Tag it Tuesday: Fall About Me

Good Morning Everyone, 

So I was tagged by Lolo to do this AWESOME fall tag and I knew it was one that I just HAD to do! 

1. Because Fall is awesome. 

2. Because Lolo is the bomb. (Do people still say that? Am I a weirdo?) 

So Let's Do This! 

favorite candle scent — I am honestly not huge on candles. Mostly because my husband is really picky about smells. He always says they are too sweet smelling or not "apple" enough. However we both really like the smell of this one, Warm Tobacco Pipe. I confess that I love the smell of pipe tobacco and this one smells so masculine and warm. Like sitting fireside with my dad.  (who occasionally smokes a pipe)

  coffee, tea or hot chocolate? — All of the above. Coffee all morning. Tea in the afternoon. Hot Cocoa in the evening. Seriously, in that order just like that. That is a perfect day right there! Though I admit that while I'm not a coffee snob, or a tea connoisseur, I am VERY picky about my hot cocoa! 

what is the best fall memory you have — Most of my fall memories are good ones. Specifically Halloween was always wonderful because my mom made our costumes and they were epic every year!

This is me....though it really does look like Kyra!

best fragrance for fall — I mix up fragrance a lot. On the daily I use a body splash or something light but if I am trying to fancy it up I like Elizabeth Arden's Pretty Hot and Estee Laudere's Modern Muse. Also I am very partial to just vanilla oil on pulse points as that is my favorite scent of all! 

  favorite Thanksgiving food — Sweet Potatoes. Or Yams. Or whatever you want to call them. LOVE them!!! (though to be fair I give lots of love to all of the glorious carbs that Thanksgiving has to offer!)

most worn sweater — For all my love of sweaters I don't have a favorite at the moment. I am always on the hunt for the perfect one that is soft and comfy but still looks like I have my act together. I still haven't found it yet!
football games or jumping in leaf piles — football games I suppose. I'm not really into the leaf thing as there are unknown things that could have crawled into the leaf pile. I don't really go to many football games now but when I was in high school and college that was always where I spent my fall days! 

favorite type of pie — Cherry. I love a pumpkin pie but I think that cherry is my real favorite because I always go back for another piece! 

what is autumn weather like where you live — It is a confusing blend of too hot, too cold, and a handful of days that are like heaven. Usually by Halloween it is the arctic around here!

which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged liner — I love them both, but since I have small eyes dark lips is a much easier one for me to accomplish!

what song really gets you into the fall spirit —Actually it is a soundtrack. The entire soundtrack to Practical Magic makes me feel like fall!

  is pumpkin spice worth the hype — Not so much in my opinion. I'm not a PSL girl as it is too sweet but I love a Pumpkin Spice Coffee that I can flavor with my own amount of sweetness! My favorite is this one:

favorite fall TV show — Supernatural. I am always behind because I don't have cable and have to wait for Netflix but I love that show!

skinny jeans or leggings? — I have answered this one many times but Leggings. Skinny jeans look like leg prisons.

combat boots or Uggs — Both. I love combat boots and have since I was a kid. Uggs (again fake Uggs because who has that kind of money?) are super comfy even if they aren't super cute.

Halloween: yay or nay — Yay! I love to dress up. I love all the spooky decor. I love all the candy. Halloween is the best! 

  fall mornings or evenings — I personally like the mornings because the air is so sharp and crisp. The world feels clean again.

what do you think about Black Friday? — I love it personally but usually by then I have all the major gifts I want to get bought. I just go out to score some deals on small stuff and people watch.
one Fall 2015 trend you love —The buffalo check/ plaid patterns. It kind of reminds me of the 90's grunge and I am digging it! 

So now it's time to play Tag! 

And anyone else that wants to play! 

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


  1. I wasn't going to do a fall question thingy unless I was tagged, I had already decided. You da best. :)
    I'll leave it at that so my answers can be a suplize!

  2. hahaha i totally still say the bomb ;)
    i don't drink coffee, i am not a tea connoisseur.. well, not really i only drink one type and that's it so i guess i'm a bit of a snob, but yeah i am SO picky about my hot chocolate as well!

  3. Hahaha I liked your reasoning behind not jumping in leaf piles - there definitely is the risk of something creepy crawly in there. Yikes! Also I'd never even thought about the Practical Magic soundtrack - I NEED to get it now. And to watch the movie again because it's been forever. I bet it's on Netflix.


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