Confessions 10/14

Good Morning Everyone,

Time for some confessions....

I confess that I am currently hiding in my bedroom because tonight is Bobby's game night. Normally the guys all game at my in laws but tonight the game got moved. Now this might not have been an issue but Tuesdays are my nights to write and do beauty routines. Meaning they all came over and I have coconut oil in my hair, a face mask, and I generally look like a crazy person.

I confess that I've wasted a ridiculous amount of time on the You Cam App. Have you tried this thing? It adds makeup and junk to your face and sometimes it turns out really pretty and sometimes it is just hilarious. Bobby wouldn't let me post his pictures but let me tell you it was hilarious. Honestly I thought mine turned out awesome especially since I was completely makeup free otherwise!
I legit have no makeup on in this photo. This is just what the app did.

I confess that I have been really trying to figure out the whole "work from home" bit lately. I want to be able to contribute to our bills while still being a good mommy and wife. It's a tough gig. There are lots of scams, lots of hoops to jump through....honestly it is just really frustrating trying to be helpful and just finding brick wall after brick wall.

I confess that I really hoped....I hoped a lot when I was starting out back in 2003... that blogging/writing would be my full time thing. I so wanted to be one of those professional bloggers that had brilliant and viral posts. I wanted to write things that people loved reading....but now I worry that doing so means "selling out". I hate blogs that are so covered in ads that I can't even scroll through the content. I don't want to be an ad only based blogger...even if I could use the money. 

I confess that I sigh inwardly when I see glossy white backgrounds with perfectly staged items. Not because I resent those bloggers but because my life isn't the kind of life with perfect white backgrounds. This blog has Chaos in the title for a reason. I have to fight for every moment I get to write now that I'm a Stay at Home Mom. I thought (naively!) that once I was home I would have MORE time to write. Instead I have so much less. I used to write during my mid morning break or even during my lunch I don't get those things. Most of my writing is now done in the dark well after bedtime. 

I confess that despite the above confessions...I still really love blogging. I love reading blogs and seeing other people's lives and opinions. I love the linkups that let me share things that I love and give me knew things to try out and explore. I still hope that someday....this will not only be something I love but something that loves me back. 

Happy Humpday Everyone. 

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  1. Working at home would be awesome! I do it every once in a while but I don't know if I could do it all the time. I feel like after a while that would get annoying too. I guess it's all about finding balance!

  2. I agree I thinking blogging full time/making money from it would be awesome, but I also don't want to lose my voice as a blogger. It's always a struggle. And that Mrs. Doubtfire gif had me LOLing because I just imagined you in all your get up hiding from the guys. I would totally be doing that too.

  3. What about medical transcription? That's a word from home job, to my understanding. I have no idea how to get into it, but I used to have a neighbor that did it and she was home all day long with the TV up as loud as possible....


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