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February's Goal: CREATE

 1) I want to create a costume for Comic Con in March.---Well....not so much. Kyra has a costume that I picked out and my mom created that I will reveal after Comic Con next week...but as for me? Yeah...nada. It has a lot more to do with my own self esteem issues than actual creativity...but still a big NO on this one.

2) One piece of artwork for my home--This is actually an "in progress" one. I have the piece I am working just isn't done yet because it has been too cold to really work on painting it. So I only get half a point on this one.

3) Does more work on the novel count? I'm counting it. ---Yes! Major edits were done but still not out of the editing phase yet. I have a whole section that still needs a rewrite in order to fix some plot holes. Half a point again.


1) A half hour to hour of stretching/fitness/wellness- Relationship with Self and with Kyra (she's been doing my morning stretches with me! So Cute!)

2) Plan get together with friends for the upcoming months--Friendships

3) One date night just Robert and Me- Husband and Self 

4) Bedtime Story Time- Kyra, Self, Husband 

I'm looking forward to March's goals! I actually am working on a post about Number 1 on the list as it is something that Kyra and I just started! That post should be up on Monday or Tuesday! 

So how did you do last month? Were you Super Creative or kind of give it a miss like me? Be sure to share in comments! 

Happy Thursday Everyone! 

P.S.- A BIG Thank You to all those that wished my Mum a happy birthday the other day! She had a really great day! 


  1. February was a bit rough for me, too. I had a bunch of "sorta" goals, but that's ok. Finally going to give myself a bit of a break this month. My only goals are about my dog. :P I love bedtime story as a goal! And date night. I could use one of those with my partner...

  2. Hope you make that costume for Comic Con & have a lot of fun with your daughter! And a little progress on the artwork is better than none. Hope you'll share the finished piece.

  3. Happy to see relationship with self on here, as women I think that's the one we let slide the most!

    Working on the novel absolutely counts.

  4. Great March goals. I love that she does the stretches with you.

  5. I think your goals that still in progress for "create" sound like a blast. What is your novel about?
    I love how you created goals for yourself, friends, husband and you, and family. Have a fun and cannot wait to hear more about your goals next month!

  6. Love that you are in the editing phase of your novel. You go girl. You will do great!!! Great goals for March as well :)

  7. Half points totally count :) Date nights are always needed, it's nice to get away and just enjoy.

  8. Love your Comic Con pics. I would LOVE to bring my little nephew to Comic Con to meet his favourite super heroes. He'd be the happiest five year old on the planet.

    Your relationship goals look doable! Good luck. Despite not putting my friends on my goals list, I have somehow managed to make plans with waaay more people than usual. I think this challenge is starting to rub off on me!


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