Thursday, February 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Good Morning Everyone!

So I was really lost on what to post today. I wanted to do a "Thrifty Thursday" and post my thrift store haul from yesterday but honestly the thought of messing about with my camera and trying to get a place in my house with lighting and a good background....ugh too much work for this Thursday morning and it has already been a full morning!

But lucky for me, my friend posted a Throwback Thursday picture on Facebook this morning and I thought "Hey! I haven't done one of those in a while!" and low and behold my post for today!

Feast your eyes on the rockin' 80's awesomeness.....

This is me (in the rocking chair, rocking the mouse ears) and my best friend from childhood that we shall refer to as Miss J.

Point of fact I still own that rocking chair, it is being fixed up for my daughter's room.

Also still own the mouse ears.

Also the Popples Pajamas that Miss J is rocking in this one.

Anyone else remember Popples? Or is everyone in blog land a baby now from the 90s?

I think I still have my original Popple....he was green with like an orange mohawk.....ah the 80s......

Sidenote- Miss J is also the reason that I got into Zumba. She and I attend every Tuesday and Thursday night! She knew I would love it because we were famous (infamous?) for our dance off parties!

Hugs to all out there, Happy Throwback Thursday!
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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I don't know how to eat!

Good Morning Everyone!

It is Wednesday, or Hump Day!

Today I am joining the linkup over on Fitness Blondie's blog!

The Hump Day Blog Hop

So if you are here because of the linkup and are new welcome, welcome, if you are an old hat at this, welcome back!

If you have been here before then I apologize for Monday's post and the lack of posting in general this month. I was having that self doubt that all bloggers have from time to time that normally has nothing to do with the blog itself and everything to do with the blogger behind it. I am feeling back to myself again and thus am back to blogging.

Today I will share with you a very big confession (though if you read the title then you already know)

 I don't know how to eat. 

Seriously, I have no idea how to eat in order to be healthy and lose weight. Some days I think I have it but most days I just stand there in front of the fridge or the pantry and stare in there hoping for some divine inspiration.

All the times I have successfully lost weight someone else has kind of been behind it. When I lived with my parents it was my mom. She would cook the meals and I just ate them and never bothered to learn what she was making or how. When I was in college it was thanks to Slim Fast for two meals a day and a yogurt for dinner. (Sick I know but thankfully that was a passing phase) When I was losing weight for my wedding it was the stress of the wedding, hardly being able to eat, and I will admit it some diet pills.  (appetite suppressants really and damn I miss them)

In short I have never really done it the way you are supposed to and thus here I am, not skinny almost nine months post baby and feeling like I am six months pregnant. I have so much trouble finding things to wear and actually avoid going out because I don't want the stress of trying to pick an outfit if they place I am going is not a jeans and t-shirt type place.

I am working out. I go to Zumba twice a week and I have an almost nine month old that keeps me on my toes now that she can crawl around the house and get into EVERYTHING. Also I belong to the Y now and thus I am going to be picking up more classes as they open up.

But food is so confusing to me. My husband always says "make a plan and we will buy the stuff for you" but that is so tricky! We live on a budget and I feel so guilty for buying items that the whole family won't use. Also my will power when making dinner for my husband (who eats basically survives on meat and carbs) is not so great. It is hard to look at a salad and know that is what you get when someone next to you is eating french fries. Please tell me that I am not the only one in this?

I feel so lost. I mean I have picked up diet books and tried to follow their plans but three times a week? Why is all the healthy food so much more expensive??? Frustration!!!!!

So I am putting it to you dear readers, what do you all do? Is there a food plan that a budget-type person can follow? Do you all just say to hell with the budget and go for broke to be healthy? Does anyone else out there not know how to eat or am I alone in the void??? Post your comments!

Happy Hump day Everyone! The weekend is at hand!
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Monday, February 24, 2014


Morning Everyone,

So basically it has been forever since I blogged.

Part of the reason it has been so long is just that I have not really felt like it. Honestly I feel like blogging in general is taking a plunge. I mean I love the writing part. I love reading hilarious stories, experiences, and cheering everyone on as they attempt new adventures but lately I haven't felt like that is what I am seeing on the blogs.

Lately all I see are sponsored posts and giveaways. I mean I am all for making money on your blog. I would love to have the extra source of income myself but honestly you have to remember what made your blog something people wanted to read in the first place. CONTENT. I know I write some fluff posts around here but I'd like to think that even posts that are just a "what's happening now" are better posts than "Here are people who pay me to say their name!" or "Buy this because they gave it to me for free!"

I dunno, I'm just not getting much out of the "community" anymore.

Okay off my soapbox now.

