Hello, I'm Sick

Good Morning Everyone, 

So over the weekend I managed to get sick. Of course because I am a good blogger and super organized I totally had posts scheduled and ready to go. Wait....no I didn't. 

So obviously I had posts in draft that I could just select and publish those right? 

Yeah I didn't think that sounded like me either. 

So instead I am completely behind on comments, haven't read any blog posts, and of course had to whip this post up on Tuesday morning because I gave Monday a complete miss. ( I am SO sorry! I will respond to your comments I promise!) 

I wanted to post yesterday but every time I looked at a computer my head started to swim. Also I was catching up on all the things that didn't get done over the weekend because I was down and out. It took literally hours to do all the dishes, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, etc. Adding in time to cough, sneeze, and generally wheeze about. I wish I could have just left it all until I felt better but I couldn't look at the dishes for another minute in my sink. 

So today I will be working on catching up reading blog posts and responding to comments. At least I will for as long as I can before my head starts swimming again. (I think I have a mild ear infection as well.) 

Hope your Tuesday is going well. Disinfect ALL THE THINGS. Cold Season is upon us.


  1. All the internets are getting sick and I'm over here all, oh fuck I was out in public on Sunday with everyone and their germs, please Allah don't let me catch it!
    Don't choke on the Lysol!!

  2. Woof. I swear everyone is getting sick. I caught something, too. Started Monday night and and by today I had to leave work early. :/ Hope you feel better quickly!


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