Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Five/ Favorites

Good Morning Everyone!

It is Friday!

Time for our weekly linkup!

1) I have a video! I decided that I would go ahead and make a January Favorites video on YouTube to see if I might like to try making videos. Please go and check it out and give it a thumbs up if you enjoy it. Also be kind as this is my first real video, I'm not an editor, and also have the worst lighting in the world! Also something is going on with the focus and it looks a little wibbly wobbly (timey wimey....1,000 points if you get that!)

2) I am working on a Book Linkup of my own and will be hosting it on Tuesday. If anyone would like to join please feel free! I will be posting the button up on Monday!

3) I had to miss Zumba on Thursday due to my ankle but I will be back in action on Tuesday! Even if I have to limp through it!

4) I am working on a 30 things to do before I am 30 list. A friend of mine mentioned that she was going to do one and I thought I would join in! Now to figure out just what I want to do!

5) It is snowing.....again.

This week has been a tough one. Had a slight misstep on the diet. Kyra has not been napping all week and is rejecting her formula. I have wicked cabin fever and am just tired of being stuck inside while it freezes over out there! However it is Friday and the weekend is finally here!

Big Hugs!

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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Morning Everyone,

Ugh I did not want to come and write this post this morning.

But I am all about keeping it real on my blog.

Last night was not good.

Emotional things happened and I did what I always do....I searched for comfort in food.

I know this is a mistake.

I know that there are other ways of dealing with feelings besides eating them, but that is not what I did last night.

Now I will say it was not the worst binge that I have ever done. Trust me there have been worse ones.

Here was the damage......

500 calories OVER my allotted. (which is 12-1400, it was over the 1400)

It consisted of Chips Ahoy cookies and a Subway Sandwich.

Honestly I thought the Subway Sandwich was a good choice but once I input it into MyFitnessPal it was not a great choice at all. Fail. Tricky sandwich.

Anyhow there it is in black and white. Sabotaged.

But all is not lost....

Today I am back.

Today I will drink water, workout, and eat clean.

The binge will not defeat me.

I will move on and let it go.

Binges happen but they will not ruin all my progress.

I will not punish myself either. I am still learning and I will forgive myself.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blog Hop/ So What Wednesday!

Good Morning Everyone!

So today I am joining a linkup, The Hump Day Blog Hop!

The Hump Day Blog Hop

So be sure to hop on over and find some new blogs to follow and check everyone out!

Today is also time for my "So What Wednesday!"

1. So what.....if I had to go only 50% last night at Zumba? My ankle does not like this cold and it was hurting so badly that honestly the fact I went to Zumba might have been a mistake....but I wanted to sign in and put my little X in the box! I want Perfect Attendance! (OCD problems...) 

2. So what.....if I cried watching the Puppy/Clydesdale commercial today? I'm a softy and that song "Let her Go" by Passenger tugs my heartstrings....

3. So what....if I watch YouTube more than regular TV these days? It's nice to have some original content for once! 

4. So what.... if I am obsessed with the show Face Off? I don't really enjoy reality TV. I don't like Real Housewives or any of that junk but Face Off? Makeup/ Monster artists creating amazing works of art? Sign me up! Also I am convinced my brother could win the show. He's super talented! 

5. So what....if my blog is a smallish blog? I am trying to grow this little blog into a bigger one like the one that I used to have. I am trying to get out there with new content and find my voice....I will stop comparing myself to other blogs! 

Okay so a random sampling of my "So What" this week but honestly this is a quickie post because I did not have time to type it up last night and am doing it last minute this morning! (So what?) Hope you all are having a great day, we are halfway through the week people!

Big hugs!
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Little Tuesday Inspiration

Good Morning Everyone!

I saw this Pin yesterday and it got me thinking about what I makes me happy....what things do I really love to do? Being home with Kyra all day is wonderful and being a mom is more rewarding than I ever imagined, but it also gives me the unique opportunity to think about what I really love and what I really want to do....

1) Write- I love writing and I have what I believe is a really good story in my head.  I am going to start really working on it daily and hopefully finish it up! I have wanted to be an author since I was a little girl! I am going to set up a daily word count and listen to Stephen King's On Writing again for a little motivation. If you are a writer please look this book up, it will inspire you to get your thoughts on paper, all that matters is that you keep writing!

