In Which Games, Beauty stuff, and fun happened.

Friday: My husband took off for the weekend the day before leaving me to single parent again for the weekend. No big deal, he does this trip yearly but I am beginning to feel like maybe I need a trip now? Seriously I think he could handle a weekend with his daughter on his own. (Longest time without me: 1.5 hrs)  Mama needs some downtime.
Anyhow my youngest brother came over and hung out with Kyra and I and a lot of time was spent chasing Kyra and watching Critical Role.

There was also a wildlife siting. 

Also I took the opportunity to take care of beauty stuff because 1. I enjoy it and 2. My pores needed it.

Then I spent a huge chunk of the evening getting caught up on blog reading and working on this week planner setup. Yep I know how to party. 

Saturday: Pretty much a chill day. My brother and I hung out some more, watched a ton of movies and basically were slugs all day. It was glorious. There is no photographic evidence of the sluggery.

Sunday: My brother wanted to go to the Tabletop store so Kyra and I tagged along.
After that we stopped by the mall and wandered for a while. It was SO MUCH FUN. We don't have an indoor mall close to us anymore (this one is about 45 minutes away) and I miss them so much. Outdoor "shopping centers" are pointless here in Missouri because it is either so hot you melt into the pavement or it is so cold you don't leave the one store you go to. Stupid. Anyhow this was awesome fun and we got to walk around for a good long while and let Kyra play at the play place which made her super happy. Also I got a Milk Tea which made my day. 

After goofing around at the mall we headed home and my other brother came over and Robert came home from his trip away and we all had a game night. It was great fun and we drug it out until 1am before I finally threw in the towel and headed to bed. 

All in all it was great weekend! 

How was yours? 

Happy Monday Everyone.


  1. I think it's totally time for you to have a weekend away!

  2. You need some "me" time. I know that Mama time is your #1 responsibility, but Me time is pretty dang important too. Your Sluggery Saturday sounds pretty awesome.

  3. i hate outdoor shopping centres lol. i just want to be inside, i don't know why. regardless of weather.
    you definitely deserve a weekend away, or heck, a day!


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