Some Confessions

1. I woke up yesterday and it was 54 degrees. I AM SO HAPPY. GIVE ME THE COLD. 

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2. I am behind on blogs again. I have no idea how this happens so quickly but man the time flies by and suddenly I am like 100 blogs behind. #guesswhatIwillbedoingthisweekend

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3. My parents bought me a dishwasher. Seriously. Mine hasn't worked at the rental we live at for nearly two years and my landlord gives no fucks whatsoever. So as a present to me they bought it and installed it yesterday and I am SO HAPPY. #nomorehandwashing
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4. I keep seeing all these posts on 17 things to do before 2017 and I thought I would join in but honestly....I cannot think of 17 things! Now the things that I have on my list are big things to me and they will take up huge chunks of time so that might be why I can't think of 17 things. 
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5. I love Snapchat but if your whole snap is done in the Bee or Deer filter I am going to skip it. Seriously I cannot stand the voice changer. 
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6. I received a new makeup palette for review but it is so pretty that I don't want to mess it up! I need to get on the ball and do a makeup look with it though because it is just so lovely that I am missing out by being hung up on my perfectionist nonsense. 
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7. I may have threatened my computer with several death threats while trying to upload some songs to my phone. It was moving so slow and it is just miserable to wait twenty minutes for four songs to download. 
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8. I ran into an old friend from High School the other day and she just ran up and gave me the biggest hug. It just warmed my heart and made my whole day so much better. 
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9 During a cleaning spree I found a bunch of scratch off tickets that were winners. I cashed those babies in! Hello $18! 
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10. I lost my favorite hair clip and now I am completely out of sorts. Does this happen to anyone else? Seriously I am so thrown off by it! 
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Happy Humpday Everyone. 


  1. From a person who lived in a rental for years with no dishwasher, I am sharing in your joy for receiving that dishwasher.
    That EyesCream palette is so pretttttty!

  2. i am behind on blogs as well, how does it happen so quickly? i swear, i catch up on everything, take one day 'off' and i'm a million days behind. sigh.
    boo to the cold. it was below 50 this morning and yesterday morning when i left and it gave me all the sads.
    $18! score!
    i like the voice changers and things, but like for one snap. if you are doing 57 snaps with a whole long story, regardless of the filter, i won't watch it lol

  3. when i came back from vacay, i read the blogs i wanted to read (all 8 of them) and marked the rest as "read" #sorrynotsorry.

  4. -54!! I'm so jelly!!!!!!! Although last night when I let the dogs in from last out, I felt a slight chill and commented that it's pretty much hoodie temperatures (when it's dark)! YAY!!!!
    -We are having some dishwasher drama at work. It's annoying me to the point that I asked our purchasing people for a magnet that says clean/dirty so people will load their fucking dirty dishes in the dishwasher. I figured these people could adult. I was wrong.
    -I try not to make goals posts. I just know that will only lead to disappointment.
    -Even I love that eye palette. I'd own the shit out of some glitter eye shadow.. Even if I only wore it 5x a year, max.
    -The internet at work is giving me the finger on some training videos I'm trying to load... at 2 minutes left of the video. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?! I WILL SLAY YOU!
    -Uhh, hair equipment is serious. I hate when my hair ties get too stretchy or break and I have to adopt a new one that is too tight. It's the worst.


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