Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 will be AWESOME!

 2014! Your best year yet!

It's New Year's Eve! Time for Resolutions!

Ha! No resolutions here, instead I am just going to post my goals for this year. Yeah that might sound like the same thing but for some reason I achieve goals but always fail at resolutions, so Goals it is!

Goal One

Lose twenty pounds by Kyra's first birthday. That is roughly the baby weight that I put on when I got pregnant and I have yet to lose it. So my first goal is to lose the baby weight and then start working on the additional weight I would like to lose after. However first thing is first so first we will lose the baby weight!

Goal Two

Stop biting my nails! I have bitten my nails since I was little and I am OVER IT. I hate that they are bitten down to the nubs. Usually this is a reaction to stress or to the fact that I cannot stand if there is a chip in my nail or they are uneven so I will gnaw at them until there is nothing left. I am tired of it. I love nail polish but is is hard to polish nubs! So no more biting!

Goal Three

Get our finances and budget in order. Since I am no longer working we are living on a very small income. It is taking all that we have to keep things working and budgeting is now necessary and not just something that I will wishfully pin on Pinterest. I am going to get a working budget and make our lifestyle work....otherwise this Mama will be heading back to work and the thought of doing that and leaving Kyra makes me want to cry...

Goal Four

Purge! I have WAY too much stuff and it is time to really get rid of things. I do not need the notes from my Western Civ class. I do not need clothes from the seventh grade. I NEED TO LET GO! The big thing is...Kyra needs more room for her stuff and she deserves the room! I do not need all this junk!

Goal Five 

Remember to take care of myself. Stop feeling guilty about going for an hour workout. Stop feeling bad about wanting to take the time to do my hair and nails and makeup. Try each day to make myself a better person by taking time for myself. It makes me happy and when Mama is happy, everyone is happy! It will I think make me a better mother and wife and Bobby and Kyra deserve the very best!

So there are my goals for the year! I will be posting about all these topics this year and hopefully my little blog will get more attention in the next year than it did in this one (From me!)

Big hugs to you all. Be kind to one another (stole that from Ellen but I LOVE IT)

Cheers to a New Year and a New Chance!
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Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Cheers and Tears

It's New Year's Eve Eve everyone!

Miss Kyra is asleep so I have just about a half hour to get a post up and try to tidy my house up so this will be quick but hopefully meaningful!

2013....Thank you. Thank you so much. This past year has been a year of ups and downs and miracles and wonderfulness. I cannot express my gratitude for this past year, but I can make a list!


1) We lost our friend Steve this year. It was sudden and heartbreaking. He will be missed so much. We love you Steve!

2) We also lost my Great Uncle just a couple weeks ago. This one was less sudden but still very sad. He is in a better place however and with both of his brothers now.


1) My momma was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent treatment and now is cancer free! Every day I count my blessings for that. Have you ever seen the Family Stone? My mom is the family stone. She is our rock. She is the little voice inside me when I make big decisions. She's some kind of wonderful!

2) My husband and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary. It is hard to believe how fast that year went but sure enough on May 12 we celebrated one year as husband and wife! We also celebrated being together for ten years! We still love one another so much and I am so very lucky.

3) Ten years since high school. WOW.

4) In 2013 I started to really figure out who I am and what I want out of life. I hope to do more of this in the 2014!

5) My biggest cheer. My biggest joy. I gave birth to a perfect baby girl on June 5th. Kyra Nicole Uilani you are the reason I was put on this Earth, of that I am sure. Your smile makes my heart full. I cannot believe how amazing you are or how much being a mom would mean to me. You are my life baby girl. Always.

So there is my Cheers and Tears for 2013. Thankfully far less Tears than Cheers this year than last! Tomorrow be on the lookout for my Goals for 2014 (not resolutions, I suck at resolutions...So instead they are GOALS!) and then it will be 2014! Officially Day One (again) !
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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

Mele Kalikimaka!

Good Morning!

Well it is December 23rd and I am happy to report that I have found my Christmas Spirit once again. After Friday's post I decided that I needed an infusion of good will and merriment. So after binging on happy Christmas movies and wrapping all my presents, I finally felt like my old self again!

I cannot WAIT to give out presents tomorrow! I know some people are going to be super excited!

Also tomorrow is my birthday so there is that....

Yep, birthday number 29.

Next year will be the big 3-0.

No sweat, I never worry about getting older. I'm like a fine wine baby! Plus I've had a lot of fun in my twenties, I'm all set to make the thirties just as, if not more, awesome!

I do have some big plans for next year, but that is a post for next week with New Years!