The other reason I have not been on the blog is that I have been busy re doing my house. It has been a big overhaul. The spare bedroom has been transformed into a nursery and our bedroom has been completely redone. Also I cleared out our closet and the basement. Though now the basement needs to be done again because all the spare bedroom stuff was moved down there.

I am so happy to have a nursery, it is wonderful to take Kyra in there to play with her toys and crawl around without having to worry about what she will get into! She enjoys it a lot and has even slept in there a few nights! It has been very nice for my husband and I to reclaim our bedroom as well. It is all grown up in there now! I feel like an adult! (hahaha)

I will post some pictures here in the future, I was going to do so with this post but my camera battery is dead and the iPad and iTouch will not do the rooms justice! So pictures will go up, but they might just be on like Facebook or something....although I am sick of Facebook....also everyone is on Instagram now it seems and I I'm not into that one either. I fail at social media.....if it is not Pinterest or Reddit then I am just not interested. Also, I don't have time for it or the means, most of you post on Instagram with your fancy phones, I have a phone that is from years ago and is really like one of the first camera phones made....sad.

Okay now that I have gone on a little ramble it's time to go, I have chores to do before Kyra is up and ready to play again.

Hugs to you all, hopefully I will be back tomorrow but then again....this blog may be drawing to a close soon...keep you all posted.
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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Last Minute Valentine's Ideas Him/Her

Good Morning Everyone,

So today I thought I would do a quick little post with suggestions for the upcoming holiday. I realize that not a lot of people are really into Valentine's and honestly I am not super big on it either. However we still do gifts and I thought that maybe a list might be helpful for those that are just fresh out of ideas!

So here are my gift ideas for her (aka, what I would want)

1. Manicure/Pedicure gift certificate. I would so be into this right now as I have like zero time to wait for my nails to dry. I never know when a nap is going to end so I never know if I will have enough time to finish my nails before the baby wakes up and the last thing I need is to have polish all around the house!  So I would really love this one, plus it means at least an hour of just "me" time and that sounds awesome!

2. Massage Fit certificate. This one is along the same lines as the number one but again "me" time is pretty rare if your lady is a mom!

3. Dinner/Movie date night "IN". I like this idea simply because it is budget friendly but still a thoughtful one. If you make dinner without asking her a million times what she wants then you win in my book! Also Dinner and a movie, maybe something she has wanted to see and you have been avoiding? Or even something that you both just really love to watch, this makes for a really nice evening in, and if you let her stay in pajamas then you really rock!

4. Clean the house. Oh is that one just for me? Maybe....but it would be nice to have someone else worry about the state of the house for a bit....I feel like a crazy person doing the same chores every day only to have to do them again...the very next day....

5. Artisan Chocolate- Now this one can be for a guy or a girl but let me just tell you about these chocolates. They are the most divine creations, a combo of art and deliciousness. The flavors are so amazing and wonderful. Oh they are heaven! Here is where you can order them!

 Valentine's Day 20 Piece Heart Box

Gifts for Him!

1) Do not wear your crappy pajamas, I know what I said up there but come on ladies, where something a little sexy....or at the very least not covered in baby spit up.

2) Order in- unless your hubby is a good cook. Trust me he will thank you because after all you made the always do right?

3) Fancy Shaving stuff. My husband is really into this whole shaving trend that has picked back up, still I am not thrilled about the idea of a straight razor...but aftershave and stuff is really nice!

4) A day for him. Let's be honest, a lot of times when you go out you do stuff for the baby, or you run errands that HAVE to be done, but you don't really wander around somewhere that he likes to shop, right? Or maybe you do and I just have no patience, but either way, your guy might like a day where he knows he can go wherever he likes and you won't complain....or roll your eyes.....or at least you will try to keep it to a minimum!

5) Ask him. Seriously guys usually will tell you straight up what they want. At least every guy I know does except my husband. He keeps saying all he wants is a hug and it makes me want to punch him because I know he is full of it. Still your guy is not my guy and he will probably tell you something he really wants or he will suggest a little sexy time. If you have time for sexy time, DO IT. If you however have children that you know will interrupt, attempt to schedule some sexy time at a later date. Yes it might seem unromantic to schedule but hey, gotta do what you gotta do!

Hope these help in some way. I realize it got a little silly there but come on, let's just not take this holiday too seriously all right? Also if you are on your own without a valentine this year then go do all of these things for yourself! Who says you need someone to buy you things? You can buy you things! Buy all of the things! Do it!

Big hugs to you all!
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Monday, February 10, 2014

Not so Hot Mama Monday

Good Morning Everyone,

Apologies for the MIA status on the blog the past few days. Lots of things going on around here, which I am not going to get into on the blog.

Anyhow today is Hot Mama Monday, which if you are new here is the day that I share my weight loss progress, if there is any.