2) Blogging- I love blogging, it is relaxing and really helps me think. Sure blogging is similar to writing but at the same time I do not write about the same things that I blog about. Either way I really want to grow this blog into a place where other people will come and enjoy themselves and maybe even start a little discussion. I have high hopes for this little blog!

3) Videos- Okay so for some reason lately I have become really intrigued by the idea of starting a YouTube Channel. I love watching them and I think that some of my experiences might actually be helpful to others. However I do even know where to begin on editing and lighting. This might be a tough one to tackle but I am willing to learn!

4) Zumba- Okay this might seem premature......I mean I still have a lot of weight to lose and it will be a long time before I reach my goal but part of me wonders....could I be a Zumba instructor? It's just a thought that ran around in there a couple of times. Who knows?

5) Being a Thrifty Shopper- I know this one might seem odd but I love it when I hit a good deal and save money! I actually am considering making this a thing on the blog and sharing when I have found a good deal on stuff! I really think if I put in some effort I could really save some big bucks and have fun doing it!

What are the things that make you happy? Sound off in the comments!

Also I am thinking of hosting a linkup this week! I am going to be posting the Ten Books that have Stayed with You. I think it would be fun to see just what books everyone is reading and get some ideas for books that I should add to my reading list!

Would anyone be interested in joining? Send me a message! 

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Hot Mama Monday- Detox Update

Good Morning Everyone!

It is time for....

 (The logo is a working in progress...what do you think of this one? Thumbs up or down? I'm undecided at this point...) 

Okay so you will notice that the title is a Detox UPDATE and not RESULTS.

Why you ask? Well here is the situation.

I didn't find the stupid Dandelion Tea until Wednesday night! So I didn't even start the Detox until Thursday morning! So basically I have only had four days of the seven day detox so I cannot give a full update until I finish. I will however give you an update on how it is going so far! ( I will also give you an update on weight loss at the bottom!)

First off, the tea is super easy to make once you have your ingredients. However I will give you this warning...


Now I am a girl that drinks sweet tea and cream in her coffee, so maybe it is just me, but I do not enjoy the bitterness.

Also I have always preferred just plain water to any flavored water. I don't like Gatorade, Kool-aid, Vitamin Water...any of that stuff. I would just rather have a glass of plain ice water.

So the taste is just blech for me. It's not unbearable by any means but it is for sure not a flavor that I like.

The first day I tried to down that stuff as fast as I could, resulting in me finishing 60oz of water by 3pm and then continuing to drink just plain water the rest of the day. Good day all in all!

Day two was easier, the flavor was a little more bearable and again I was finished early.

Day three was miserable. Maybe because it was Saturday and I was not into drinking the tea while my husband drank sweet tea? Not sure but was not a fan.

I will be honest and tell you all Sunday did not happen. I was so busy yesterday I completely FORGOT to make the tea! So that also put a halt on my giving you results today. I will always be honest with you all!

So today I have my tea and I am working it and I will be posting my actual results later this week.

However I will let you know what sort of results I have seen from three days of drinking the tea. Keep in mind I have not changed my diet at all, and I am still doing Zumba two times a week!

Kids....I am down 4 pounds! 

I am not sure if it is from the tea since I have only done three days really but I am seeing a difference! I do know that when I drink the tea it makes me less inclined to eat since it tastes so bitter but to see a found pound drop from last Thursday has me hopeful!

So those are the updates on the Jillian Michaels Detox Tea so far, I will post my final results and thoughts once I have completed the seven days!

Big hugs to everyone!
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Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Five- Chores Edition

Good Morning Everyone!

It's Friday and you know what that means....
It's time for the Friday Five!

This week's edition will be Five of my Least Favorite chores! Basically things that I put off until last minute because I just hate doing them! 

1) Cleaning my makeup brushes. This has to be done weekly and I know that but I hate doing it. It seems like it wastes so much water and it takes FOREVER when you are a brush hoarder like I am. I put it off until the very end of the week every week and it is just so tedious!

2)  Dusting. Dusting is so annoying. Really I feel like I am just pushing the dust around and it floats around in the air and makes me sneeze the whole time. It is just miserable work. Of course all my accent furniture is black because I am crazy and a glutton for punishment apparently....

3) Cleaning the garage/basement. There are spiders, there is dust, things are heavy, and there is just TOO MUCH down there! It so needs to be done and I want to have a garage sale this spring so I have to go through it all but...the thought of it makes me hyperventilate.

