Review: Makeup Brush Cleaner

Morning Everyone, 

Today I thought I would share an awesome product review with you all!

As you all probably know I am a makeup addict. I love it all and I have a massive collection. 

The one downside to loving makeup? 

Cleaning Dirty Brushes. 

I clean my brushes fairly regularly and it is always a hassle. It takes a long time especially if you want to be sure they are super clean. 

Now there are many different types of brush cleaner available but usually they are pretty pricey. Also I have done a DIY one that worked for a few months but eventually gave out on me. 

Then I stumbled upon this little item while shopping at Marshall's. 

It looks VERY similar to the Sigma brush cleaning mat however it was only $5.99. Since that is more in my budget range I thought I would pick it up and give it a go. *Side Note- I did a quick review on SnapChat and that is where the pics are from so if you are wondering why they are formatted that way...well that is why.

First off- It is smaller that ones I have seen before but I have a fairly small sink so I don't think that is a big issue. 

Now for the brushes. 

I am currently using Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap to clean my brushes to make sure they are getting a deep clean. More often than not I use Baby Shampoo though. 

Now for the scrub test. 

Oh Yeah! Super Clean! Great Success!



 I was really surprised by how well this worked! It cleaned my brushes so quickly and I had to use less soap than I normally would have since I just dispensed a dime size on the mat itself and scrubbed until the brush ran clear. It took WAY less time to do and I felt like they got a deeper clean than when I just scrub by hand. I also loved that the mat had suction cups on the bottom to keep it still in the sink while scrubbing the brushes. 

This mat gets a ten out of ten from me! If you happy to find one at Marshall's or T.J. Maxx I would HIGHLY recommend picking one up if you are a makeup lover like myself! 

*Note- I was not paid for this review and I purchased this myself. I just wanted to share my awesome find with you all! 



  1. That's awesome! I use sponges or paper towels and it's so wasteful.

  2. this is so awesome! i don't clean my brushes anywhere near as often as i should. i will keep a look out for this mat!

  3. Great post! I agree with SMD @ LIFEACCORDINGTOSTEPH. I found this blog very informative and easy to use! Thanks for sharing this post.

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