So for Christmas Eve we will be spending it with my family first doing birthday stuff for a few moments and then diving into the awesome of Christmas.

My baby's first Christmas! She is going to be spoiled. I will do a post on what she got for Christmas because it is going to be epic. You will probably feel so bad for this little unloved angel....NOT!

Well I don't want to draw this post out, I just wanted to wish everyone a very Mele Kalikimaka! (Merry Christmas) I will be back and posting on the 26th, but until then, enjoy the moment and be excellent to one another!

*Side note- I saw this commercial on YouTube when I was watching my beauty vlogs and I have to say it is my favorite commercial of the year! ADORABLE.

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Crazy

Today I am going to share a little story with you about how the holidays have clearly made me insane.

Let's just dive right in shall we?

It's Wednesday afternoon and my husband has come home early from work so that we can get the last of the gifts we need for Christmas. We load up Kyra and head out into the oh so wonderful world of retail. Right off I know this trip isn't going to be a fun one. I am already feeling slightly overwhelmed wondering what to get and my husband is expecting me to take the lead, something I hate.

Let me explain this clearly, I DO NOT LIKE TO BE IN CHARGE. I am indecisive and non confrontational. I don't like to walk around by myself and I LOATHE when he is pushing the cart and makes me walk in front. He says this is so he doesn't lose me because I am short and he can't find me. I calmly explain to him to look for the only Hawaiian girl in flip flops in a Missouri December. I may not like to be in charge but sarcasm is my second language. 

Anyhow we do some shopping and slowly things are beginning to fall apart. Kyra is fussy and I am tired and getting more and more moody as he keeps expecting me to take over.

Finally we are in the craft store and not trying to give stuff away but we are working on some DIY presents for people. However I am having a hard time picturing what I want to do. I blame Pinterest for setting the bar too high and blame fate for not giving me the artistic gene that EVERYONE in my family has. Anyhow I have a full on MELTDOWN.

Here is a sample of the run on sentence that was my meltdown: We don't have enough time for this, that is not how I pictured it, I don't know what to do my idea isn't working, I have no talent, why won't you let me do things my way!

See? Meltdown.

However this wasn't to be the only meltdown. Oh no. Then I managed to hit SAVE instead of SCHEDULE on my blog so my posts did not post this week. If that wasn't enough I got no comments on the post that did go up and so I cried. Yep cried.

Oh and then I had a MAJOR panic attack when I could not find my iPad and proceeded to have a panic attack on the phone with both my brothers, my mom, and my husband. I found it, but for fifteen minutes I was full out crazy. Not cute.

I am not sure when this happened to me.....I am happy 99.9% of the time. I am normally a low stress person with happy thoughts, but for some reason this holiday season I have gone off the rails on the crazy train with Ozzy.

So now I am going to go and fix myself a cup of cocoa and try to not think about the fact that not one present is wrapped and that this weekend I am hosting family at my house....cue the crazy!

(card brought to you by FoxyBlunt.com) 

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

All I want for Christmas.....

(Oh my goodness so apparently my posts that are scheduled have not been posting!!! So now I've gone two days without a post because Blogger hates my guts!)


That song always makes me think of Love Actually....

Anyhow today we are linking up (if anyone actually does link up :P ) to share what we want for Christmas! No item is too silly or expensive or ridiculous in this world so come on and share! Here is what I want for Christmas. If I had infinite monies I would buy all of these things for me for Christmas...and my birthday which is the day before Christmas....


1) Benefit Radiant Skin Care Set- OMG I love Benefit but it is so expensive! However in a perfect world I would have this whole set and my face would look amazing...
Benefit Cosmetics
2) Another Benefit Item- Benefit Prime Time---- I had basically ignored all the rave reviews about Pore Professional primer. I basically just ignored them because somewhere deep in my soul I knew that I would fall in love. However I got a sample and yep just as my little heart warned me....I fell head over heels in love with it. Smooth texture, definitely improves the look of my pores and I have very large pores on my nose. This makes them look so tiny and my skin so smooth. Ugh I cannot rave about it enough!
Benefit Cosmetics
3) Too Faced Chocolate Solei Bronzer- It smells like chocolate. It is a bronzer. WANT.
 Too Faced
4) Pioneer Woman Holiday Cookbook- um duh, she's the Pioneer Woman! I love her recipes and I really really love her desserts and I am a baker at heart!
5) These adorable owl earrings I saw on Pinterest. TOO CUTE.
6) EOS Lip Balms- I hear amazing things about these and I have really been noticing that I need a primer for my lips before my lipsticks now that the weather is so dry. I never noticed in years prior but since having a baby I feel like my whole body chemistry has changed!

