Thoughts and Confessions

Every time I sit down to read/comment on a blog I get distracted. I'm like that dog Dug from UP. Seriously I have no idea where my focus has gone but I need to get it together again. 

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I am still working on my pictures/blog for the recap of my girl's weekend. I am the SLOWEST ever at recaps I swear. 
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I really wanted to do Vlogmas but  (1) I can't find the charger to my camera.  (2)I don't trust my phone to make a good recording. (3) I worry that I am boring. 
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After the awesomeness that was having my girls in to visit I have gone right back down the bummed out rabbit hole. Things are just tough right now and I feel like I am just treading water. I am not going to get super personal on here but I will tell you all that I'm trying to figure out what to do with my life. 
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I think I might have made a mom friend at story time last week. We actually set up a play date for our kiddos so fingers crossed that I might have found someone with kids to hang out with. 
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Blogging has been on my back burner lately but that isn't because I'm not writing posts or uninterested. It is honestly because I've been so busy trying to figure out life stuff. My blog is a passion project and thus I don't make money from it. I'm okay with that for the most part as I love coming here to write either way but I need to focus on things that also bring in the monetary stuff. 

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I am ahead of the game on presents so far and I actually have all of the ones that I have bought wrapped and under the tree so I feel pretty awesome about that!
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I confess I am so anxious about finishing my Reading Challenge on Goodreads. I have seven books left for the year and while this last month I have been a powerhouse of reading I am scared I won't finish! 
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I confess that I learned more about the city I live in this past week than I have my entire life. Literally even in my own hometown. Apparently I am a hermit that needs to get out more. 
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Face Masks are equal parts awesome and horrifying. 

Happy Wednesday Everyone. 

Well Hello December you sexy thing!

I am so behind on literally everything but I wanted to get a quickie blog post up today while I am working on some MUCH longer blog posts that will be coming up this week. 

Basically since December began I have been in a whirlwind of fun and awesome. My two best girlfriends came in for five days! It was beyond fun and hilarious and just the best break from life that I could have asked for. Seriously I love those two girls so much and this weekend was everything I could have hoped for and more. I will be doing a big ol' recap this week but it is a lot so it will have to be broken up into different posts because there are so many pictures that I want to share with you all! I really wanted to do Vlogmas but I totally spaced and forgot my camera for vlogging. So I will just share some photos and maybe I will get some vlogging done this week!

So today will be a day of getting my house back in order, organizing photos, working on my own blog posts and catching up on all of you! So if you are getting comments on posts from weeks ago...that's just me!

Hope you all are having a great Monday!

A Thanksgiving Tag

So this will most likely be my last post of the week because like most of you I will be spending time with family over the holidays and very little time on the computer. I might get a post drafted for Friday if I am feeling ambitious but we will have to see how it goes. 

Anyhow today I thought I would do a fun little Thanksgiving Question/Tag type post!  If you feel like joining in and answering the questions yourself be sure to send me the link so that I can read them!

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food? Sweet Potatoes/Mashed Potatoes....actually pretty much any of the carb items are my favorite.

What quirky Thanksgiving traditions do you have? We don't really have any quirky ones but we often go to the movies as a family after the dinner is finished. I love doing this. Last weekend we did the same thing and it was just so much fun.

What electronic device are you most grateful for and why? Honestly probably my phone. It connects me even if I don't want to talk to people. I can check important emails, browse Pinterest, or just listen to audio books while cleaning. I'd miss it if I didn't have it. (Which I didn't on Monday and it was a major bummer.)

Where do you normally celebrate Thanksgiving? We always celebrate at each of the parents' homes. It takes some maneuvering and sometimes we celebrate on different days but we get to everyone and each celebration is special.

What items do you use daily are you most grateful for? My coffee pot, My Journal, and My skin care products

What skill are you most grateful for? I almost put writing but what really struck me is I wanted to put that I can sing. So I'm going to go with my ability to sing. Kyra loves it when I sing and I love it when she joins in singing songs that I've sung to her since she was just a baby.

