Thursday, October 23, 2014

#Blogtober~ Favorite Editing Tools

Good Morning Everyone,

Today we are going to talk about favorite editing tools for your blog/instagram.

I'm gonna be real honest here...I only really got into editing things recently and therefore don't have a whole lot to offer but for the beginners I do have some helpful tools that I like to use pretty regularly.

Honestly my first choice when it comes to editing/creating things is always going to be Publisher. That is what I learned on first and is my favorite when it comes to creating fliers and other creative type things and I do occasionally us it for the blog and for newsletters. I used it a lot more when I was working full time but it still works for little blog projects.

Second for the blog is PicMonkey. This is such an easy editing tool and is great for making quick images for any type of blog series you might be doing or if you wanna make any type of collage or edited photo thing for the blog or even Facebook! Very user friendly and if you do decide to upgrade you get TONS more options but if you are a cheapo like myself you can still get a lot done on the freebie version!

Now Instagram and I are new acquaintances but on the rare occasion that I do edit a photo on there I like to use SnapSeed. It is pretty user friendly and lets you have a lot of options when it comes to editing your photos. Also it is free which is super awesome!
Also for a more silly editing tool I like to use PhotoWonder. You can add cool effects and silly images to your photos for days when you aren't taking your selfies too seriously!

I cannot wait to see what editing tools you all use because honestly I'm pretty basic around here! Looking forward to finding more things to play with!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Confessions~ What Grinds My Gears

Good Morning Everyone, 

Vodka and Soda

It's time for Confession! 

Today I will be confessing all the things that Grind My Gears (Or pet peeves if you prefer) for both Confession Day and for #Blogtober!

I confess that people that don't use their turn signal send me into rage mode. 

I confess that a cluttered table is the bane of my existence and will drive me insane one day because I can never seem to keep mine clear. 

I confess that when the hubs turns the TV volume above 20 I grit my teeth in irritation. Seriously WHY DO YOU NEED IT SO LOUD?? I am trying to THINK over here!

I confess that when coupons come to me via mail but all the things I want to buy are "excluded" from the coupon (because they are the things worth getting and therefore are the most expensive) I just toss the coupon out in frustration. Seriously what is the point??

I confess that when the hubs puts his work calls on speakerphone while at the house and I have to listen to him give directions to someone who just keeps yelling into the phone....ugh!!!!! 
I confess that when people say "cray cray" "totes" or "yolo" I want to punch them in the face. You sound ridiculous. 

So there you have it! Now you all probably think I'm crazy but hey if you like my crazy I'll be back here posting tomorrow! 

Happy Hump Day!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

#Blogtober14~ Dream Vacation

Good Morning Everyone! 

Today we are going to talk about DREAM VACATIONS!!! 

Now if you saw my post on my Best. Vacation. Ever. Then you will know I went on one Dream Vacation already. If you haven't read that post here is the LINK

Now I have traveled a bit. I've been to Ireland, England, Wales, France, Jamaica, The Bahamas, and to various states in the awesome USA. 

However there is one destination that immediately comes to mind. Somewhere I have wanted to go for years and years now. 

That destination? Tahiti. 

I mean gorgeous???

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

I wanna stay in a bungalow....

Bora Bora, Tahiti - this is absolutely a DREAM vacation spot!  Honeymoon perhaps?

I wanna see tropical fish....

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

I wanna soak in a deep bathtub because I have never had one and I WANT ONE. 

The Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort and Spa - 1 of Bora Bora's 9 outstandingly cool-looking resorts

I wanna lay on the beach and watch the waves....

Don't know where it is, but I wanna go there!

I wanna smell the amazing flowers.....

Tahiti #Travel #FrenchPolynesia

In short I wanna go to paradise!!! 


However (if you are reading this darling husband) I would totally go back to Harry Potter World any day! 

Monday, October 20, 2014


Good Morning Everyone, 

We are back with some more #Blogtober!

Today's Prompt: Biggest Fear

I do have a lot of little fears...June Bugs, Extreme Heights, Scarecrows.....

But my biggest fear? 

I fear that I am unremarkable. 

You see my parents are SUPER artistic. They are creative in everything they do....they can take any item you think is junk and turn it into something beautiful. 

My brother Bear is the same way. So artistic but also extremely talented when it comes to music. He taught himself to play the Cello in a weekend! He is also a very good judge of all things awesome and usually if it is something that I love or really enjoy he is the one that referred me to it. 

My brother D is just brilliant. He is so smart and he pushes himself to be smarter all the time. He does numbers in his head and figures out the solutions to very complicated problems. He is also an amazing video editor and knows when and how to get the perfect shot. 

My husband is also very creative as well as very smart. He is a problem solver at heart and he can figure out a solution to about anything. Also his doodles would be like masterpieces for me....