7) Burt's Bees Tips to Toes pack-- I'm not big into resolutions as most of the time I break them or they just feel fake because I know I won't do them, but this year I am hoping to break one bad habit, biting my nails! I hate how ragged my nails look all the time because I bite them! I have all this super cute polish that I don't wear because my nails are just stubby jagged messes!

8)  A Trip Here....

9) Some of these Clothes from Torrid....




10) And Finally....Please Santa!

Hope you all enjoyed and Please feel free to post what you want for Christmas!

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Isn't this supposed to be a blog?!?

Oh my goodness I am not doing well with blogging this month! There has been a lot of life getting in the way of things getting up here but right now Miss Kyra is happily sitting in her high chair eating some cereal and looking out the window so I have a few moments to post up here today!

So what has been going on?

Around here we are trying to get Christmas under way. Lots of shopping these past few days and, with the exception of my husband, I am done shopping! I still have boxes of Christmas stuff hanging out in my hallway that needs to be put away....and I plan on spending most of this afternoon giving my house some TLC. It amazes me that if I take two days off for the weekend the house goes into shock and looks a complete mess....

So what did I spend my weekend doing if not cleaning my house?

1. Catching up on Podcasts

2. Shopping, lots of it, and I LOATHE other shoppers. I just don't get people that wander around with that lost look....I am here to get things and get out people!

3. Watching YouTube videos, most specifically my makeup tutorials and product reviews so I know what to ask for for Christmas!

4. While I was surfing YouTube I came across this little series. Cooking Fast and Fresh with West!

Now I little background on this one. The Dad (Misha Collins) is on the TV show Supernatural for those that do not recognize him. Now I LOVE Supernatural so when I saw that Misha posted this video about shopping and cooking with his little boy I was hooked. Also it is just plain hilarious!  However if you are a neat freak and cannot stand the sight of a mess....well maybe you shouldn't watch this one! Misha displays the patience of a saint! 

 5. And of course I played with Kyra, poor thing wants to crawl around SO BAD. I actually think she might this week...but then again she may just skip crawling and walk like my brothers and I did...

Okay my time is up according to Kyra so I need to wrap this up. Come back tomorrow for my "All I Want for Christmas" post! I welcome everyone to join in and post what they want for Christmas. It can be realistic or not! In fact go crazy and post the things that you would want (and get) if you won the Mega Millions!

Until tomorrow friends! 
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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Now we are 6 Months!

Good Morning all,

Today Kyra is six months old.

I can hardly believe that she is six months away from being one year old. The time has gone so fast but it has been so amazing!

Here are Kyra's six month old updates!

1) Still in love with ceiling fans and now equally in love with my parent's faux fireplace heater. She loves the bright colors of the flames. I foresee a lot of telling her "No! Hot!" in the future....

2) She now does great big belly laughs whenever I tickle her, blow on her belly, or hop around for her amusement. She also really likes when I dance around to the song "What does the fox say?"

3) Not crawling yet but she can push herself backwards without any trouble! If I put her on the floor a few moments later she will be a foot away....just backward! She gets very frustrated that she hasn't figured out forward movements yet as she really wants to chase the dogs around the house. It won't be long...

4)  She still fits in some of her zero to three month clothes but fits better in three to six month ones. I've been telling everyone to get six to nine months though so she will have lots to wear later on!

5) We got her pictures done but I haven't posted any because I was saving them for Christmas, but now that I have sent my Christmas cards out I feel like I can post at least one picture here on the blog! However none are going on Facebook until picture delivery has been confirmed by the family!

6) This month is her first Christmas and I cannot wait! I am so excited to watch her enjoy the wrapping paper all her gifts will be wrapped in! All my Christmases will be so much more fun now....it has been so long since we had a little one around at Christmas time!

Here she is! My beautiful girl! (She did not cry at all during portrait time...she is spoiling me, I just know the next kiddo I have in the future will be a terror because seriously how lucky can someone get to have a baby the seriously smiles ALL THE TIME??? I LOVE IT)

P.S. These aren't the Christmas-y photos! I'm not sharing them until later! Hehe!

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Monday, December 2, 2013

It's the most wonderful time....

Hello everyone!

I apologize for the long break but as per usual life comes first. In fact even now I am blogging from my iPad because there is a baby asleep in my lap!

I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was great, I know ours was but we are still in recovery mode over here. Kyra was an angel the whole weekend but now the poor darling is so exhausted! I will have a full recap tomorrow of our weekend!

Can you believe it is December already?!

In just a few days Kyra will be six months old! It is hard to believe that much time has gone by!

