September 2016 Favorites

It's the last day of September! Tomorrow is October!!!!!!!!

So since it is the last day of September and it is Friday I'm going to do my favorites from the entire month. 

This takes of water proof mascara and liner in seconds. Super gentle on the face and works like a charm every time. This is my second bottle of this.

This is THE BEST exfoliating scrub I have used in forever. It smells so wonderful for one and it feels amazing and I can tell the difference in my face instantly. Awesome gem in my Ipsy bag this month.

I got this sample of this toner in my Ipsy bag and I am really enjoying it. I have noticed a big change in the texture and tone of my skin. Will most likely be purchasing a full size very soon.

I got my very first pair of Converse and I adore them. I love the color and I predict I will wear these literally every day for the next few months.

New Dishwasher. Seriously I danced around when I hit the button to wash the first set of dishes. Being a grown up is so depressing that this is one of the most exciting things of the year so far....

My Mom found these amazing Winnie The Pooh plates at the thrift store! There is a whole set of them and each plate and bowl has a different image on it! I LOVE them!
I am so happy with my new Bullet Journal weekly layout. It is still fairly simple but gives me structure to track and organize which makes my little heart happy. Also it keeps it to two pages so that I can actually journal on the next pages!

Awesome nail wraps from Espionage Cosmetics! I am so excited about these since I love Critical Role! 

We made a trip to the game store yesterday and a massive mini haul happened. Not for me but for my brother but it was super fun to open all the mini's in the blind boxes!

Renaissance Festival started in September! We've already been once and I know that we are going to go again in October...and possibly again this weekend!

What were your favorites for the month? Are you ready for October??


  1. i love those kicks and your bullet journal is awesome :)

  2. oooh cute shoes! love the winnie the pooh plates. i have that garnier water, it doesn't work perfectly on my mascara, but works much better than other cleansers or whatever, so i keep it around!

  3. I haven't planned for us to go to the Renn Faire this year and I feel like I'm shorting myself.


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