Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Five


Good Morning all! It's time for the Friday Five! 

I haven't been around the past two days because life has been a little hectic but while Miss Kyra is happily playing on the floor I am going to attempt to at least get my Friday Five up! 

1) Kyra has been starting solid foods and so far we love: Sweet potato, Broccoli, Pears, Apples, and Pancakes. Foods we do not like at all: Green Beans

2) I have most of my Christmas shopping done, just a few more items and I can rest easy. I love going into the season mostly takes the pressure off. 

3) Last night was another kick ass night at Zumba. I swear it is the fastest hour of working out ever...I love every minute of it and by the end was drenched and exhausted. However today I feel amazing. Sore but amazing. 

4) I am attempting to eat clean all week and then do whatever I want on the weekends. So far it's been tricky but I am hoping to get the hang of it soon....

5) Isn't this just the cutest baby ever????

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tag It Tuesday

Good Morning all,

So today I thought I would do a little tag that has been running around the blog/vlog world.

It's the "FIRST" tag! Just a random list of "First" questions to be answered. Feel free to join in the fun!

What was your first job? My very first job was when I was 16 and I worked as a Page at the Library. I LOVED IT. Actually I wanted to be a librarian when I grew up....still sorta do!
What was your first car? I had a white Pontiac Sunfire. It was the cutest car. My parents got it for me after my mom tricked me into getting my license. I was very sad the day that she bit the dust. 

Who was the First person to text you today? My Husband 
Who is the First person you thought of this morning? Kyra. We had an early morning diaper change and bottle meeting. 
Who was your First grade teacher? Mrs. McDonald. Yep just like the song. She was awesome, at the end of the year she let everyone in the class attack her with super soaker water guns to celebrate finishing the grade. 
Where did you go on your First ride on an airplane? I went to Ireland. My mom and I did a ten day trip around Europe (mini trip) We hit up Ireland, England, Wales, and then France. It was a fantastic trip, I'd love to go back to London again! 
Who was your First best friend and do you still talk? J was my first best friend and yes we still talk! We have Zumba tonight! 

Where was your First sleepover? Most likely my cousin's house...I can't really remember. 
Who was the First person you talked to today? I was singing to Kyra when I was changing her diaper at 3am and then Bobby when he kissed me goodbye this morning. 
Whose wedding were you in the First time? My uncle's. I was the ring bearer. 
What was the First thing you did this morning? Diaper and bottle duty followed by letting the dogs out. (anyone else think of the Baha Men just now?) then getting myself dressed and ready for the day. 
What was the First concert you went to? I was 18 and my dad and I went to see ZZ Top. It was awesome and we had great seats. Love ZZ Top. 
First broken bone? Graceful creature that I am, I shattered my ankle walking down a flight of stairs. Had to have surgery and wear a boot for six months. SUCKED. 
First piercing? First and only, my ears. I'd like to get double holes but I rarely remember to put in earrings into the ones I have. Fail. 
First movie you remember seeing? Land Before Time. I still love the first one, not as big of a fan of the 101 that followed after however....

When was your First detention? I dropped the "F" bomb on a kid that was picking on my little brother. However the teacher that had detention that day thought it was ridiculous and let me go after five minutes. 
Who was your First roommate? Technically my little brothers were as we all shared a room at one point. After that I had a roommate in college that led to me meeting my very best friend and afterward all my other awesome friends from college! 
What were the First lessons you ever took? I took acrobatics and gymnastics when I was little. I thank those classes for keeping me flexible. I can't do all the moves but I can still do most of them! 
Who was the First blog or vlog that you ever watched? The very first blog I remember following was The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl, which eventually became a book. She no longer blogs over at Dietgirl anymore but I thank her for the inspiration to start my own blog!

See now wasn't that fun? See you all tomorrow for "So What Wednesday" I'm off to get chores done and looking forward to ZUMBA tonight!!!!
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Monday, November 11, 2013

It's Fun to Stay At The.....


So guess what my plans are for later this afternoon?

You might have guessed by the title, but I am going to go and join the YMCA!

I cannot begin to tell you all how excited I am! I am joining for three months to begin with, thanks to my very generous Auntie and Uncle.

After posting on Friday that I was going to try and work something out because I was so in love with the Zumba class I got a text from my Auntie. She wanted to know how much the membership cost was...and then she offered to get me a three month membership.

I cried, I grinned uncontrollably, I cried some more.

I can't even begin to thank them enough, there are just no words for how much this means to me.

So here it is Monday and Bobby and I are going this evening to get all signed up. He is planning on doing some workouts along with me so that will be fun to get fit together!

I will be posting progress pictures and updating you all with how things are going. I want my Auntie to know that I am making full use of her very generous and amazing gift!

So look out, the next three months are going to be intense. It's going to be a lot of hard work but just you wait..I'm gonna make you proud!

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Friday, November 8, 2013


Good Morning Blog Friends,

So last night I went to my very first Zumba class!


I've done Zumba before just at home with a DVD or with the video game version, but never in a class before. I had always wanted to try it and after seeing one of my oldest friends post about how much she loved her class I invited myself along for the next class just to see what the whole thing was about!