We will be working on our holiday decorations this week and finishing up Christmas shopping. I think the most difficult person to buy for is my husband. He is no help either because he says all he wants are hugs. So frustrating! Especially since I love giving gifts.

No joke I LOVE to GIVE gifts.

It is the best feeling when someone opens something from you and they know you put thought into it. Their face lights up and they get excited! It is the best. My brother B always has awesome reactions to gifts. He is a tough one too but I usually find something he really wanted.

My husband is another story. The things I know he really wants are like guns and stuff I would need help getting. Plus I want something surprising but fun for him....ugh it is like this every year as I try to come up with something! He always gets me nice things, and with my birthday being this month he always goes over board and I feel like I didn't do enough! Hopefully something good will come to me!

Well off the search the cyber Monday deals while little Miss sleeps!
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Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Five


Good Morning all! It's time for the Friday Five! 

I haven't been around the past two days because life has been a little hectic but while Miss Kyra is happily playing on the floor I am going to attempt to at least get my Friday Five up! 

1) Kyra has been starting solid foods and so far we love: Sweet potato, Broccoli, Pears, Apples, and Pancakes. Foods we do not like at all: Green Beans

2) I have most of my Christmas shopping done, just a few more items and I can rest easy. I love going into the season mostly done...it takes the pressure off. 

3) Last night was another kick ass night at Zumba. I swear it is the fastest hour of working out ever...I love every minute of it and by the end was drenched and exhausted. However today I feel amazing. Sore but amazing. 

4) I am attempting to eat clean all week and then do whatever I want on the weekends. So far it's been tricky but I am hoping to get the hang of it soon....

5) Isn't this just the cutest baby ever????

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tag It Tuesday

Good Morning all,

So today I thought I would do a little tag that has been running around the blog/vlog world.

It's the "FIRST" tag! Just a random list of "First" questions to be answered. Feel free to join in the fun!

What was your first job? My very first job was when I was 16 and I worked as a Page at the Library. I LOVED IT. Actually I wanted to be a librarian when I grew up....still sorta do!
What was your first car? I had a white Pontiac Sunfire. It was the cutest car. My parents got it for me after my mom tricked me into getting my license. I was very sad the day that she bit the dust. 

Who was the First person to text you today? My Husband 
Who is the First person you thought of this morning? Kyra. We had an early morning diaper change and bottle meeting. 
Who was your First grade teacher? Mrs. McDonald. Yep just like the song. She was awesome, at the end of the year she let everyone in the class attack her with super soaker water guns to celebrate finishing the grade. 
Where did you go on your First ride on an airplane? I went to Ireland. My mom and I did a ten day trip around Europe (mini trip) We hit up Ireland, England, Wales, and then France. It was a fantastic trip, I'd love to go back to London again! 
Who was your First best friend and do you still talk? J was my first best friend and yes we still talk! We have Zumba tonight! 

Where was your First sleepover? Most likely my cousin's house...I can't really remember. 
Who was the First person you talked to today? I was singing to Kyra when I was changing her diaper at 3am and then Bobby when he kissed me goodbye this morning. 
Whose wedding were you in the First time? My uncle's. I was the ring bearer. 
What was the First thing you did this morning? Diaper and bottle duty followed by letting the dogs out. (anyone else think of the Baha Men just now?) then getting myself dressed and ready for the day. 
What was the First concert you went to? I was 18 and my dad and I went to see ZZ Top. It was awesome and we had great seats. Love ZZ Top. 
First broken bone? Graceful creature that I am, I shattered my ankle walking down a flight of stairs. Had to have surgery and wear a boot for six months. SUCKED. 
First piercing? First and only, my ears. I'd like to get double holes but I rarely remember to put in earrings into the ones I have. Fail. 
First movie you remember seeing? Land Before Time. I still love the first one, not as big of a fan of the 101 that followed after however....

When was your First detention? I dropped the "F" bomb on a kid that was picking on my little brother. However the teacher that had detention that day thought it was ridiculous and let me go after five minutes. 
Who was your First roommate? Technically my little brothers were as we all shared a room at one point. After that I had a roommate in college that led to me meeting my very best friend and afterward all my other awesome friends from college! 
What were the First lessons you ever took? I took acrobatics and gymnastics when I was little. I thank those classes for keeping me flexible. I can't do all the moves but I can still do most of them! 
Who was the First blog or vlog that you ever watched? The very first blog I remember following was The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl, which eventually became a book. She no longer blogs over at Dietgirl anymore but I thank her for the inspiration to start my own blog!

See now wasn't that fun? See you all tomorrow for "So What Wednesday" I'm off to get chores done and looking forward to ZUMBA tonight!!!!
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Monday, November 11, 2013

It's Fun to Stay At The.....