I am not feeling so hot everyone. In fact I am feeling decidedly UN-hot. Got on the scale this morning and I'm not happy. I knew I wasn't going to be, my eating has been HORRIBLE. I just keep stuffing my face lately. Maybe it is being snowed in, maybe it is because I am frustrated with other aspects of life and am emotional eating, whatever it is.

I will be straight up honest, I am GAINING. Why?!?!?!?!?

I am so frustrated. I see others posting up their progress pictures and I am so happy for them but also so intensely jealous. Why can't I do this? Why is it always me crying in the fitting rooms, me staring at a plate of food sadly wondering just when I lost control.....what is it going to take to get me to get it together?

I feel like a fraud.

I feel like a fool.

But most of all I just feel helpless and lost. Ugh that is is pathetic sounding. Pity party for one anyone?

Anyhow I told you all I would be real with you and maybe some of you feel the same way I do....maybe some of you get how hard and awful this is and feel like you lack that discipline and control. Or maybe you are reading this and rolling your eyes thinking "oh good gravy this is not that hard....just stop shoving things in your cakehole!"

Either way there it is out in the open.

So today I am writing down the horrid number from the scale. I am eating my sensible breakfast and making plans for the rest of the week to be sensible as well. I won't give up, that is not what the post is about, I don't have it in me to quit!

I just feel frustrated that I still seem to be crappy at this even though it's been years of up and down, you would think I would have the pattern down by now so I could lose and not gain....but sadly no. I don't know if I will ever get the pattern or if I will always battle this way.....

I know I want to be at my goal weight by my 30th birthday....I still have time....I can still make it....there is still hope....right?

Boo to this Monday post....maybe tomorrow will be better.
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Now We are 8 Months!

Good Morning Everyone!

Sorry no post yesterday, the crazy weather around here had us all busy. Well mostly my husband was busy and Kyra and I just watched but whatever...same thing.

Today however I am posting because our baby girl is 8 months old today!

Miss Kyra

New Developments:

Pulling herself up!

Full out crawling!

Size 3 Diapers!

Saying "Mom, om, om om" and "Da, da, a, a" !


Gerber Cheese Puffs- These are similar to Cheetos....and you have to give them to her after she has eaten her dinner or she will refuse all other foods!

Pulling herself up on everything most especially Mama- She pulls up on the couch, the ottoman, any nearby person....she just wants to stand!

Electronics- She will dive toward any phone, iPad, iPod, anything that makes noise or lights up!

Her New Hat- Some friends of the family made that for her and it is just darling!

Not so fond of:

Naps- She is still very resistant to these right now, also she has Separation Anxiety pretty badly and cries when Mama isn't around.

Loud Noises- My parents' vacuum, anyone yelling or getting loud at the TV (football)

Her Second Tooth- We have two now and they tend to hurt, but she insists on chewing everything like a big girl! 

Waking up on her own-Separation Anxiety again, she definitely let's Mama know when she is awake!

Waiting- If she wants it she wants it RIGHT NOW!

She is just getting so big and so very cute!! Her personality is really starting to shine and I just love her more and more every day!

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Hot Mama Monday- Detox Results!

Good Morning!

Welcome back to Hot Mama Monday!

Let's just dive right into it why don't we?

The Results of my Jillian Michaels Detox!

I will just go ahead and say that I did lose weight on this Detox. In total I lost 9.3 pounds! Now this was primarily water weight and I did continue to work out while on the detox. Also I ate as cleanly as possible but I will be honest that it was not 100 or even 90% clean. I did my best and food is actually going to be my primary focus from here on out.

Now the drink itself is pretty bitter. I know I stated this last week but seriously it is hard to choke down if you are the kind of person that prefers a sweeter drink, or even if you just like plain water. I had to really force myself to drink it a couple of days resulting in drinking 60oz of it by 3pm. I had to run to the bathroom, A LOT. It does um....clean your system? (there is no good way to say that) So be prepared for that and maybe try to do the detox over a weekend to start with so you know what you are getting into.

I will say that by day three I really noticed that I was not bloated and I was even in the middle of my "Moonsickness" and managed to completely reduce my bloating. Actually I will go ahead and say it eliminated bloating. Also I noticed a big improvement with my skin but that is something that is true of any time that you increase your hydration.

All in all I would recommend this if you had a binge week and are looking to get back on track or if you are like me and just need a jump start to the scale to keep your motivation up. However I would not recommend doing this for longer than a week. I extended a bit because I missed a day and it was pretty rough on my system I won't lie. So stick to the week and then take a break, doing this too much will most likely wreck havoc on your system.

I hope this review was helpful and if you tried it let me know! I would love to know others feedback on this!

Big Hugs!
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