No Thanks, I'm Good

Good Morning Everyone, 

I'm feeling a list coming on...

1. Go Camping- Why do you want me to go and live like I don't have a home? I have a home. It has indoor plumbing and a comfy bed. Also Netflix and a fridge. 

2. Watch Baseball-  I think it is boring and lasts entirely too long. Call me UN-American if you will. 

3. Go Skydiving- Nope. Never. Nope. 

4. Drink Green Juice/ Juice Cleanse- It looks disgusting. I know it tastes disgusting because you still make a face even while telling me it is SO good for you. You drink it if you like, but I'll pass. 

5. Drink Red Bull- Straight or as a mixer it still tastes like battery acid. Yuck. 

6. Get a Septum Piercing- Or faux piercing as is apparently popular all over Instagram and in magazines. Sorry but it looks like you are an animal going to slaughter. You do you, but I'll have to pass. 

7. Wear Skinny Jeans- Ridiculous on guys IMO. Not for me, yes I will wear leggings but I have all the important things covered thanks. Skinny jeans just sound like a prison for my legs.

8. Watch Real Housewives of Anything- I'm sorry but these shows give me anxiety with all the drama and yelling. I'll just go read and yell and cry over a book instead.

9.  Go Running for any period of time- I've never gotten the "runner's high". I will walk for days but just involves to many logistics in the clothing department.

10. Go Vegan/Vegetarian- Bacon is tasty. #Sorrynotsorry

What are your "No Thanks, I'm Good" things? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. So many of these made me laugh so much!!!! I'm "no thanks, I'm good" about Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings. I can appreciate the fandom surrounding both, but it just ain't for me.

  2. I wear skinny jeggings. Like denim leggings. Problem solved.

    MFD loves red bull. I think it smells like sickness.

  3. I agree with most of these. Except the baseball and vegetarian ones. Baseball is the only sport I watch and I was a vegetarian for years. Might even be going back. But you raise a good point about bacon.

  4. I am totally behind all of these except 3 and 9.
    1. Camping in a camper isn't really "camping" IMO
    2. Sooo boring. Can I bring a book?
    4. I looked up some smoothie recipes for my sister who can't eat solid food right now and now I really want a damn smoothie.
    5. All energy drinks smell SOOOO bad to me. Ugh and the taste. Please no. I can smell them from a mile away and I swear when I see "healthy eaters" drinking energy drinks I want to punch them in the face.
    6. Moooooooo.
    7. I think I told you about Teh German and his skinny jeans, but as for me, my flares and I are besties.
    8. I just don't get into so many things that most people do. This includes most TV shows and movies. I just don't have the time to take away from other activities for those things.
    9. I don't get runner's highs, I get runner's stupid. Seriously. I can barely function after some of my long runs. Breathing takes effort. Holding things? Nope, way too hard. Making a decision? IMPOSSIBLE. Getting commonly known facts right? Nope.
    10. Again, I love me some moooooooooo cows.

  5. Ugh... Redbull is AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just thinking about it makes me want to gag!

  6. I agree with all except #1 - I like camping, in moderation. And maybe #3. I'd possibly consider jumping out of a perfectly good plane.


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