Friday Favorites 10/30

Good Morning Everyone, 

It's Friday and that means it is time for Favorites! 

Bride of Frankenstein makeup | @desimakeup:
A little Halloween inspired beauty by Desi Perkins! Love this look!
Love the purple look. Via the Self Made Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Pepita by Fashion Hippie Loves
Not normally my style but I really like this look! Link
Looks super cute and comfy!

Nerdy Girl: 
(Back in stock) - Harry Potter – Muggle Studies Athletic Shirt. "Yeah, I’m only putting up with all this crap because I’m writing a paper. Well, not really a paper- more of a scroll. You know, like a few feet of parchment. It’s just something wizards use to write on.":
I need this.
I'm Leveling Up. Yep. (I need more nerdish workout clothing, so...):
I would totally work out in this!

I laughed so hard!

Bitchology. You have no idea what I can do or what I'm capable of:

Song of the Week: This one is for Kyra. We are rocking out to this one in honor of Halloween!

Have a great weekend everyone! If you don't stop by tomorrow, then be sure to have a safe and Happy Halloween!!!


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