Friday Favorites 4/10

Good Morning Everyone!

Happy Friday! 

This weekend I have a fun and exciting time planned with friends who are coming in from out of town to visit! We should have an awesome weekend filled with gaming and a few adult beverages ahead of us! 

But's time for Friday Favorites! 

Fashion Favorites: 
25 Inspiring Winter Outfit Ideas - This Silly Girl's Life
This coat is so cute and girly! #needit
Gorgeous boho style
This just looks adorable and super comfy.

Hello Kitty tattoo stockings black version
I need these. Now.

Beauty Favorites:
Mermaid hair :)
Wish I were brave enough to do this. I love this look.
Too Faced Sugar Pop Sugary Sweet Eye Shadow Collection: Review and Swatches
I cannot even begin to express how pretty this pallet looks. WANT.
Nerdy Girl Favorites: 
Again...I need this.
My Neighbor Totoro Dust Bunny Plush Pillow. $25.00, via Etsy.
I will be making this in the near future. Soot Sprite!!!
Favorite Funnies:
Netflixing | HUMAN | T-Shirts, Tanks, Sweatshirts and Hoodies

All the time
This is the story of my life. No joke.

That's it for me this week. Everyone have a safe and happy weekend! Don't forget to linkup! 


  1. That hairstyle IS amazing...the problem with it is maintenance. My hairdresser used to have hair just as vibrant and tonal but in purple. She said to keep it maintained was ridiculously time consuming, and she's a hairdresser! Glad to hear you have a fun weekend planned. Enjoy :)

  2. I want the Lea Michele coat and Totoro items SO much! :D

  3. I know I'm a million years behind, but here's some things to dissuade you from awesomely colored hair: HOLY HERA it's expensive! If you don't have blonde hair, you get to bleach it.. and not only is that an added expense, it's scary as shit. Then.. roots come in and you get to rebleach and redye and ugh what a commitment... THEN.. oh then, when you decided that you need to be a professional again (which is a sad day).. the blue/green doesn't go away. You dye over it, you dye over that after your hair starts to turn crazy colors (like grey with a green tint) and you're told you can't just rebleach it and dye over that because it would pretty much kill all your hairs and you'd have shitty hair.. so then you turn to pinterest because you're desperate and pinterest is a fountain of good ideas. So you find this vitamin C scrub thing that you do 4 times and you see some of that blue/green tint that makes your head glow in the sun and look like you have moldy hair wash down the drain. And then you give up. You've done all you can do. You just endure the green tint under the slightly red/brown dye.

    That said, it's SOOOOOOO pretty in the 2 weeks after you get it done. :)


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