Friday Favorites 3/13

Good Morning Everyone! 

This is going up a bit late since I was super busy yesterday and didn't get around to it last night! I'm also crazy busy this morning but I have time to type while I wait for my hair to cool off from styling. 

Today is Day 1 of Comic Con and the beginning of a very busy and fun weekend! My friends should be here soon and I cannot wait to show them all the awesomeness that is Planet Comicon! 

I'm thinking of vlogging the whole thing so if you would be interested in that let me know and I will be happy to post it! 

Now on to the Favorites! 

Beauty Favorites

Purple, Silver and Black Skittlette: Random Untried: Never-ending Pile Challenge

 Zygomatics, 11/2012: Nail Art - Small Owls

 Makeup Ideas with Red Lipstick

Fashion Favorites

Stroke of Genus Flat in White - White, Black, Print with Animals, Kawaii, Flat, Good, Casual, Quirky, Variation, Faux Leather

Love Outfit


Nerdy Girl Favorites

Big Hero 6 Baymax lamp...WANT!

Espresso Patronum Mug

Favorite Funnies 

haha the struggle is real! I usually go for the pj's!

Everyone have an awesome and safe weekend! See you all on Monday!! 


  1. Vlogging was so hard for me because I sound like a 12 year old hick and when I speak, I use my hands and I rarely maintain eye contact with the camera and I'm always wondering what my eye direction really means to people watching my video and is someone even interested in this and wtf is up with my hair oh tangent! See. Text keeps me in line lol.


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