Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Life Update

Wow. It's been over a month since I posted on this blog. I'm not even sure how that happened but I last night I was thinking about my blog and writing and everything that has been going on and I decided that I wanted to come here and do an update. I'm not sure what that will accomplish other than to make me feel better but hey that is a good enough reason isn't it? I think so. 

So basically I've kind of pulled away from social media in general lately. I haven't been blogging, I rarely Snap, I post only the occasional post on Instagram and Facebook is something that I skim and then close out of because the world is an angry scary place right now and while I'm
not burying my head in the sand I would rather not deal with it on a social media platform that in my personal opinion has had its day. 

In addition to that I've also been really busy. We had our anniversary, a trip for Memorial Weekend, Kyra's 4th birthday, and then a spontaneous trip to Omaha. It's been a very full couple of weeks but they have been amazing because they have all been about spending time with my family. Not just the extended but just my little 3 person family and that is really wonderful. Not to mention Kyra also started gymnastics two weeks ago and she is loving it and it makes me so happy to see her falling so in love with something that is so good for her. She is meeting new people, learning new things, and learning to do things on her own without me and that makes me so proud I could just burst. 

I also missed the book linkup this month. Not because I really "missed" it but because I was sad to say that I didn't finish 1 book in the month of May. So much was going on and while I have books I started I haven't finished anything up until this past Monday. I am still slogging through American Gods which I cannot tell if I really like or not...but I'm invested and I will finish. I am really glad that I  did finish at least one book this month though so I have something to post next month! 

I have not had coffee in nearly a week. This is NOT by choice. I ran out and we've been running around and we haven't gotten to pick any up. Then Kyra got sick on Monday and has been sick and so I haven't left the house because when we did on Monday she got really sick in a store and I don't think that either of us are ready to relive that again. So coffee. Sure I could ask my husband to pick some up on his way home from work but he has been super busy with work since they moved the whole office to another (further away) location and he is so tired by the time he gets off work I feel super guilty about asking him to stop, so I'm just sucking it up until I can get to the store. 

I have been working. I wasn't going to share this here because it is just a little side job thing but honestly I really enjoy doing it and it is nice to be bringing in a little money on my own while still being able to be home with Kyra all day. However due to a computer crash last night I had a bit of a setback which I am still upset about but this is the first time since I started back in March that I've had an issue so really I've been lucky. I'm not going to bring this little job up on the blog much because as I said it is a small thing but I'm pleased with it all the same. 

So basically this is my long winded way of catching up. I hope to start blogging more but I am making no promises at this time because right now I have to take each day as it comes. There is a lot more going on that I'm not going to share on the blog but just know that I am still here and I am still reading all your blogs even if I don't always comment. I am usually a week behind and by that time anything I could say will have already been said but just know I am still reading and I have a MASSIVE book list from the book linkup and hopefully I will get some time to really read them this month. 

Okay I'm off, hope you all are well. Happy Wednesday.
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