In Which There Were Many Festivals

Saturday: Our town was having the annual Applefest and of course that meant it was a madhouse around here. However Robert decided that this year we would try and benefit from it a little and opened up some space to let people pay to park in them. I have to say that it was a HUGE success! It was super easy and people were so happy to get to park so close to the festivities. We actually made a good amount of money and will be for sure doing the same thing next week during the annual Irish Festival! 

We also did a little bit of Halloween crafting but nothing is finished yet so I don’t have pictures to show you all. Hopefully we will have them completed within the week!

Sunday: We made plans to go to the Renaissance Festival with Robert’s brother and his family. It was a really beautiful day out and it was the perfect day for walking around. Kyra dressed up as an archer and she LOVED the costume. It was super comfortable and she loved getting compliments. 

The festival always has awesome things to do and see but Kyra really loves the petting zoo. Goats, a donkey, pigs, and sheep…she loves them all.

She also convinced Daddy to carry her around for a bit. We had the stroller but she still managed to get him to carry her on his shoulders for a while. 

The Children’s realm was a big hit this time too. I only got the one picture because I was busy chasing her up and down the slides. Sometimes you just have to put the camera down and just join in the fun! 

I did snap a selfie before we went in because I was feeling my makeup. I needed photo evidence!

It was a great weekend and very busy too! How was yours?


  1. I love some solid outdoor fests!

    The petting zoo pics are adorable.

  2. Kyra looks like such a doll, and I still have fun at petting zoos!
    That picture of her on her daddy's shoulders is one she will cherish when she's older.
    Your make-up looks great!

  3. your makeup and Kyra's costume - love! so fabulous. the petting zoo is so much fun as a kid, and okay as an adult too lol


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