So you see....there is a lot of talent in my family.....and surely with all that talent in the family I got something???

Well I can write...that is the one thing I am good at, but honestly no one really takes a writer serious unless you have published something...

I am a good mom but like any mom out there can tell you....there are no awards for that. It is expected of you and a lot of the work you do goes unnoticed. 

So my big fear is that I will go through life a sort of unremarkable wallflower. If people mention me it will be to say that I was a "nice girl" and that will be it. I want to be more than that.

Whew this is a deep post for a Monday Morning! Grab your coffees and grab the week by the horns everyone....See you here tomorrow.  

find your greatness nike

Sunday, October 19, 2014

#Blogtober14~ Happy

Good Morning Everyone, 

Today's Prompt: What Makes Me Happy

This Little Lady: 

This Handsome Fellow: 

My Dogs: 

My Books: 


This Place: 
Taken at my parents' home where I grew up and also got married.

I am sure there are so many more things I could add to this list but those are the top things I could think of....and honestly just writing this post has made me pretty happy as I count all the wonderful things in my life! I'm a lucky girl.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

#Blogtober14~ I Gotta Secret

Good Morning Everyone,

It's Saturday but we are continuing on with our Blogtober goodness and today we are going to talk about a Secret.

Specifically a Secret about me.

So here is my Secret. 

I'm a Goo Hoarder. 

Urban Dictionary Def. ~
When girls hoard large amounts of shampoos, nail polishes, lip-glosses, and general goo-esq. makeups. (Founded by Jenna Marbles' on screen boyfriend Max in the "What I dont understand about girls" episode. )
I admit it. I keep HUGE amounts of Goo stuff. I have at least 12 lip products on my vanity right now.  Those are just the ones in use...and not counting the ones I have in my purse currently. 

I have over 200 nail polishes. 
(This isn't even half and I took this photo like 5 months ago....there have been lots of polish purchases since then.)

There are no less than 4 bottles of shampoo in my shower, 3 conditioners, 3 body washes, and two things of shaving lotion. 

I also have two more bottles of shampoo and conditioner under my sink. 

Oh yeah and I still have most of the mini shampoos and conditioners from my honeymoon...2 years my travel know....just in case. 

I always seem to have a huge amount of product around....I keep acquiring more I suppose and the supply never seems to deplete! 

So there you have it! My dirty little secret! 

If you wanna watch the super hilarious video of Jenna Here it is!!! 

Is it bad that there are still so many nail polishes that I want??? Crazy!!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Favorites~#Blogtober14~ Things I am an Expert At....

Good Morning Everyone,

It's time for Friday Favorites!!! 

Today I am doing a different type of favorites and also continuing to follow along with my #Blogtober fun! However if you want to check out some Fall Fashion Favorites I did a whole post on them yesterday!

Today I am going to share with you Things I am an Expert At....aka things that are my favorite because I happen to be good at them. 

One~ Pinterest
I can pin with the best of them I tell ya! Seriously I start most sentences with "I saw this thing on Pinterest" or with "You know on Pinterest they said that you should...."  Yes I will admit it, I'm THAT girl. Whatever, I'm awesome at it. 

Two~ Movie Quotes
Not only can I quote most movies but I can tell you what movie a quote is from even when I just hear it in passing. Someone else can be having a conversation totally separate from mine and I will hear a quote and suddenly I am all ears and quoting the next line back to them. Again I am awesome. 

Three~ Song Lyrics
My expertise is not limited to movie quotes alone. Oh no. You see I can remember the lyrics to songs that you haven't heard in YEARS. Seriously I was watching a YouTube video the other day and she was playing 90s music and I knew all the words to all the songs. Not to mention I know all the words to most 80s songs and can tell you what year it hit the Billboard hits list and who sang it. I once won a bet with a guy at work who didn't think I could tell him who sang the song that was playing on the radio. I won lunch when I told him it was Quarterflash-Harden My Heart- 1982

Four~ Disney Trivia
Yes this probably goes along with songs and movie quotes but hear me out. I am UNBEATABLE at Disney Trivial Pursuit. one in my family will play with me anymore....(I know those movies backwards and joke) 

Five~ Reading
I am an avid reader. It is nothing to me to finish four or five books a week. All of them being well over 700 pages. Now it has slowed down a bit since I had Kyra but I still read as often as I possibly can. I am also a quick reader, I breeze through books faster than white girls sip PSL's. I love books and someday very soon I hope that I will finish writing mine and you all will be reading them! (Cheers to those doing NANOWRIMO next will be my THIRD TIME!!) 
Don't come between a girl and her book.

So there you have it folks, aren't you jealous of my wonderful abilities? Such talent! 

Happy Friday Lovelies, we will see you all back here tomorrow for more #Blogtober. Until then...enjoy the song of the week! (It's a 90s Throwback!)