4) Folding clothes. I think everyone hates this one. I don't mind the washing, drying, all that nonsense but the folding and putting away is annoying. If I had a bigger closet I would just hang it all up, even the socks and underwear.

5) Changing light bulbs. I am short, they are not. I am not a fan of heights or ladders. I always need someone else to do it and it just takes forever to get done. I hate that they burn out so quickly around here. I have three out right now and it irritates me. It is going on the weekend to do list....for my husband.

So those are my top five least favorite chores. Feel free to join in and post your least favorite ones too!

Hugs to all! Have a great weekend!
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Morning Everyone,

So no post happened yesterday.

Yesterday was a very full and long day. It was good and not so good.

The not so good:

- One of the dogs we have been watching, passed away Tuesday night and we had to bury her yesterday. She was very old and just finally had had enough. It was sad. We buried her out at my parents' place. The Pomeranians are sad and miss her.

-I woke up with pain in my bad ankle because we are in another Polar Vortex which just makes me think of us being in the current from Finding Nemo....It's the EAC dude! Except there are snowflakes... so I had to wear my brace all day.

- Kyra got her shots yesterday. I was a nervous wreck. I LOATHE shots.

Okay the good:

- Kyra rocked her shots. She was done crying before we even left the room. She is so brave. Way braver than her Mama.

- Spent the day with my parents and picked up some new shoes and a new book from Barnes and Noble.

- Picked up a bunch of books from the library because for some reason I think I actually have time for reading...

-Zumba is tonight!

I am really looking forward to Zumba even though my ankle is still being evil  and I will probably have to wear my brace again. Still it is so much fun that I look forward to it even with my bad ankle. Also the other day I got put at the front of the class because I know the routines and we had new people.

I think I might start taking the kickboxing class sounds like fun and after trying on some clothes yesterday and feeling like bursting into tears in the fitting room I feel like I need to do something more than I am now....

I have to keep reminding myself that I just had a baby and unlike celebrities and freaks of nature that have their body back two days after they give will take me time to get myself into shape again...ugh I wish I were done

Okay I am going to wrap this up now because it is getting ramble-y/ rant-y.

Hugs to everyone, Tomorrow is Friday!
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Troubles with Meal Planning

Good Morning Everyone!

Another post that is a little bit late today but that is just the way life goes sometimes!

Today I am going to be telling you about my troubles with meal planning.

I know that meal planning is essential for living on a budget. I know that it would make my life ten times easier when shopping for groceries. However it in itself is a real pain in the @&$!

The trouble is, my husband is a picky eater.

Oh I know what you are going to say, all husbands are that way, but hear me out.

My husband is a meat and potatoes guy. That is nothing out of the ordinary. However he is pretty much ONLY a meat and potatoes guy.

Here is a smallish list of things he won't eat.

Condiments - No ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce or any other flavoring type thing
Greens except for green beans which are the only greens I hate
Any pasta with a white sauce
Any sauce that has any other flavor other than MEAT
Any sauce that has chucks of tomato in it
Anything with spice
Dressing- he doesn't eat salad anyhow....

And a WHOLE lot more.

So you see the problem?

It is so hard to try and plan a meal for us when he doesn't eat much in the way of healthy items. I know I could make two meals but doesn't that defeat the purpose of saving money? Also I feel SO guilty when I pick up healthier more expensive items when I am the only one going to eat them...

So what do you all think? Do you have suggestions for what I could make?  Any of you have husbands that are this picky? Let me know in the comments!

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Hot Mama Monday- Detox Edition

Good Morning!

It has been super busy around here and last night was pretty rough. Our dog Brian has caught a hacking cough and it is horrible to listen to...poor buddy is going to be just fine but for the time being the cough is just miserable.

Anyhow now that Kyra has been fed, played with, and put down for a nap I can get my blog post up!

So this week I have decided that I wanted to try a detox. I am trying to shake out all the sugar and carbs as I am a carbosaurus....

I decided after looking around and basically just wanting the easiest thing possible that I would try Jillian Michaels Detox Tea.

                                                               Maybe I Will...: Jillian Michael's Detox Water... Does it Work?!??

I have heard good things about this one from the Pinterest Boards and since it says you can lose up to 7 pounds in a week by just drinking this tea and not changing anything else it sounded like the one for me!

Now the tea is not a meal replacement. You still eat like normal and workout like normal you just drink 60oz of this tea a day.