So guess what my plans are for later this afternoon?

You might have guessed by the title, but I am going to go and join the YMCA!

I cannot begin to tell you all how excited I am! I am joining for three months to begin with, thanks to my very generous Auntie and Uncle.

After posting on Friday that I was going to try and work something out because I was so in love with the Zumba class I got a text from my Auntie. She wanted to know how much the membership cost was...and then she offered to get me a three month membership.

I cried, I grinned uncontrollably, I cried some more.

I can't even begin to thank them enough, there are just no words for how much this means to me.

So here it is Monday and Bobby and I are going this evening to get all signed up. He is planning on doing some workouts along with me so that will be fun to get fit together!

I will be posting progress pictures and updating you all with how things are going. I want my Auntie to know that I am making full use of her very generous and amazing gift!

So look out, the next three months are going to be intense. It's going to be a lot of hard work but just you wait..I'm gonna make you proud!

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Friday, November 8, 2013


Good Morning Blog Friends,

So last night I went to my very first Zumba class!


I've done Zumba before just at home with a DVD or with the video game version, but never in a class before. I had always wanted to try it and after seeing one of my oldest friends post about how much she loved her class I invited myself along for the next class just to see what the whole thing was about!

So last night I got myself ready in my shoddy workout clothes (meaning yoga capris and the biggest shirt I could find...oh and double bra situation was needed because all my sports bras cannot handle this!) I squared my husband away with Little Miss Kyra, and got my bad self down to the YMCA.

Now I don't have a membership but lucky for me my friend signed me in as her guest for the evening. Of course I was four minutes late because that is the story of my life now that I have a child, but I met up with my friend (we will call her J for the rest of this post) and we snuck in back of the class to fall in with everyone else.

So what can I say about Zumba class??


Seriously I loved it. It felt like being back at cheer camp again. The energy was so amazing and I know I worked ten times harder than I do at home. I was dripping sweat but smiling like a huge dork the whole time. I had forgotten how much more fun it is to workout with a group! Though full disclosure, this was an awesome group.

The music was more than just the Latin version that is on the DVDs and the game. I loved rocking out to some of my favorite songs. We just kept going the whole hour with just a few breaks in between songs before being back at it again. The music was so upbeat and fun that this did not feel like a workout even though my abs are screaming today. I just felt like being at a dance party where everyone knew the dance moves...kinda like in 80s movie! Or a 90s chick flick....whatever.

I loved that the instructors did two different levels. One more laid back version of the moves and one that was high intensity (or Super Bouncy as I like to call it). I tried to keep up with the Super Bounce version for most of them but a few times I had to check myself and scale back because after all this was the first night and I didn't want to injure myself by overdoing it. So while my abs are screaming today, I don't feel awful. In fact I feel that pleasant type of sore that you only get when you really work hard and your body is so happy you got up and did something! 

After our workout I got to chat with J for a bit and it was really great to see her. We have been friends since we were infants but it has been three years since we had actually laid eyes on one another. Thankfully we have the kind of friendship where things just fall right back into place even when you haven't seen each other. Even after all this time and now that we both are moms, things still just fell back into the rhythm that they used to have. It's always so nice when a friendship can work like that...

Anyhow I totally want to join and take the class full time with J, but I am not sure that our budget can allow for us to pay the membership for the YMCA...Bobby and I are going to try and see if we can work it...he said I looked so happy after I came home that he would love for me to be able to get out and do it twice a week...I mean if we had the full membership I would go more often than that just to use the amazing machines they have there. (I'm look at you elliptical!) But for now it is just a wait and see sort of situation. It's been tough cutting back to just one income so we are still getting adjusted to that.

Either way, Zumba was a great experience and if you are considering going to a class, whether you have tried Zumba at home or not, just do it! It will be the fastest hour workout of  your life!

Okay I am out of here, I've got a baby that is rolling her way across the floor and I have to go catch her!

Have a great weekend everyone! (oh and here's a little Zumba humor...)

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It's that kinda day...

Do you ever feel like you just have so much to do that you just want to crawl right back into bed?
Funny Confession Ecard: That moment when you have so much shit to do, that you decide to nap instead.
Seriously that is how I feel this morning.

You just know the day isn't going to go well when you walk the dogs because they are whining, spend half an hour outside in the cold waiting for them to go and finally give up because, you know you have a child waiting on you in the house. Get inside and the dog is still pacing around, ignore for the moment because the baby has started to cry. She has a cold and so do you, so there is lots of coughing and grossness that we won't go into. Get baby cleaned up from her own morning mess and turn around to see that dogs have gone on the carpet. Now you get to spend the next twenty minutes listening to the baby cry while you scrub the carpet.

