Weekend Recap: The Reenactment

Saturday: We started off the morning by going out and getting breakfast at our favorite local place which put all of us in a good mood after a rather sleepless night. (Kyra has started having nightmares and it takes a long time to get her back down after a bad one.) Plus the weather was lovely and it was the perfect day for being out and about. Since it was so nice we decided that we would go and see my in-laws. They are Civil War Reenactors and we thought it might be fun  to go and watch. 

It really was a lot of fun and amazingly enough Kyra LOVED the cannons. I thought for sure she would jump but she clapped and shouted "FUN!" every time one went off. She is definitely my husband's daughter. 

The actors were really great and it was quite the site to see. I was glad that there was commentary going on over the loud speakers because there was quite a lot to keep track of...I know that the pictures don't show a whole lot but unfortunately I was holding Kyra for most of it so I didn't get the chance to take all that many. Plus they are just phone pics because we didn't have the fancy camera.

After the battle we returned the the camp to visit with my in-laws for a bit. Yes they are staying in an old fashioned tent and this is Kyra wearing an old fashioned lady's snood while standing in said tent. 

After the reenactment we headed home for a little dinner/bath time/ bedtime! 

Sunday: I had every intention of spending Sunday at home working on chores but my husband didn't want to be stuck at the house all day so we headed out for another adventure. We decided to drive down into the city for a little "window" shopping. We hit up the normal places- Home Goods, T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Target, etc. 
You find the best stuff at T.J. Maxx. Like this epic coozy.

We also stopped in at Z Gallerie which I had heard about a lot but had never actually set foot in one before. It was really fun! I loved a lot of the pieces and it had me thinking that I should really redecorate....everything! We didn't buy anything but it was still a lot of fun to look around and get inspired. 
Loved this setup. Bobby was lusting after the benches. He likes big family gathering style.

We both loved this chandelier.

You might not be able to tell but that is an octopus holding the table up. I have no idea why but I loved this.

After that we met up with my parents and my brother and his g/f and did a little shopping at Joanns. Mom is helping my brother's g/f with her Halloween costume and is also helping me with a little sewing project as well. We shopped for a bit then it was off to dinner (Chinese, YUM!) and then we parted ways. Bobby had to go and get some pants for work so we headed off to Kohls. It took forever but he got what he needed and we actually got some seriously good deals so all in all it was a win! 

And that was our weekend! 

How was yours?


  1. Jealous of your shopping trip... you guys hit all the good places!

  2. So my first job was for a historic home and we used to put on Civil War reenactments and they were some of my favorite days!


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