Yes this will make you hit the restroom a lot. 60oz is a lot of fluid but hopefully this will help take out the bloat and help me get a little bit further on the weight loss train!

Here is the recipe for the tea:

60oz purified water
2 tbs of lemon juice
1 tbs cranberry juice (try to find one with no sugar added or at least the least amount of sugar you can)
1 Dandelion Root Tea Bag

Now I was going to start today but I could not find the Dandelion Root Tea bag at my local grocery store so I will have to go into the city to get it, but I will be starting tomorrow once I find the tea!

I will be posting next week to let you all know how much weight I lost and what kind of results I got!

 In other news I got on the scale at the Y on Thursday and was down 7 pounds from my first weigh in. That is nothing to be sad about!

Food is still a big issue for me but I am working on a meal plan for the week so hopefully each week I will get a little bit better.

Exercise is going just great! I love Zumba and Blogilates!

Now it's time to get going, I have laundry to switch and dishes to do before the little cupcake wakes up!

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Five

Good Morning Everyone!

It's time for the Friday Five or Five on Friday whatever you want to call it! This is a pretty random five things from the week but hey I am running with it!

1) I am OBSESSED with the song "Let it go" from the movie Frozen. Dang it Disney and your catchy awesome music! I haven't gotten to see the movie yet and now I want to go see it....maybe I can convince my husband to take me? If not I am going to talk my mom into going! Is it still playing in theaters? I swear I am always late to the party.....

2) I have been jotting down notes for my book all week. I think I am finally ready to buckle down and really get back to writing again. Sure I have to do it in small little increments while Kyra is sleeping but as long as I am getting pages done then it is all in the good!

3) I am in LOVE with my Baby Bullet. I make Kyra's food and I really like the bullet and all the cute little storage things that go with it! I mean I did it without the bullet before and that was fine but since I don't have a food processor it was slow going. My mom got us the bullet for Christmas and I have been using it ever since! It is so much less expensive to make your own baby food and I know she is getting healthy if I could just myself eating the same way that I have her eat!


4) Have you all heard of the "Wreck this Journal" ? If not it is basically a little journal that you follow the suggestions in to help you discover new aspects of your personality and is pretty much a lot of fun from what I gather. I had wanted to get one but keep talking myself out of it thinking that the last thing I need is another journal but...I am so tempted! Anyone else done one of these? Should I take the leap? Would it make a good segment here on the blog? Let me know!

5) I have posted EVERYDAY this week! Rock it out!

Hope Everyone has a great weekend! Big hugs!
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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Throwback Thursday!

Good Morning Everyone!

Today I thought I would share a little Throwback Thursday!

Here you go!

So there in the pansy print dress is yours truly!

Yes I was rockin' the half pony and apparently some serious socks and shoe action.....odd mix. I always made awesome fashion choices.

Anyhow this is the 4th grade, the first year at my new school. I remember being nervous and I remember that I always wore dresses but none of the other girls didn't take long before I wasn't wearing them either....I wanted to fit it so badly.

Also the young gentlemen in the picture who does not have a big black dot on his face, is in fact, my husband!

Yep that was the year that we met and honestly we paid little to no attention to each other. In fact we were not even really aware of one another until 7th grade and didn't actually like one another until senior year, but we did know one another since we were 9 years old! This is photographic evidence of that!

Anyone else have a hilarious throwback picture that they want to share today? Leave me a note in the comments!
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

So What Wednesday- Gym Edition

Good Morning Everyone!

It is Wednesday and that means it is time for "So What Wednesday"!

Let's Just Jump Right In!

1) So What........ if I am doing Zumba and not lifting, Crossfit, Cycling, or Power Yoga? I am a beginner people! Those things will come in good time but right now I am still just trying to move more and eat right! Everyone starts at the beginning and Zumba is so much fun that I keep wanting to go and don't want to miss a single class! That is really something for someone who can find an excuse to get out of anything!

2) So What.....if my workout outfits are really just super large T-shirts or maternity shirts paired with random capri pants or long shorts? Again I am just beginning and I am trying to keep everything covered up people! Also I am not dropping coin for "cute" workout outfits until I look "cute" in workout outfits!

3) So What....if after class I just pick up my stuff and head out of the gym sweating and gross? I don't do public showers and I live just ten minutes away. I don't mind looking like a hot mess in my car!

4) So What....if I sing along to the songs? I am singing quietly so if you can hear me you are TOO CLOSE!

