Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Favorites: Last one of April 2016??!!

OPI - I am what I amethyst.:
In love with this color!  OPI- I am what I amethyst

OPI 'You're Blushing Again' Infinite Shine | Summer 2015 Collection:
Really into pink right now too....OPI- You're Blushing Again

"lavender & cream casual" by enjoytheview on Polyvore:
Jean Jackets and dresses are so adorable.

Casual Outfit for Summer:
Yep would wear this all the time.

Nerdy Girl: 
Mulan and crew xD:
Awesome Mulan Cosplay!

Free knitting pattern for Gryffindor Cami Tank and more Harry Potter inspired knitting patterns:
I am determined to knit this.

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 32 Pics:


Song of the Week: I'm Only Human by Christina Perri

That's the favorites for this week! Happy Friday Everyone!
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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

1. Still flying by the seat of my pants with blogging this week. So if this is random, apologies. 

2. My husband had to write a letter and he always has me check it over to make sure there aren't any glaring grammar issues or spelling issues. Well his boss sent him an email asking if he could be a Grammar Nazi on the letter and my husband kind of called me out on it like I didn't check it well enough. I was irritated and then the guy sent it back. It was completely restructured from a letter to a bullet point presentation type grammar changes whatsoever. Husband was embarrassed and I just was like "Whatever, I'm not your secretary and my services are now withdrawn." #doityourdamnself

3. I have guests coming in this weekend for International Tabletop Day so that means I have to go to the dreaded Walmart. Hopefully I can get there super early and be home before noon. 

4. When I saw that Ulta was having a sale on their Urban Decay lipsticks I immediately snatched up the coveted F-Bomb that Steph and Jana recommended! FYI the sale is still going on and the lipsticks are 50% off! 

5. I still have to finish my Omaha recap post but my computer is running SO SLOW and it is probably due to the absolute overload of pictures. 

Super short and simple today because I need to get it in gear if I am going to get to the store and back early! 

Happy Thursday Everyone! 

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Confessions 4/27

I confess that I actually missed the past two days because Kyra and I went with Robert on his business trip to Omaha and spent Monday at the Omaha zoo. Yes I knew we were going on Friday and all weekend....and no I didn't plan any blog posts while I was gone. #badblogger #badplanning

I confess that because I didn't even check into blogland until last night I have approximately eleventy billion blogs to read. 

I confess that the trip to Omaha was amazing and I honestly cannot wait to do a recap, however I have only just now gotten around to going through all the photos so it's going to be a bit! 

I confess that I over-packed and over planned for the trip but I am still glad that I did it because it is better to have something and not need it am I right? 

I confess that I am really excited that this weekend is International Tabletop Day! I am ready for some nerdy gaming fun and our friend Matt is coming in as well so it is going to be a great weekend! 

Happy Humpday Everyone! Be sure to join the linkup! 

More Coffee Less Talky
#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren
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Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Favorites 4/22

I love the look of these  Real Technique Brushes. I have a thing for awesome brushes....

Iridescent smokey eye:
I really like this look. I am pretty sure I have the perfect dupe colors in my collection to make it happen!

Kawaii Gothy Bat Earrings OOAK by LoveCraftAndCo on Etsy, $7.00:
Love these. WANT.

Yes it is almost summer and it is not sweater weather but I love this outfit. So cute.

Nerdy Girl: 
101 Dalmanations-Disney. Check out my FAN JUNK Cosplay store for cool fan gear: Curated by NYC Metro Fandom. NYC Tri-State Fan Events:
Seriously how adorable is this Cosplay???? Megan I feel like you could totally pull this one off!

Mr. DNA from Jurassic Park cosplayed at Dragon Con 2015.:
It's Mr. DNA!!!! BINGO!

Sometimes. :):

Song of the Week: Another throwback. This wasn't my favorite adaptation of Alice but I loved the soundtrack! Great song.

Happy Friday Everyone, have a great weekend!
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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

1. I have failed yet again at blogging this week. Partially this is because my computer sucks right now and is ridiculously slow and partially because I am not feeling particularly interesting this week. It is what it is. 

2. While I haven't been blogging I have been reading blogs and now have a list of stolen borrowed posts that I want to post in the near future. 

3. Barometric Headaches are the worst....and it is just rainy as all get out around here so my headaches only ease up...never actually go away. 

4. I am actually really excited about possibly getting to go on a business trip with my husband next week. In Omaha....Nebraska.....for real. Why am I excited? Well they have a pretty awesome zoo there and the hotel will have a pool where I can take Kyra so it will feel just like a fancy vacation right? Yes I think so. 

5. I finished two books in one day on Tuesday. Then I put one down to never be finished because I was bored with it and just couldn't give it any more time. After reading two REALLY good books I just couldn't force myself to put up with a boring one. #nobodygottimeforboringbooks 

6. I actually had to force myself to not start reading any of the books I picked up from the library yesterday. It was 11pm and I knew that if I picked one up I would be up all night reading it. 

7. Joke was on me though since I spent until 2AM looking at knitting patterns. #whatsupmyknittaz? 

8. I went to the store yesterday and thought to myself (while shopping) I need flour. I should go and get it now. Guess what I forgot? Yep. Flour.

9. My aunt went to Hawaii for a few weeks and brought back snacks. I swiped these from my Mom's house. YUM. 

10. Planet Comicon is going to make me go broke. SO MANY amazing guests are coming and I am going to have to start pinching all my pennies to be able to afford all the things I want. GINNY WEASLEY  is coming people!!!! 

Please excuse me whilst I fangirl. 

It's Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday. Thank the Gods. 

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Weekend Recap 4/18

It's Monday again and it is rainy and feels like a good day for reading and snuggling up...and of course blogging. 

Also saw this on my Pinterest today and it just made me happy. 

Monday Plans:

Now the weekend recap: 

Friday: Amanda came in to spend the weekend and there was a little bit of drinking, lots of laughing, and some much needed girl talk time. I feel so much better just getting to talk out the "adult" girl things and spend time with one of my favorite people in the world. Also Wine in a cup.

Saturday: Major vegging out took place. Normally we are all GO GO GO during the weekends the friends come in but this weekend we were just content to watch movies and talk and just be chill. Honestly I think we just needed to hang out and chill and that was perfectly fine. Although as you can see above there was still some really silly moments...aka....the owls. 

Sunday: We finally got going and went out to get some local eats and some really awesome lavender lemonade downtown and then came back and gamed for a bit before Amanda had to head home. She had to head home a little early because today (Monday) is her first day of her new job! I am so proud of her and excited for her new venture in life! 

After Amanda left we gamed for a little longer with my little brother and then it was time to call it an early night with a soothing face mask and lights out by 10pm! 

So that was our chill weekend and while I totally enjoyed relaxing I am really excited for the next time when Amanda comes in it will be Planet Comicon weekend! 

Hope you all had a great weekend and Happy Monday!
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Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Favorites 4/15

Finally it's Friday and I am ready to share some favorites! 


Twisted Side Braid Tutorial - final look:
Braids are all the rage right now and since I've been rocking long hair forever it will be nice to be "in" this summer while I rock the braid!

Women's Button Front Dress Blush – Xhilaration™ (Juniors'):
This is a juniors dress but I love the look of it and the bell sleeves!

Nerdy Girl: 

Repin if you're a book dragon!:
Another mug I need. Seriously.


Cosplay Goals! #youshallnotpass:

Song of the Week: Throwing it back again! One of my favorites from Buffy! 

Happy Friday Everyone! Have a fun and safe weekend!
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