Being a Stay At Home Mom is so glamorous.

Not only that but today is trash day. Trash day means that I am scrambling around gathering all the trash in the house (including the diaper genie which my husband always forgets to clean) and getting it to the curb on time. Not only that but the fridge has to be emptied of all the things we have forgotten in there and now need to be thrown out. Madness ensues while I chuck things out and throw the containers into the sink to be scrubbed.

Now the sink is full, my kitchen looks like a hurricane ripped through it, but the trash is out!
Also my carpet now needs to be vacuumed, but it is scrubbed clean!

I also need a drink but it is only 8am so that will just have to wait. I will have to settle for coffee instead.

But I am out of creamer...ugh, Happy Wednesday everyone. 

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Now We are Five Months!

I realized that I haven't blogged in a very long time. It has just been really busy around here and I haven't gotten the chance. In addition to that is that I started up NaNoWriMo at the beginning of the month so my word count has been going to that instead of the blog! However it is time for the monthly update on Miss Kyra!

Little Miss was "Boo" on Halloween! Baby's First Halloween!

5 Months old!

-Poor baby has a cold and of course I took her to the doctor only to have nothing happen. Ugh. Lesson learned.

-She rolls all over the place now and can scoot across the floor pretty well. No crawling yet though!

-Still teething but no teeth.

-It looks like baby girl might be a lefty like her Daddy! She always reaches forward with the left hand first!

- She still loves ceiling fans and her mobile.

-Does not love shots, the doctor's office, or the first five minutes in her car seat.

- No talking yet, but lots of babbles!

-She is a bright ray of sunshine 99.9% of the time! She is always smiling and giggling. Last weekend we were at a wedding reception and she made it until 11:30pm!  Did not mind the music or our very loud family!

-Loved dancing with mommy! Thank goodness someone did because Daddy didn't want to dance! 
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Monday, October 14, 2013

Motivation Monday

Morning All,

So this past weekend was a lot of fun and really busy. Unfortunately I have like....zero pictures of the weekend because they are all on my husband's phone. We had a great time though and I will post pictures just as soon as I can rescue them from the abyss of digital land.

....Okay so I have tried to write a post for the past half an hour. I keep writing things down and then deleting them.

So instead I am putting up a Motivation Poster and we will try this thing again tomorrow! Hopefully by then I will have pictures and we will do a recap of the weekend!

Here is your Motivation and trust me I needed it this morning too!

#medifast #tsfl #takeshapeforlife #weightloss #healthy #food #healthcoach #losingweight #diet #motivation #beforeandafter Happyandhealthytogether@gmail.com

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What's Up Wednesday?

Morning all,

Been MIA this week since Kyra's sleeping schedule has been really off. I think it is teething combined with the normal 4 month old sleep regression that most babies go through. Either way it has made for some long nights and early mornings.

However she is out right now and has been for about an hour so I am just going to let her rest and keep quiet. Thankfully blogging is not something that requires more noise than just the click of the keys.

I am not sure what to write about today....I'm not even sure what I have been blogging about lately as I have no idea just what direction this blog is going....am I a "mommy getting fit" blog? Am I just a "mommy updating about her baby" blog? I'm not really sure where I am at the moment...

I do however think that I would like to lean toward the "mommy getting fit" type of blog. I mean I want to get fit, I want to be healthy and as bad as it sounds, I want to be skinny. I can sit her and type all day long about how important it is to be healthy and to make your lifestyle change...I mean I know all these things...but in the end....I just wanna look good in my clothes and so not to be TMI but I want to look good without clothes too.

I know my diet is where I really need to start. I mean working out is not my favorite thing to do and I really do need to step it up but if I don't change the way that I eat then it is going to be for nothing.

The problem is what I eat and when I eat. I tend to eat only about two meals a day and they are usually full of junk that I don't need. I rarely eat breakfast which is a big no no. If I do then it is usually something quick and microwavable. Lunch rarely happens and dinner is usually way too late in the evening. Actually it is starting to happen more and more around 9pm or later and that is not when I should be eating.

It is really tough right now with Kyra's schedule ever changing...and with the guilt that I feel if I just sit her down and take thirty minutes for me...I have a lot of mommy guilt. Food however is the biggest issue. So I am going to try and make a meal plan and make all my meals. No fast food allowed! I am also going to watch my portion sizes and try to eat normal meals at normal times. Hopefully that will jump start this whole thing and get me going. I am not patient when it comes to weight loss.
This pretty much sums up my whole feelings on the diet situation. I am not patient and I want results. I want to lose major inches baby! 