5) So What....if there are a bunch of newbies in class and on the machines? Remember that everyone starts somewhere and that we are all there for the same reason. So stop with your impatient "huffs" and irritated glares. Be kind to everyone, and not just at the gym, and remember everyone is fighting their own battle!

This might sound a little rant-y but it has been on my mind the past couple weeks and I just needed to get it out!

So what is on your mind today?
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday Tunes

Good Morning Everyone!

You made it through Monday!

We made it through as well. Monday was actually much better than Sunday. Sunday, Kyra was running a fever and was really fussy. I believe the fever was due to her teething but it was scary since it was her first one. However we made it through and Monday she was really happy and we played most of the day!

Okay so moving on to today!

So Tuesday night is a Zumba night and I am still loving every minute of it! I actually have Zumba on Thursday as well and just found out they added a class to Wednesday! Anyhow going is one of the best parts of my week because it makes me feel so good about myself and it is just so much fun!

On that note the music in my Zumba classes is AMAZING. I don't listen to the radio very often, if I am playing anything it is usually a podcast or Pandora, however at Zumba the music has been so catchy and fun that I have been forming a new playlist to dance around the house to while Kyra and I play!

So I thought today I would share my playlist with you all!

Awesome Zumba/Dance playlist:

 Drop it Low Girl- Ester Dean
The Monster- Eminem &Rihanna
Pompeii- Bastille
Clarity- Zedd
I love it- Icona Pop
Timber- Kesha & Pitbull
Slow Down- Selena Gomez
Turn the Night On- Enrique Iglesias
 Hotel Room- Pitbull
Chunky- Madagascar 2 (I think Will. I. Am sings this?)
True Love- Pink
My Songs Know What you Did- Fall Out Boy 
Let It Go- Frozen Movie Soundtrack

That is just a few of the songs...I never remember them all from class because I always get stuck on the last songs during the cool down and forget the others!

Now you all might have already added these but if not then enjoy some new tunes on this lovely Tuesday! Also another Zumba meme because they just crack me up!


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Monday, January 13, 2014

Hot Mama Monday- Getting Real/ A Linkup!

Good Morning Everyone!

It is Monday Morning (ugh) and that means it is Hot Mama Monday!

So I am going to be honest with you all, last week was not a great one. There was more eating fast food last week than there has been in nearly a month. I did get my workouts in but my eating...ugh not so great. I am either so far over calories it is ridiculous or I am eating so few that the app I use to track food yells at me.

I am going to be totally real with  you all. I have yo yo'ed for years. I have lost and gained so many pounds it is ridiculous. Food has been something of an Frenemy. I love food. I mean it is something used in celebrations and something used in times of sadness. It is fuel too. I know how to properly eat...(at least I think I do...) However it has always been a struggle for me and now that I am committed to really changing my life it will be the biggest challenge of this whole journey. I will always be honest with you all as I catalog what is going on as I try to change my eating habits. I need you all to keep me accountable! 

So the goal for this week is to continue to track every bite that I eat and try to really eat better and with better portion control. Food is the focus of this week!

Okay now on to the Linkup!

The "What's in your Makeup Bag" is being hosted by Trista over at  Life According to Trista

It is always fun to see what others have in their makeup bags. I love Youtube Beauty Gurus and actually am still kind of working on a video myself but this linkup looked like too much fun to pass up! So here is what is in my makeup bag! Warning: I have a BIG makeup bag!

1) Face Products- Primer- Benefit's Porefessional- This stuff is a miracle in a tube. I have large pores on my nose and this stuff makes my face look completely smooth. Foundation- I either use Loreal True Match or the Revlon Whipped Foundation. I usually use the Whipped Foundation. Both are amazing products that I have repurchased several times.

2) More Face Stuff-  NYX Stay Matte Not Flat- I prefer a matte finish to a dewy one. Love this stuff. NYC Bronzer- Super inexpensive, great bronzer, use this mostly in the summer but sometimes the winter. Hot Mama Highlight from the Balm- perfect glow-y highlight, your cheekbones will thank you. Laura Geller concealer- will cover all manner of sins. Trust me, you need this in your life. Laura Geller Blush- perfect light glow coverage with great color. Kind of a rose gold. Plus loads of product in one little container.

