find the time! I'm doing something!

So what...I teared up a little putting Kyra's newborn outfits away. She's growing so fast!

So takes me hours to respond to texts and a week to respond to an email? Sometimes you just have to prioritize what gets taken care of first!

So what...I am super excited to bake everything and anything! I don't care that I am trying lose weight and all that jazz, I still wanna make amazing desserts and tasty deliciousness!

So what...if I change Kyra's outfit four times during a day to make sure that she gets to wear everything she was given? She will grow out of them so quickly and I don't want to miss anything!

Now for a picture of my cutie!

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The post that did not happen

Happy October first!

So I had wanted to do a sort of "Favorite Things" post today but I just did not have the time to get all the elements together. I am working on it but it is for sure not ready for posting yet! I am still torn as to whether it would be better as a vlog but for now it looks like it is going to just be a post.

I sort of wanted to do a "Haul" post as well. Just random things that I have picked up lately on the cheap that turned out to be a lot of fun! We will see how the week goes for that one.

In other news-

Kyra hates Zumba. I have no idea why but the moment that it starts she goes from happy baby to screaming banshee. So I have resorted to just doing this workout instead today:

Quick way to burn 100 calories! 
I have no idea if it actually burns 100 calories as I don't wear a calorie counter, but I still do it five times if it does burn 100 calories then I am burning 500! Either way it is better than nothing! 

I want to get back to walking every day now too, especially since the weather is so nice, but again it all depends on how little Miss is feeling that day. 

I am still working toward the goal of losing twenty pounds by the end of the month. I started last month but I have not stepped on the scale so I have no idea how close I am toward that goal. I am hoping that I will be close but even if I am not I won't beat myself up about it. As long as I continue to work toward it, I will reach it! 

Post is short and sweet today. I need to attempt to get some things taken care of while Miss Kyra is playing on her activity mat. 

Hope everyone has a great day! 
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