I actually wrote a post to myself about what it is I imagine life will be like once I lose the weight. I might post it here but I am not sure yet....

Well that will have to be all for now. Kyra is up!
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Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Four....

....Months that is!

Tomorrow my little angel will be four months old!

Here is her monthly update!

-Babbling and finding her own voice. Miss Kyra has really found her own sound and seems to want to respond when we talk to her. She loves making noise!

- Everything goes in her mouth. Hands, clothing, stuffed animals, burp cloth...anything she can rub on those gums!

-She is up to eleven pounds and seven ounces! No more weight checks, baby girl is growing!

-Loves- The dogs, ceiling fans, baths, when anyone kisses her neck she laughs out loud, also in love with this crazy bird we got from Target for her car seat, and her  stuffed elephant. Oh and fabric! She adores fabric!

-She is still fitting into 0-3 months clothing and just did move to size two diapers which we decided on when she was having major leaking issues at nighttime.

-Still sleeping through the night most nights. Usually from 10pm to 6am but not always. Teething always makes for an interesting schedule.

-Naps are come and go these days. She used to get two really good ones in but now she spends about fifteen minutes down and then is up and cranky for an hour and then finally another fifteen minutes. She just wants Mommy during these times. She also tends to do these sort of grunting noise when she is irritated but not ready to cry yet.

-Rolls all over. Front to back, back to front....just a rolling machine! She loves being on the floor on a blanket and just rolling around. However when she gets the urge to try and crawl she gets mad. She can scoot using her legs all over the place but has not figured out that her arms would really help her along. It will come I suppose.

-Sitting propped up. If she is not on the floor she demands to be propped up so she can survey the world.

I cannot believe it has been four months that she has been part of our lives. Every day I just love her more and more! However right now I have to run because Little Miss is DONE with waiting on Mommy!

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thursday Things

Good Morning!

This post is just going to be a random mish mash. I am still working on the favorites post. I cannot seem to get good pictures! FRUSTRATING.

Also I am working on a Things You Don't Know About Me. I always love those type posts!

So here are some random things for your Thursday!

1. I had to run out in the rain and rescue the dog this morning. I had put her out early and then went back to bed since Kyra was up most of the night. Of course I wake to hear the thunderous roar of pouring rain and I had to run out, in pajamas, and rescue the monster dog. Who of course got away from me, ran into the house and tracked muddy paw prints all over. Super fun.

2. Speaking of super fun. Did anyone else watch Super Fun Night??? I LOVED IT. I am a huge fan of Rebel Wilson. She just cracks me up. Also her name is Kimmie in the show. That means we are practically sisters right? Plus I would for sure be up there singing at a piano bar. Love it.

3. Holly over at Where we can live like Jack and Sally did a post yesterday where she basically called all the lurkers out and then spent her evening responding to everyone. I thought this was the coolest thing ever. Holly would never act like it but she is kind of a big deal. I mean....people know her! So when she sent me an email ( even though we have emailed before) I got all excited. You know like when the cool kid in high school would say hi to you. She is hilarious and awesome and yes I am a little starstruck!

4. I am working on Kyra's 4 month old post! I cannot believe she will be 4 months old! She is now wearing at least two outfits a day to make sure that she wears everything at least once. Actually I am considering just putting her in all of them one day and taking a picture of each one....Not that it matters, she is the cutest baby no matter what she wears! I might be biased though....

5. I am already working on Christmas lists. I am thanking Swagbucks now for this one. I hope everyone likes stuff from Amazon! Also if you don't know what Swagbucks is, it is a site that rewards you with points for using them as a search engine, online shopping through them, and watching video things. Basically you earn points and then cash them in for gift cards. Now that I am home full time I try and make the most of these during Kyra's nap time. If you are not signed up and would like to just go to the website and register. Also if you would say that I referred you that would be awesome!

Okay that is all for now. Time to Zumba! ....If Kyra lets me....
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

So What Wednesday October Edition 1

Welcome back everyone!

It's So What Wednesday! Let's just dive in!

So what...I am still working on my "Favorite/Haul" posts. I have a feeling that they will end up either happening at the very end of the week or beginning of next week.

So what...I have to do my workouts in ten minute increments when I find the time! I'm doing something!

So what...I teared up a little putting Kyra's newborn outfits away. She's growing so fast!

So what...it takes me hours to respond to texts and a week to respond to an email? Sometimes you just have to prioritize what gets taken care of first!

So what...I am super excited to bake everything and anything! I don't care that I am trying lose weight and all that jazz, I still wanna make amazing desserts and tasty deliciousness!

