Sometimes Life is Hard

I'm exhausted. 

This year is just one of those years. 

I am not trying to complain, because as they say it can always be worse and honestly I live a very lovely life in general. 

However this year is testing me. 

There have been some difficulties as most of you know. 

This week is another rough week. 

My Mom's dog Lilly is sick. 

She has Pulmonary Lung Disease. 

We thought she just had a cough...possibly a cold. 

Now they say that she might live about 6 months with pills and treatment. She might live longer than that...she might not. 

Of course my Mom is heartbroken. I'm heartbroken. Lilly is my dog Kiya's sister. From the same litter and everything. 

That is the hard cold truth of having dogs. You will out live them 90% of the time. It's hard EVERY SINGLE TIME. We even tell ourselves we won't take any more dogs in because it is just so hard to say goodbye...

But there are so many dogs that need love and when another comes along we love them any how...and we weep when it is their time to go. 

Tomorrow my Mom gets to bring Lilly home from the Vet and hopefully we will get the full six months with her. If we don't at least she will be home and surrounded by a family that loves her so much. 
 so true....IDK if i die before my babies...makes my cry to even think about it...who would take care of them?:


  1. Aww Kimmi. This is tough. Hugs sent your way.

  2. oh, i am so so sorry. you are right that it is the hard truth about having pets, but it doesn't make it any easier. i am so sorry. hugs xx

  3. I had a deal with Zeplen my dalmatian and that mf-er broke it and went and got cancer at 4 and I am still pissed. I have already told Phil that if he gets sick, he just has to tell me and I'll let him go... I won't like it, but it's what I'd do for him. After seeing Zeplen suffer, I'd rather suffer through the heartbreak than see them hurting.

  4. :( so sorry to hear about Lily. It's heartbreaking when a pet is sick :(

  5. I'm so sorry, I hope you get the most time with her as possible while she remains pain-free.

    It is so hard to watch my dogs age. Geege has a cough too, connected to a heart issue, that gets worse as he gets older.


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