3) Eyes- Urban Decay Primer in Sin- Gold and the best Eye primer is by Urban Decay. Trust me I have tried millions of them! Nude Tude Pallet by the Balm- I am really into neutrals right now and if you don't want to lay down the cash for the Naked Pallets then this is your best bet! Great colors, loads of pigment, and lasts forever. I have had this one for almost a year and it is still going strong and I use it every day!

4) Mascara's and Liners- White Pencil for lining the water line for brighter eyes, Purple and Blue Milani liners for when I want color. Three Mascara's-Loreal Voluminous- just ok, really dry formula but I am trying to use it up. Covergirl's Mega Plush- this one is almost gone, I liked the formula but not a huge fan of the brush. Covergirl's Bombshell- My new favorite mascara. Double ended wand for length and volume. AMAZING.

5) Lips- I am LOVING the Revlon Colorstay Lip Balms. I have four as you can see, my favorite color is Standout, but Showy is a close second. Also a Laura Geller gloss for days that I am not into trying...

6) Brushes- Please excuse that I have not washed them yet this week. But you have a Eco Tools Brushes which are my favorite and some ELF brushes.

Okay so that was a long winded thing but that is what I carry around in my makeup bag! Be sure to linkup over on Trista's page! Try to have a good Monday everyone!

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Five- Week Recap

Good Morning Everyone!

So it has been a very busy week around here! I cannot believe that it is Friday!

Here is the Friday Five with a built in Week Recap!

1) Visitors!- On Tuesday one of my best friends came in from Baltimore to visit us! I had not seen her since before Kyra was born so it was her first time meeting her! We actually hadn't seen one another since she moved out to Baltimore with her boyfriend. She is working Production on the News and he is currently in medical school. Anyhow she was coming in for her birthday this weekend and made a stop here to visit us before going to her actual home in St. Louis. We had an awesome visit and I miss her already!

Also we have some furry visitors as well. My husband's grandmother's house caught on fire over the weekend. No one was hurt so no worries but she has had to move in temporarily with my Father in Law and we are watching her dogs! Two Pomeranians named Taffy and Sammy and one mix pup named DeeDee. They are sweet little things and it brings the K9 total in my household to a grand total of six. It's a lot going on but it has been fun. Look how sweet they are!

2) My day yesterday was spent getting my house in order. The tree is down and my whole living room is rearranged and I really like the change. My parents came over and helped me get everything done and helped with the baby and the dogs. They are AMAZING!

3) I am thinking of getting that book "Wreck this Journal". I think it might be therapeutic and also a good series to run here on the blog!

4) I have gone a little makeup crazy this week....I am still working on my video but I am not thrilled with it yet so I will be re shooting tomorrow I think....

5) This has been an on going thing but I think I have developed a very serious celebrity crush....Keep your Gosling....I am all about Darling Cumberbatch.....*swoon*

(Pics courtesy of Hello Darling...)

So that is the week in a nutshell. Hope everyone else had a great week and have an awesome weekend!
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Monday, January 6, 2014

Hot Mama Monday!

Welcome to my New Weekly Series-----

Hot Mama Monday!

Every Monday I will be coming here on the blog and updating you with how things are going on my journey to become a Hot Mama!

I will be posting progress pictures, these might not be weekly but they will at the very least be monthly. Also I will be posting weigh ins, though if you will forgive me I will skip posting the beginning weigh in. I just can't really face putting the number on the blog right now. It is down in my journal and when I have made a little progress then I will post it up okay? It's just a comfort thing.

So here is Day 1, my before pictures.....It makes me cringe a little but everyone has a starting place!

So there it is in photo form.

Today I am starting the Beginner Calendar from Blogilates. I will be doing this calendar for the entire month of January! I will be keeping you all up to date with how tough it is believe me! Here is the Link for anyone who might like to join me!

blogilates beginners calendar

So welcome to Hot Mama Mondays!

                                                       #medifast #tsfl #takeshapeforlife #weightloss #healthy #food #healthcoach #losingweight #diet #motivation #beforeandafter

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Now We are 7 Months!

Kyra Nicole Uilani


Gerber Puffs- Sweet Potato is her favorite and she has gotten so very good at feeding herself!

Blowing Raspberries- If she thinks something is funny or she just wants  your attention she does this.

Chewing on Anything- Literally anything and everything she grabs goes right in her mouth!

Textures- She runs her hands over fabric and then grinds her nails on it as well. She likes the sound and feel of all sorts of textures...she loves couches and blankets most.

