Friday Favorites 9/16

In the mood for some more favorites this week so here we go! 

Local Awesome Favorite: 
 Food for Fines

So being a library junkie like myself it is pretty much a given that eventually I will forget a book and end up with a fine. Well the local (to Kansas City) library chain is currently running a promotion called Food for Fines! Bring in non perishable items to donate to the community and get money off your fines! I owed 3 dollars and took in three cans and now my fines are gone and I donated to a good cause! Super awesome idea and I urge you to check it out if you are in the area or see if your library offers a similar promotion!

Love this...looks easy:
Admittedly this looks like more trouble than I would go to...but it is super pretty!
Awesome makeup brush kit by Unicorn:
Unicorn Brushes...I need these in my life.

I really love any jewelry that involves moon and stars. This is so pretty.
Rachel Khoo knows all about living and cooking in a small Parisian apartment check this article out about her "Kitchen Style".:
I adore Rachel Khoo's food and her style is just awesome. This polka dot dress with red belt needs to be in my closet!

Nerdy Girl: 
Capacity:+401mL+(including)+-500mL+(inclusive) Material:+Ceramic…:
I cannot express my need for these.
Okay shameless self promo time but I started a geek blog. If you are into that sort of thing I'd love it if you would check it out.

Actually, science has yet to devise a way to WIN an argument with a 3-year-old.:
This is my life. Everyday.

Song of the Week: Castle by Halsey. This was on The Huntsman and I've been singing it since I watched the movie last week.

That's it for me this week, Have a great weekend Everyone!


  1. I've listened to that entire album on Spotify so much even Spoitfy is judging my play counts. I lurrrrve that entire album.

  2. food for fines sounds amazing! i don't have fines but i am sure one day i will lol.
    lol @ that shit just got real meme. hilarious!
    i need those cat mug thingys.

  3. I love the food for fines program! That's awesome.

  4. i WISH i could do hair like that! the most i can do is a good ponytail LOL

  5. The "food for fines" is a fantastic idea!
    My mom could French braid my hair in a circle when I was little. I felt like a princess :)


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