My Favorite Podcasts

I love listening to the radio. Seriously music fills my soul up, but sometimes I want something more and in those times I turn to podcasts. I thought today I would share with you my favorite podcasts for when I'm in the mood for more than music.

1. Welcome to Nightvale- Nightvale is a fictional town and the show is hosted by the lovely radio host Cecil. This podcast is strange, hilarious, and oddly thought provoking at times. If you are up for the super weird this is right up your alley! Don't go into the Dog Park.
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2. Mortified- I found this podcast after having watched the documentary on Netflix. Basically people read from their real life diaries from when they were younger. This are wonderfully funny, heartbreaking, and completely mortifying. If you ever kept a diary (and as you are all pretty much bloggers I am sure you have) then you will love this podcast. I adore getting to hear people's stories and experiences from all walks of life. For sure check this one out!

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3. Drabblecast- Another creepy weird one! Stories submitted by listeners read aloud by amazing voice talents. The stories are of the SciFi nature for the most part so if that isn't your deal you might give this one a pass. However if you are ready to embrace some truly odd and amazing creative work then you should give this a listen.

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4. The Armchair Librarians- Hosted by two of the most awesome bloggers I know, Steph and Jana. These two are always wonderful to listen to and this is THE podcast I go to when I want to hear about certain books. This podcast is laugh out loud good and I love listening to Steph and Jana talk about books with direct and clear opinions. They are completely honest and real. Out of all of these you should definitely check this one out if you are a book nerd! 

What are your favorite podcasts? Send me some so I can listen to more! 


  1. So when we were in NC in August, I brought back some boxes filled with childhood/teenager-hood things... to include all the notes that my first serious boyfriend gave me. I mean like 2 3 inch binders of notes, sorted by month. I shit you not. Reading through those was so boring, lol. But I kept them for a later time. My kids can find them one day and realize that Mom had a boyfriend in high school, way before Dad, who was kinda nuts about her in a weird way.

    Also, I saved my original xanga blog posts in a word document that I sometimes scroll through. I am so sad that I actually just deleted my myspace blog. It is years of my life with no record. I have journals I wrote, but the myspace blog was my writing space during college. I know it's been way too long now to recover it.

    I also found some of my free writing from school and old journals. Those were real gems. Teenage Megan... whew!

    All that said, I wish I was cool and listened to podcasts, but instead, it's just me and these spotify playlists and audiobooks.

  2. Thanks for including us!

    I'm not a huge listener, but I am intrigued by Nightvale.

  3. the armchair librarians is my absolute fave! okay, it's the only one i listen to. LOL.


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