What I hope you see when you see me....

Acceptance- When you are with me I hope you know you have permission to be completely and utterly yourself. 
No Matter Race, Religion (so long as you aren't trying to convert me), or Gender. Be who you are. 

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You wanna bliss out over something that others might consider geeky/weird/basic? You go for it. 

I am not going to judge you for loving Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Uggs.
Love D&D and World of Warcraft, Awesome.
If you prefer quilting or gardening. Sounds great. 
Wanna dress to the nines everyday? Cool. 
Wanna wear leggings and sweaters all winter? You do you.
Are you wearing the same thing today as you did yesterday? Girl I feel you.
Got a set bedtime for your kiddos so that you have time to yourself in the evenings? Sounds good to me. 
Let your kiddo play until they crash? Yep I get that too. 

It takes a lot for me to not accept someone as they are but there are things I won't tolerate. Hate for one. Sexism, Racism, Ignorance, Cruelty....those I cannot and will not accept. 

However if you are just trying to live your life and enjoy the things that make you truly happy then I am so happy for you and accept you for exactly who you are. I hope you know that. 

Happiness- I have always been told I'm a happy person and for the most part I agree. I let myself get overly excited about small things. I laugh a lot and smile pretty much most of the time. To be fair while I've had my trials my life hasn't been bad by any measure so I have a lot to be happy about. However I hope that I can convey that happiness to you. I hope that when I'm laughing and smiling and generally in a good humor that it spreads to you too. This world needs a little happiness and I hope that my inner child, being a four year old that expresses itself loudly and wildly, puts that out into the world.  

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Kindness- I like to think that I am kind. I have my moments of snark and sass but for the most part I hope that I am kind and I hope that others see me that way. There isn't much to elaborate on this one...I just hope I am doing my best. 
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  1. These are all wonderful traits in a person, and I do think you exude them often (in your online world.)

  2. Love this. I wanted to do this prompt, I'm not sure if I'll get the time, I might have to squeeze it in after.

  3. These are all things I've seen in you! Acceptance is one of my big things too.. although I can be snarky about some things in jest (uggs and mini skirts for instance).

  4. i love all of this. who are we to judge others for liking/not liking certain things? but i do judge you if you don't like the movie die hard but that's a given, obvs LOL

  5. oh i love this :) i agree with you on acceptance, i accept everyone except those who refuse to accept others - like you said, ignorance, sexism, racism.. that's the one thing i can't tolerate or accept, like you. from what i know of you online, you do seem extremely kind and happy :) i don't think i come across as a kind person, and i don't mean that in a poor me way lol just that i can be very blunt and way more sarcastic than i should be, and sometimes people think that is rude. and of course, sometimes i'm just plain rude.


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