Attempting to Crawl- She can worm her way around but she is so very close to crawling! Although now instead of staying on her knees she pushes up to her feet! My little lady may skip to walking!

Meat! My little lady is a meat eater just like her Daddy. We gave her some mashed up chicken and she ate it up!

Dogs- She ADORES our dog Luna but she gets very excited when she sees any dog. 

The Big Bang Theory- Seriously she hears the theme song and immediately looks at the TV. She adores it for some reason!

Not so fond of:

Naps- this makes Mommy so very sad.

Green Beans and Peas

Loud Noises- My parents' vacuum, anyone yelling or getting loud at the TV (football)

Her New Tooth!- Yes a tooth has appeared and it is the cause of many sleepless nights lately! 

She is growing so quickly and I can hardly believe that it has been Seven Months! She is funny, clever, and just beautiful! I love her more and more every day! Hugs and Kisses my beautiful girl!

(This was Yesterday's post but for some reason I hit Save instead of Publish again! Today's post will be up shortly! ) 

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Five on Friday in the New Year!

Happy Friday Everyone!

So today I am linking up with the massive Friday Five Linkup!

Here we go!

1. Kyra has now developed the ability to worm across the floor. Yes you read that right, WORM not CRAWL. She just inch worms her way across the living room floor to get to whatever has caught her eye. Usually something fabric...or else something brightly colored. Or the dogs...Needless to say this has been hilarious but now I cannot leave her for even a moment!

2. I am working on a video with some reviews slash/haul from Ulta and Target. I am not sure how it will go over but you never know until you try!

3. Google Chromecast is my new favorite thing ever. I love being able to watch my YouTube videos on the TV, it will come in very handy next week when I start the weight loss full throttle!

4. I am also working on meal plans and daily schedules for the house. I need to have some structure to my day as I feel like I am kind of just...floating around here? I dunno but I need some focus around here.

5. Monday is going to be my weigh in and "Before" picture day! I will be starting Blogilates Beginner starting on Monday as well as keeping up with my Zumba on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I will also be adding in some Elliptical time three days a week. It sounds like a lot but I really need to bump up the workouts. Also I will be continuing to to work on my eating which has been my focus these past few days since the New Year!

There is the Friday Five, Hope you all have a good weekend! See you prepared for the "before" pic!
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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

To the Future!

Happy New Year's Everyone!

So I just put Kyra down for her afternoon nap and this is the soonest I could get to the computer to put up a post!

So as I was playing with Kyra this morning...and as I was attempting to get her to sleep last night at about three a.m. I was thinking about my blog here.

It's a new year and thus it is time for some big problem is I am not sure what sort of changes to make. I know that my blog feels rather random. There is no real focus on here and that can kind of be a problem for people. You should really have a niche if you are blogging or doing YouTube videos. ( I am considering filming a few for fun....mostly makeup hauls, reviews, and occasionally the fun silly tag, any thoughts on that?)

The problem is I am not sure what sort of blogger I want to be.

Am I a mommy blogger?
A weight loss/fitness blogger?
A makeup review blogger?

I am really torn with just what I want to do and what category I fit into...I mean weight loss is a HUGE goal for me this year, but I am going to continue to post on the random chaos that is my life as a new mommy....I love makeup and really want to share my findings with you....also I am a writer at heart and I am really digging into my new book and I want that to be part of this blog too....

So my thoughts are, maybe I can do all of these?

Here on the blog I will be posting about my weight loss goals with weekly updates on what I am eating, my workouts, and my weight loss.

I will also have posts with my family because they are my life. If you aren't into baby pictures and gratuitous "She's so cute!" posts then you can just skip these if you like!

I will also put up a bi weekly or maybe just monthly post of how the writing process is going.

Makeup reviews will be vlogged about and linked here. I just feel that those type of posts really are better as a video than a written review!

I am working on a schedule for blogging which I think will help keep things from feeling entirely too random and I will hopefully have more on that in the next couple of days. Also I was going to put up my Day 1 post tomorrow but I think instead I will wait until Monday to post up as my weekly check in. Doing good on my goals, no worries there, but it just feels like if I start off with things on the right day then I will stick with it!

Whew! That feels so much better to get this post up and put my thoughts down in writing. I was really stressing about this post and I just don't need that kind of stress in my life!

Cheers to everyone, hope you had a happy and safe New Year's Eve!

Big Hugs!
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