So last night I got myself ready in my shoddy workout clothes (meaning yoga capris and the biggest shirt I could find...oh and double bra situation was needed because all my sports bras cannot handle this!) I squared my husband away with Little Miss Kyra, and got my bad self down to the YMCA.

Now I don't have a membership but lucky for me my friend signed me in as her guest for the evening. Of course I was four minutes late because that is the story of my life now that I have a child, but I met up with my friend (we will call her J for the rest of this post) and we snuck in back of the class to fall in with everyone else.

So what can I say about Zumba class??


Seriously I loved it. It felt like being back at cheer camp again. The energy was so amazing and I know I worked ten times harder than I do at home. I was dripping sweat but smiling like a huge dork the whole time. I had forgotten how much more fun it is to workout with a group! Though full disclosure, this was an awesome group.

The music was more than just the Latin version that is on the DVDs and the game. I loved rocking out to some of my favorite songs. We just kept going the whole hour with just a few breaks in between songs before being back at it again. The music was so upbeat and fun that this did not feel like a workout even though my abs are screaming today. I just felt like being at a dance party where everyone knew the dance moves...kinda like in 80s movie! Or a 90s chick flick....whatever.

I loved that the instructors did two different levels. One more laid back version of the moves and one that was high intensity (or Super Bouncy as I like to call it). I tried to keep up with the Super Bounce version for most of them but a few times I had to check myself and scale back because after all this was the first night and I didn't want to injure myself by overdoing it. So while my abs are screaming today, I don't feel awful. In fact I feel that pleasant type of sore that you only get when you really work hard and your body is so happy you got up and did something! 

After our workout I got to chat with J for a bit and it was really great to see her. We have been friends since we were infants but it has been three years since we had actually laid eyes on one another. Thankfully we have the kind of friendship where things just fall right back into place even when you haven't seen each other. Even after all this time and now that we both are moms, things still just fell back into the rhythm that they used to have. It's always so nice when a friendship can work like that...

Anyhow I totally want to join and take the class full time with J, but I am not sure that our budget can allow for us to pay the membership for the YMCA...Bobby and I are going to try and see if we can work it...he said I looked so happy after I came home that he would love for me to be able to get out and do it twice a week...I mean if we had the full membership I would go more often than that just to use the amazing machines they have there. (I'm look at you elliptical!) But for now it is just a wait and see sort of situation. It's been tough cutting back to just one income so we are still getting adjusted to that.

Either way, Zumba was a great experience and if you are considering going to a class, whether you have tried Zumba at home or not, just do it! It will be the fastest hour workout of  your life!

Okay I am out of here, I've got a baby that is rolling her way across the floor and I have to go catch her!

Have a great weekend everyone! (oh and here's a little Zumba humor...)

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It's that kinda day...

Do you ever feel like you just have so much to do that you just want to crawl right back into bed?
Funny Confession Ecard: That moment when you have so much shit to do, that you decide to nap instead.
Seriously that is how I feel this morning.

You just know the day isn't going to go well when you walk the dogs because they are whining, spend half an hour outside in the cold waiting for them to go and finally give up because, you know you have a child waiting on you in the house. Get inside and the dog is still pacing around, ignore for the moment because the baby has started to cry. She has a cold and so do you, so there is lots of coughing and grossness that we won't go into. Get baby cleaned up from her own morning mess and turn around to see that dogs have gone on the carpet. Now you get to spend the next twenty minutes listening to the baby cry while you scrub the carpet.

Being a Stay At Home Mom is so glamorous.

Not only that but today is trash day. Trash day means that I am scrambling around gathering all the trash in the house (including the diaper genie which my husband always forgets to clean) and getting it to the curb on time. Not only that but the fridge has to be emptied of all the things we have forgotten in there and now need to be thrown out. Madness ensues while I chuck things out and throw the containers into the sink to be scrubbed.

Now the sink is full, my kitchen looks like a hurricane ripped through it, but the trash is out!
Also my carpet now needs to be vacuumed, but it is scrubbed clean!

I also need a drink but it is only 8am so that will just have to wait. I will have to settle for coffee instead.

But I am out of creamer...ugh, Happy Wednesday everyone. 

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Now We are Five Months!

I realized that I haven't blogged in a very long time. It has just been really busy around here and I haven't gotten the chance. In addition to that is that I started up NaNoWriMo at the beginning of the month so my word count has been going to that instead of the blog! However it is time for the monthly update on Miss Kyra!

Little Miss was "Boo" on Halloween! Baby's First Halloween!

5 Months old!

-Poor baby has a cold and of course I took her to the doctor only to have nothing happen. Ugh. Lesson learned.

-She rolls all over the place now and can scoot across the floor pretty well. No crawling yet though!

-Still teething but no teeth.

-It looks like baby girl might be a lefty like her Daddy! She always reaches forward with the left hand first!

- She still loves ceiling fans and her mobile.

-Does not love shots, the doctor's office, or the first five minutes in her car seat.

- No talking yet, but lots of babbles!

-She is a bright ray of sunshine 99.9% of the time! She is always smiling and giggling. Last weekend we were at a wedding reception and she made it until 11:30pm!  Did not mind the music or our very loud family!

-Loved dancing with mommy! Thank goodness someone did because Daddy didn't want to dance! 
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