Working On: Catching up on blog posts and working my way through the Show Us Your Books Linkup posts and comments! 

Watching: ALL THE THINGS. Over the weekend we worked through AHS: Hotel which wasn't bad but not my favorite season. We watched Season 2 of The Ranch which I LOVE. We also started watching Westworld which is really intriguing. I started watching This Is Us and so far I love it. Then I started American Housewife which had me laughing out loud. Fall is TV time around here if you couldn't tell and I am very excited that none of these shows featured a princess named Sofia, a pig named Peppa, or a duck named Quack! 

Reading: Just started Bad Girls Don't Die. Too soon to tell on this one if I will like it yet. Not bad so far. 


Loving: Lush! The other day was my first time purchasing anything from there and I am so thrilled with what I got! I will admit I was bummed I missed out on the Halloween ones but I really love the smell of the Christmas ones! Lord of Misrule smells so nice my husband even swiped some! And the Raspberry Jam bubble bar made about a million bubbles and it was so relaxing! Will for sure be buying from Lush again soon! 

Lord Of Misrule

Wanting: This set from Sephora. Totally going on my Christmas/Birthday List!

Shop Sephora Favorites’ Trending: Beauty's Most Coveted at Sephora. It features SPF, lip, eyeliner, setting spray, lipstick, mascara, and primer products.:

Excited: My best friends Amanda and Matt are coming up this weekend so we can all go to the Ren Faire! I AM SO EXCITED. We will be dressing up and this is Amanda's very first Ren Faire! It's going to be amazing! 
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Dream Loot Crate: Studio Ghibli

You all know I love my monthly Loot Crate. In fact I dedicated an entire post to my Fangirl Crate just a few months ago. Seriously this box makes my little geek heart happy. 

So I was asked to put together my "Dream Crate". Basically a crate that I designed for myself with awesomeness encased within. 

My first thought was I was going to do a Harry Potter crate. Then they announced THIS AWESOME HARRY POTTER CRATE

So I needed a new idea. 

I got to thinking about all the things that I love to geek out over and finally it came to me. 


We love Totoro in this house. My daughter watches it probably at least four times a week. In fact I don't think that there is a week that goes by that Studio Ghibli isn't played in our household. 

So I give you: 

The Studio Ghibli Dream Crate

1.Totoro Plushie   
Image result for totoro plushie

Everyone Needs a Totoro plushie. We have three and I would happily have a million more.

2. Soot Sprite Keyring 
 Soot Sprite Keychain - Polymer Clay Accessories

Who doesn't want Soot Sprites? These little cuties would make awesome traveling companions! 

3. Princess Mononoke Crystal Necklace 
Image result for princess mononoke crystal necklace

I don't know anyone who watches this movie without wanting this necklace. Beautiful and epic.

4. Calcifer Socks 
 Socksense Howls Japan Animation Women's Socks 3pairs(3color)=1pack Made in Korea at Amazon Women’s Clothing store::
 "May All Your Bacon Burn!" Calcifer is sure to keep your toes warm!

5. Spirited Away Artwork
 Vintage Spirited Away Hayao Miyazaki Minimalist Poster, Vintage Poster, Minimalist Poster, A3 Print (11.7x16.5 inches)
Just because it is beautiful. 

6. Studio Ghibli Shirt with collage of all the characters
 215516 1
 My favorite crate items are usually the shirts and this one is an adorable collage of all the excellence that is Studio Ghibli! 

So there you have it. My Dream Crate! Anything you would add to this one? What would you put in yours? Be sure to keep up with Loot Crate for more Nerdy Awesomeness!


What I Read: September 2016

It's that time again!

1. The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop and Cafe by Mary Simses- I was drawn into this book by the cover. It just looks so homey and cute! Also it inspired me to make muffins as you saw in this post. They were delicious. The book itself? Equally delicious. An easy and fun read that I would recommend to anyone looking for something sweet and light. Also I wish I could open a bakery some days, but I think the point is to sell things and not just eat all the sweets that you like!


2. Murder Has Nine Lives by Laura Levine- I love this series. Sure it is predictable and silly but that is my favorite thing about it. Just pure hilarious fun with Jaine and her cat Prozac. I also love the silly antics of her father and mother via email. It never ceases to amuse me. I read this in one night so you know it is a quick read and as stated fairly predictable in the overall "murder mystery" department but still very funny.


3. Elite by Mercedes Lackey- I have been waiting for this sequel since last year and the day it came out I downloaded it and began listening immediately. It took two days to finish and I loved every single minute of it. Much faster paced than Hunter this book had me on edge and guessing. I love the introduction of the new characters on the Elite team and I really enjoyed that there was much less world building and fashion talk in this one. I would HIGHLY recommend this book for anyone that loves fantasy and post apocalyptic worlds. Mercedes Lackey has been a favorite author of mine for years and this new series is giving me life. I cannot wait for the third book to come out now! 


I didn't get as much reading done this month as I would have liked but what I managed to read was awesome so I am calling it a win!

Be sure to join the linkup and share your books!

Life According to Steph

Friday Favorites 10/7

TGIF! Time for some favorites! 

Adorable boho look for fall. White oversized sweater and flares. Pair with a felt large brimmed hat. Stitch fix fall 2016. Stitch fix fashion trends.:
It's Sweater and Jeans weather! YAY!
Cat Pearl Earrings:
I need these. So cute.
Turquoise green eyes and makeup:
Loving this green look. Going to have to try that one next!

