Confessions 10/21

I confess that for all my big talk yesterday all I got around to doing was replying to comments but didn't actually get any other blogs read.

I confess that my second busy season of the year is almost upon me. My parents' anniversary is tomorrow, My brother's birthday is on Saturday, Then Halloween, before you know it Thanksgiving, then all the Christmas shopping/planning/parties, more birthdays, my own birthday, Christmas, and then the new to say these next few months will fly by. 

I confess that I had a mini freak out after I treated my ear on Monday. It burned like hell fire for about five minutes and then it felt like a had a wad of cotton in my ear it was so muffled. However today it is feeling just fine and no longer hurts when I swallow. Huzzah!  

I confess my biggest fear is not that this cold will get worse but that my husband will get it and the apocalypse will surely begin.

I confess that at this moment Kyra is blowing raspberries against my arm. I have no idea why. Being a parent is just strange sometimes. 

I confess that last week when we took Kyra to get her pictures taken I was worried it was going to be the most horrific experience. However I was thrilled when she was pretty much awesome the entire time and we got some really cute pictures!! 

I confess that last confession was mostly just to show off my adorable child. #sorrynotsorry

Happy Humpday Everyone!
#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren


  1. Her photos are adorable! Love the top right.

    My ear is stuffed this morning. Not enjoying life right now.

  2. Guys getting the cold is the worst. It turns them into big babies. Why don't we get that luxury?

  3. Ohhhhhh those Kyra pictures are too precious! I'm with you about having a cold. It's been hanging around for over a week, but I'm finally feeling somewhat normal again.

  4. I've not experienced Teh German sick, but he says he's not that bad. Either way, I would prefer no one get sick because #aintnobodygottimefordat


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