A Weekend of Friends

This past weekend we had several friends come to visit us. One in particular we haven't seen in months and months because she lives on the other side of the country. It was an amazing weekend and so nice to see each other and just have a good time, talk, and live it up a little. 

Saturday- My parents took Kyra for the evening and the group ventured down to O'Malley's Pub. The drinks were amazing as per usual and the atmosphere is incredible. It is a three tier pub and we of course went to the very bottom tier where it is cool underground and just looks awesome. Many Drinks were had and things of course got silly.
 Night at O'Malley's Pub; Underground; Shadow Squad; Pulled Pork Nachos; Shots; The Dirty Girl Scout; Caunnought and Coke; Sippy Sippy, Stout

Actually a photo of the two of us! Happy Times!

Bestie Dori is in for the week from Baltimore. So happy to see her!

Brother Bear and his Lovely Lady.

Brother Bear apparently getting serious while Amanda clearly isn't.

Sunday- Played games, ate tasty snacks from Baltimore, and lounged around. We needed a relaxing day after the fun filled night before! 
Book of Madness

Buffalo Chicken Dip. YUM.

Tasty snacks from Baltimore!

Celebrating Harry Potter's Birthday!

Of course things like this are going to pop up all over the house for the next week. Love it.

It was one of the best weekends ever and I'm so very glad that everyone came in and hung out with us. Hopefully it won't be so long between visits next time! Now it's back to the grind of Monday Morning and starting a new month! Hello August!


  1. I got a big cheesy grin seeing that photo of the two of you...so cute!


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