Friday Favorites 10/23

It's Friday Favorite time!

I am in love with this purple!

Yep I need this palette. Obviously.

white V-neck tunic for layering in the fall.. NEED
In love with the whole look!

Burgundy loose sweater with black pant and boots | HIGH RISE FASHION:
Yes I need this sweater.

Nerdy Girl:
Official Game of Thrones coloring book - I have pre-ordered mine and am very excited to receive it in early Nov!:
Last week it was Harry Potter now I need this one too!!!

Game of Thrones:
This is my house.

Agree 100% - Funny Pictures Of The Day – 43 Pics

Song of the Week: 

 That's it for me this week! Have a safe and fun weekend everyone!


  1. NEED that red sweater/black pants outfit in my life ASAP!

  2. Oh my gosh that GOT coloring book! I have the Harry Potter one on my amazon wishlist already, but I might have to add that one too! Also both those looks are amazing, I am so craving some fall clothes shopping.

  3. i am in love with both of those looks.... i know where the first one is from (cause i'm a stalker, and i might have that tunic currently on it's way to me) but do you have the link to the second one? pinterest link maybe? help my shopping addiction, would you? :)

  4. I love those outfits! And the coloring book looks awesome!

  5. I hate that I love that song. I think it's because it sound so redneck, but isn't really. IDK, but every time it comes on, I jam.


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