Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Nerdy Girl Confessions: Part 1

Happy Hump Day Everyone! 

It's Time for Confessions! 

Vodka and Soda

Today I bring you a special confession day.....my Nerdy Girl confessions. It is no secret that I am a little *cough* okay a LOT nerdy...but just how far down the rabbit hole does it go??? Well here we go....

....I confess that this post was inspired by my super nerdy moment yesterday when Kay over at the Kay Times wrote about Unicorns and how they do not have wings. My response? Yes some do and they are called Alicorns or Pegacorns.....also the Unicorn is the National Animal of Scotland. Yep super nerd right here.

...I confess that I adore Cosplay. I love going to Comic Con and seeing the Amazing Costumes that people come up with. So much time and energy is put into making a character come to life. I love it. 

...I confess that while most people know the lyrics to Disney, I know the lyrics, I know the lines, I know the movies word for word. It is so bad that the only way people will play Disney trivial pursuit with me is if I go last and everyone gets to start with at least two pie pieces. Yep I'm awesome.

...I confess that shows like Face Off and Jim Hensen's Creature Shop are my jam. 

...I confess that Unicorns were my favorite thing as a kid. I LOVED the movie The Last Unicorn and I love it to this day. (Hence my knowledge) 

...I confess I own over 800 My Little Ponies. (I'm still partial to the first generation, though the revival of them isn't too bad, I heart Big Macintosh)

...I confess that I also collect Monster High Dolls. If I were a kid I would totally want these more than any Barbie. It's the perfect combo of Halloween and Adorable! 

...I confess I spend more time watching "Let's Plays" on YouTube than beauty videos. For those that don't know a "Let's Play" is basically watching someone play through a video game. I love watching the horror ones most! (this is one of my favorite Gamers Raedwulf...also Five Nights and Freddy's = TERROR. This video is not safe for work. Click at your own discretion!!!)

So there are my Nerdy Girl Confessions Part 1, there will be additional parts in the future! 

Hope you all are having a good week! We are halfway through!!!!!! 

My Life in Dogs

A Lot of People Love Dogs.

Oh so true

I mean who wouldn't love a dog? They are so cute and loveable. They love unconditionally. I mean they are Man/Woman's best friend right?! 

To most people loving dogs means they might live with 1 or 2....sometimes even 3....

So what do you call a person that lives with 14? 



Totally Mad? 

Yep. That's Me. 

There's always room for one more...
Now to be fair...I come from a long line of Crazy Dog Ladies. We are not as well known as the Crazy Cat Ladies but I like to think that is because we aren't really Crazy. We just have big hearts that cannot say no! 
My Great Aunt left this world having 15 dogs at home. Another Aunt had 10. My mom currently has 5. 

Now, I no longer live with 14 dogs. I am down to a reasonable (for me) 4 dogs (one of which I am dog sitting and isn't actually mine). The other 9 have found happy homes and are all doing well.

There were ten puppies. Adorable little balls of fluff that I watched come into this world via my dog Luna. This was an unexpected pregnancy and it will be Luna's only as she will be fixed as soon as the vet clears her, but even as unexpected as it was...I was thrilled. I love puppies. I mean who doesn't?? (Small side note: We did lose one puppy in the early weeks...it was heartbreaking...)

Still I want to be VERY clear....puppies....and the additional dogs are a lot of work!  

This is what your day looks like when you have this many dogs...

AM- The dogs are up before the baby is, the big ones all need to go outside and the little ones are up and wanting to play and wanting to be fed as well. The big dogs get walked, fed and watered before I go down to the garage where half of it has been turned into a puppy kennel. I open the doors to let in the sunlight and hose out the kennel. The pups are weaned from Luna now and that means they are on puppy food. This means twice as much poop as before. Guess who gets to clean it up? Yep that is me. Crazy dog lady. 
After getting the kennel spotless, I grab the bedding the pups have been sleeping on and get it to the laundry to be cleaned. I refill the water and food dish and lay out new bedding for the puppies. They immediately dump the water dish so I have to fill it again and destroy the neat bedding getting it all wadded up within the first few seconds. I leave them to it and go upstairs to my now playful 1 year old that is ready for breakfast and the morning dance party. 

Afternoon- It is walk time again for the big dogs. Also I check in on the puppies and it is time to hose out the kennel again. Also they have eaten all the food and either drank or dumped the water dish again. I clean it all up and switch the bedding yet again. Another load of laundry. You have to keep this up in order to keep the kennel from smelling and also it is the beginning stages of potty training. Fresh bedding means they won't potty there. Also they won't potty near the food, leaving only one corner for potty purposes. Trust me, this makes potty training much easier for the new owners if the owner of the mother does this! We also have play time where I throw out a bunch of toys to them, play tug of war, and roll the ball eleventy billion times.

Evening- Big dog walk again and they get their second feeding (they are on a schedule, except for Luna who is still getting supplements and the like to get her back to her weight after nursing ten puppies for 8 weeks) I once again hose out the kennel and put out fresh food and bedding for the pups. They are playful but sleepy by now and I let Luna in with them and they all pile up on the bedding ready for bed. My heart melts a little. 

