Friday Favorites 6/10

It's Friday and that means favorites.

Blue cinched waist A line dress for that special occasion ... lovely !:
Such a cute and simple look!

Animal puns and booty are some of the best things in life! This song parody design “I Don’t Think You’re Ready For This Jelly” for the sassy jellyfish that feels bootylicious! Perfect for animal puns, animal jokes, song parody, animal parody, and jellyfish gifts!:
Love this. Need it.

Nerdy Girl: 
I think I will just start drinking everything out of mugs to justify all the mugs I need.

Primark - Harry Potter Gryfindor Cami PJ Set:
Yes I want these pajamas desperately.


Cheesy Jokes aha:
I confess I laughed for a good ten minutes before I could breathe enough to say it to my husband and even then laughed for another ten after I told him the joke.

Song of the Week:  This one comes via Kyra. Zootopia has been on repeat around here this week. 

Happy Friday Everyone!


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