Nerdy Girl: 
Felicia Day and The Truth About The Gaming Thinking:
So. Much. Truth.

Yesterday’s eyeliner can be todays Smokey eye if you believe in yourself.:

Don't ask a Stay At Home Mom what she does all day. Seriously.

Song of the Week: Heathens by Twenty One Pilots. Just has the right feel for this week. I've listened to it approximately 9 billion times this week.

I am still behind on blog stuff this week. I have been working on some bigger posts that have been taking up a lot of time because I want them to be perfect! Hopefully next week I will be back to my normal schedule! Have a great weekend everyone! 

In Which There Were Many Festivals

Saturday: Our town was having the annual Applefest and of course that meant it was a madhouse around here. However Robert decided that this year we would try and benefit from it a little and opened up some space to let people pay to park in them. I have to say that it was a HUGE success! It was super easy and people were so happy to get to park so close to the festivities. We actually made a good amount of money and will be for sure doing the same thing next week during the annual Irish Festival! 

We also did a little bit of Halloween crafting but nothing is finished yet so I don’t have pictures to show you all. Hopefully we will have them completed within the week!

Sunday: We made plans to go to the Renaissance Festival with Robert’s brother and his family. It was a really beautiful day out and it was the perfect day for walking around. Kyra dressed up as an archer and she LOVED the costume. It was super comfortable and she loved getting compliments. 

The festival always has awesome things to do and see but Kyra really loves the petting zoo. Goats, a donkey, pigs, and sheep…she loves them all.

She also convinced Daddy to carry her around for a bit. We had the stroller but she still managed to get him to carry her on his shoulders for a while. 

The Children’s realm was a big hit this time too. I only got the one picture because I was busy chasing her up and down the slides. Sometimes you just have to put the camera down and just join in the fun! 

I did snap a selfie before we went in because I was feeling my makeup. I needed photo evidence!

It was a great weekend and very busy too! How was yours?

September 2016 Favorites

It's the last day of September! Tomorrow is October!!!!!!!!

So since it is the last day of September and it is Friday I'm going to do my favorites from the entire month. 

This takes of water proof mascara and liner in seconds. Super gentle on the face and works like a charm every time. This is my second bottle of this.

This is THE BEST exfoliating scrub I have used in forever. It smells so wonderful for one and it feels amazing and I can tell the difference in my face instantly. Awesome gem in my Ipsy bag this month.

I got this sample of this toner in my Ipsy bag and I am really enjoying it. I have noticed a big change in the texture and tone of my skin. Will most likely be purchasing a full size very soon.

I got my very first pair of Converse and I adore them. I love the color and I predict I will wear these literally every day for the next few months.

New Dishwasher. Seriously I danced around when I hit the button to wash the first set of dishes. Being a grown up is so depressing that this is one of the most exciting things of the year so far....

My Mom found these amazing Winnie The Pooh plates at the thrift store! There is a whole set of them and each plate and bowl has a different image on it! I LOVE them!
I am so happy with my new Bullet Journal weekly layout. It is still fairly simple but gives me structure to track and organize which makes my little heart happy. Also it keeps it to two pages so that I can actually journal on the next pages!

Awesome nail wraps from Espionage Cosmetics! I am so excited about these since I love Critical Role! 

We made a trip to the game store yesterday and a massive mini haul happened. Not for me but for my brother but it was super fun to open all the mini's in the blind boxes!

Renaissance Festival started in September! We've already been once and I know that we are going to go again in October...and possibly again this weekend!

What were your favorites for the month? Are you ready for October??

Some Confessions

1. I woke up yesterday and it was 54 degrees. I AM SO HAPPY. GIVE ME THE COLD. 

Image result for bring on the cold gif

2. I am behind on blogs again. I have no idea how this happens so quickly but man the time flies by and suddenly I am like 100 blogs behind. #guesswhatIwillbedoingthisweekend

Image result for answering emails gif

3. My parents bought me a dishwasher. Seriously. Mine hasn't worked at the rental we live at for nearly two years and my landlord gives no fucks whatsoever. So as a present to me they bought it and installed it yesterday and I am SO HAPPY. #nomorehandwashing
Image result for happy dance gif

4. I keep seeing all these posts on 17 things to do before 2017 and I thought I would join in but honestly....I cannot think of 17 things! Now the things that I have on my list are big things to me and they will take up huge chunks of time so that might be why I can't think of 17 things. 
Image result for shrug gif

5. I love Snapchat but if your whole snap is done in the Bee or Deer filter I am going to skip it. Seriously I cannot stand the voice changer. 
Image result for shush gif

6. I received a new makeup palette for review but it is so pretty that I don't want to mess it up! I need to get on the ball and do a makeup look with it though because it is just so lovely that I am missing out by being hung up on my perfectionist nonsense. 
Image result for eyescream palette dose of colors

7. I may have threatened my computer with several death threats while trying to upload some songs to my phone. It was moving so slow and it is just miserable to wait twenty minutes for four songs to download. 
Image result for computer throwing gif

8. I ran into an old friend from High School the other day and she just ran up and gave me the biggest hug. It just warmed my heart and made my whole day so much better. 
Image result for puppy hugs gif

9 During a cleaning spree I found a bunch of scratch off tickets that were winners. I cashed those babies in! Hello $18! 
Image result for money gif

10. I lost my favorite hair clip and now I am completely out of sorts. Does this happen to anyone else? Seriously I am so thrown off by it! 
 Image result for What do I do now gif

Happy Humpday Everyone. 
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