This was my typical day while all the puppies were living with me. It was tough and sometimes I was not super happy about it. I mean I have a 1 year old that needs my attention too...she needs to be fed,played with, diapers changed, and cuddles given. It was a LOT of work and very expensive buying SO MUCH DOG FOOD...but by the end of the day...I felt the same way putting them to bed as I do when my daughter snuggles in next me at night. Just a warm heart and fuzzy feelings. I love my dogs. 

The puppies are gone now. Each going to a new home and a new guardian. Each guardian's number is in my cell phone so I can keep up with them and the puppy's progress. Happy to report most are almost potty trained fully and are growing and happy and healthy. I cried after each one left...I just couldn't help it, but I know they will be loved. Also the remaining four are so happy they are gone LOL! 

Here were the nine....

Friday, August 15, 2014

It's Favorite Time!

Morning Everyone, Sorry the post is running late but I am here! 

It's Finally Friday and that means Friday Favorites! 

Favorite Recipes:
Double Chocolate Fudge Cookie Dough Shake | The Stay At Home Chef

S'mores Cupcake/ Tart: Pie Crust, chocolate filling, marshmallow fluff, ganach, gram cracker, toasted marshmallow.

Favorite Nerdy Girl Stuff:

Harry Potter's Library: Printable Book Spines

Beauty and the Beast clock...I need this in my life

Fashion Favorites:
Jeans + White Shirt = My Jam 
 Want these boots!
Beauty Favorites:
Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair: Side Braids
Nautical/Beach Nail Art

Favorite Funnies: 
You often have spats of, uh, “insomnia.” | 25 Signs You’re Addicted ToBooks

Song of the Week:  

That's it for me this week! Have a great weekend and be safe everyone! 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday Randoms

Good Morning Everyone!

First off, you all rock! I was jumping up and down with joy at each and every comment yesterday! The Emperor was a huge hit and I am so glad you all enjoyed!!! Also if you were looking to make my whole week brighter well....

Okay so today I didn't really have a post planned so I thought I would do a bit of random that is going on in my life. 

1) My daughter has fallen in love with these socks. They are my workout socks (and they are clean BTW) and for some reason she has taken to carrying them around the house. Weird. 

2) I got a hat (actually my Mom bought it for me). I have no idea why other than it looked good on me. I don't know where I am going to wear it. I love it anyways. 

3) I had no idea that Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist was a book first. I grabbed it at the library, so far am really loving it! 

4) I am debating on doing a post about what it is like to have 8 dogs in the house. It's madness basically, but still funny. Also I totally want to keep a puppy....but SHH don't tell. 

5) I actually managed to get through my Blog Lovin' Feed and comment on some blogs! 

Okay that's it for me today! Happy Thursday Everyone! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Confession Day~ brought to you by the Emporer!

Good Morning Everyone,

Vodka and Soda

It's Wednesday....Let's do this.

...I confess the reason I have been hiding out and not posting is because the 5K. It totally did not happen. One due to the horrible weather, I was not going to take my daughter out there. Two because both of my running buddies had horrible migraines due to the horrible weather. Oh well I got a free T-shirt.

...I confess I felt guilty about it for like....a minute... before I just told myself to go back to bed. (It was 5am on a Sunday)

...I confess that I want to punch my husband in the throat when he hands me the baby and clearly she is soaked and/or stinky and then acts like he had no idea. Seriously?

...I confess that I cried multiple times over Robin Williams.

... I confess that I lost it several times while on Facebook because people are using his death as a political soapbox. Damn it people can't we just grieve? Why does everything have to be a statement? Ugh hate Facebook....

... I confess that I spent ten whole dollars on myself on Monday. I had hit a weight loss goal (I'm actually kicking ass at it lately but that is for a Monday Post)  and I wanted a reward. I have told no one but I bought two of the OPI nail polishes from last week's favorites. They are still in hiding but every time I see them..I just...

...I confess that this post had started out as a gloomy one until I started looking at these Gifs. The sheer power of sarcasm and hilarity. 

Okay kids I'm out of here. Happy Wednesday Everyone! 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Yay It's FINALLY FRIDAY! ~ Favorites Time!

Good Morning Everyone! 

It's Friday and that means it is time for Friday Favorites and it also means that this week is over! I cannot even tell you how happy that makes me! 

So here we go! 

Beauty Favorites:
What better way to get in an autumn state-of-mind than with the new nail polish collection from @opiproducts? Inspired by the great Northern Lights in Finland, deep blue Norwegian Fjords and colorful houses along the canals of Copenhagen, you can get the #OPINordic collection at ULTA! 
(The new OPI Nordic Collection. WANT.) 

Fashion Favorites:
Black lace dress, gimme!
Book Favorites:
(Say what you like but this book was adorable and entertaining!)
 Favorite Recipes
 No bake S'mores Cheesecake
(S'mores Cheesecake)
Crumpets.  Crumpets are another form of English muffins.  They tend to be a bit lighter than traditional muffins.

Favorite Funny: 

Our kind of camping!

TRUE WORDS. True true words!

Favorite Song of the Week:
( I realize this may not be everyone's cup of tea but for real I am loving this one!) 

Okay kids I'm out of here, Have a great weekend and be safe out there!