Reading....Books that I own! I started Erin's Read Your Books Challenge yesterday and I am super excited to finally read some of the books that I've had forever but haven't gotten to yet!
This is just a few of my unreads....I hope I get through at least some of them!

Watching....Game of Thrones and Penny Dreadful  It's that part of the year again where these are basically the only two shows that I watch. The rest of the time is movies and whatever Kyra wants to watch while I clean!

Listening to....podcasts. Specifically The Armchair Librarians and Mortified. Both hilarious and awesome! 

Loving.....Chobani Greek Yogurt. I have been on a yogurt kick lately and these have been my favorite! Bonus is that Kyra likes them too!

Writing....trying to get back at this again. Right now just journaling! 

So what's up with you Currently? 

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  1. yay reading your own books! i have SO many, i'm so glad for this challenge/excuse to read ones i own. KC has been watching Penny Dreadful and he really enjoyed it, i might have to start! he said it was too gory for me, but we'll see. thursday is my favourite day because of the armchair librarians podcast lol. love it!

  2. The Chobani mango is my favorite. I have switched to Noosa aside from that yogurt!

    I'm glad you're enjoying the podcast! Of course I have a buttload of library books to get through right now but then I'm on to books I own!

  3. MMM I love Chobani..and anything mango flavored. My favorite! Thanks for linking up with us!!


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