So what...if I change Kyra's outfit four times during a day to make sure that she gets to wear everything she was given? She will grow out of them so quickly and I don't want to miss anything!

Now for a picture of my cutie!

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The post that did not happen

Happy October first!

So I had wanted to do a sort of "Favorite Things" post today but I just did not have the time to get all the elements together. I am working on it but it is for sure not ready for posting yet! I am still torn as to whether it would be better as a vlog but for now it looks like it is going to just be a post.

I sort of wanted to do a "Haul" post as well. Just random things that I have picked up lately on the cheap that turned out to be a lot of fun! We will see how the week goes for that one.

In other news-

Kyra hates Zumba. I have no idea why but the moment that it starts she goes from happy baby to screaming banshee. So I have resorted to just doing this workout instead today:

Quick way to burn 100 calories! 
I have no idea if it actually burns 100 calories as I don't wear a calorie counter, but I still do it five times through....so if it does burn 100 calories then I am burning 500! Either way it is better than nothing! 

I want to get back to walking every day now too, especially since the weather is so nice, but again it all depends on how little Miss is feeling that day. 

I am still working toward the goal of losing twenty pounds by the end of the month. I started last month but I have not stepped on the scale so I have no idea how close I am toward that goal. I am hoping that I will be close but even if I am not I won't beat myself up about it. As long as I continue to work toward it, I will reach it! 

Post is short and sweet today. I need to attempt to get some things taken care of while Miss Kyra is playing on her activity mat. 

Hope everyone has a great day! 
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Monday, September 30, 2013

The triumphant Return!

Good Morning!

Tomorrow is the first day of October!!!
So we took a little break from blogging last week because Kyra was having a rough weekend. Teething is really hard on her and we had some long nights followed with some even longer days. So blogging took a backseat to cuddling my little angel and doing my best to try and make her feel better.

This week is looking a little better so I plan on putting post up every day this week!

I am rebooting the workout and healthy living yet again this month. Last month wasn't bad by any means but it wasn't great either. I am having trouble managing my time when it comes to healthy food since our days and nights are all one big run on at the moment. However we are getting into the swing of things I think so I can try and manage a little bit better.

Working out has moved to doing Zumba Fitness on the Xbox daily and doing Blogilates and strength training every other day. Now at times I have to break up the workout. Doing Zumba for 45 minutes straight is really tough. Kyra will usually let me get through about fifteen minutes before getting cranky and I have to stop and pickup later. It's tough but any workout is better than no workout!

The strength and Blogilates is a little easier to fit in. I can do pushups, squats, lunges, and even lifts with Kyra and she gets a kick out of it! Blogilates I put her next to me on the floor and she laughs at Mommy trying to do the poses!

In other news I am working on a "September Favorites" post. I found a lot of awesome and non expensive products last month that I want to share with you all! I am not sure if it will be a normal post or if I will do a Vlog instead!

What do you all think? A post or a vlog? Also would anyone be interested in a makeup favorites video? Or even a possible....tutorial??? Let me know!

Hope everyone has a good Monday!
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

So What Wednesday Sept 18th

Good Morning!

Well it's Hump Day (I'm sure your Facebook, Pinterest, and all other forms of social media will inform you of this....most likely with that annoying camel)

So on Wednesdays we take the time to just say "So What?" to the little things that happen to us and let them go. No sense in dwelling on these little insignificant details really....

So here we go:

So what.....if I got all ready to do my Zumba workout only to realize that it is not in fact on the Wii but on the Xbox 360 which has been dead for nearly four months now? I'll figure something out.

So what....if I forgot that I needed to get formula when we were out yesterday and now have to make a special trip today? Kyra will love getting out and about.

So what....if I put on just a little bit of makeup to wear around the house? I will not be a frumpy housewife! I'm going to be a hot mama!

So what ....if we had to buy Luna yet another collar because she has destroyed four of them? Surely one will work right? I mean geez she's already on a log chain when we put her outside....

So what...if yesterday I took a two hour nap with Kyra? We both needed the sleep, she went nearly 48 hours only taking short little cat naps the days before. Besides, my house was clean and chores were done, we deserved the rest!

So what...if I am pouting because I cannot figure out for the life of me what to read next? I am suffering from severe book hangover...I just cannot find something to grab my interest...and I've read all the "popular" stuff out right now...

So what...if I started my Christmas/Birthday list already? Hey I started my list of things to get other people too! I hope to be done by Halloween!

See now that felt awesome! Feel Free to Join in with your "So What?" Trust me, it might just be the thing you need to make today a little better! (Also here is a camel from Google....the post needed at least one picture!)

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