What act of kindness are you most grateful for? My family is the greatest act of kindness I know. Honestly just getting to be part of them is what I'm most grateful for.

What flaw of yours are you actually grateful for? The fact that I get overly excited about everything. I think it is good to be excited. I think it is perfectly okay to be jump up and down happy about anything and everything. Joy is a powerful thing.

What are you most grateful for from this past year? This question is a tough one. This year has been especially hard. With that being said it is in the hard times that you find out just who you are. I think this year has made me mature more than I thought I needed. I also think it showed me how strong I am and that despite it all...I can still find joy.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! For those that aren't celebrating (or already have for my Canadian friends) I hope you just have an awesome week too!

Geeky Guy Gift Guide

1. Loot Crate- Seriously if your Geeky Guy doesn't have Loot Crate then this is the gift to get him! A monthly subscription of Nerdy Awesomeness delivered to his door! The best thing is you can now select all types of different Loot Crate's based on what he likes!

2. Movies- Geeky movies are at an all time high right now and what better gift than to give your guy a set of awesome movies for a night in together?

3. Funko Pops- Super fun to collect and in all types of fandoms you can basically get a funko pop of anything!

4. Geeky Shirts- Wear it loud and proud! Geeky shirts are fashionable and just plain fun!

5. Wallet or Key chain- I know that most guys are big into accessories but I do know that most would also really love an geeky wallet or awesome key chain. Just small tokes of their inner nerd!

In Which We Gave Thanks, Found Fantastic Beasts, and met a Strange Doctor

On Saturday we had our first Thanksgiving of the year at my parents' place. It was delicious as always and a lot of fun. So much good food and talking, visiting, playing games. We had a really great time. Lots of pictures of Kyra were taken because she was especially adorable. 

After our dinner we decided to take a family trip to the movies and see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. We used to go to the movies after Thanksgiving when we were little and it was great to relive that tradition this year. We also went to see all the Harry Potter movies together when they came out. It was awesome to have our big group of 8 head to the movies and all get to sit together and watch a movie. 

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The move itself? BRILLIANT. It was wonderful to get to be part of the Harry Potter world again even with different characters. Actually it was even better because this was totally new. I loved the stories and the Fantastic Beasts were like something out of my childhood imagination. I want to see the movie approximately a billion more times. I would drop everything and go see it again today if I could! 

Sunday morning Robert mentioned going to see Doctor Strange and after seeing Fantastic Beasts I was ready to go to the movies again. Kyra was so well behaved during the movies and I think that part of that was due to the awesome theater seats that they have installed. You can recline them and she was having a great time making hers go up and down before the movie started.

Doctor Strange was good though not as good as Fantastic Beasts in my opinion. My biggest issue is the whole world flipping thing, it always makes me a little nauseous and gives me a bit of a headache. But Benedict Cumberbatch was great to watch and the actual story line was good. 
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After the movie we had to stop by Walmart so I could pick up some Christmas gifts I had ordered and then stopped by the Redbox to pick up a few more movies. (What can I say, it was a movie weekend.) The rest of Sunday was spent curled up on the couch together watching Tarzan, Star Trek: Beyond, and Warcraft. 

All in all the weekend was pretty much amazing. 

How was your weekend?

Geeky Girl Gift Guide

So if you are like me you are probably already shopping for Christmas and if you are an overachiever you are already done. However if you find that you are stumped when it comes to the geeky girls in your life or if you yourself are trying to come up with a list for yourself, I have the solution! I give you....My Gift Guide for Geeky Girls!
1. Loot For Her - Another monthly subscription box from Loot Crate! This one features awesome nerdy wearable gear and accessories for us Geeky Gals!

2. Geek Accessories- Earrings, Charms, Necklaces because let's face it showing off your geek via fashion is awesome.(Earrings Link)

3. Makeup- I love makeup and geeky makeup is just icing on the cake! I adore Espionage Cosmetics makeup and nail wraps! Also in case you weren't aware there is an awesome company called Storybook Cosmetics and they made these awesome Harry Potter makeup brushes!

4. Coloring Books- Coloring books kind of took the adult world by storm last year and with good reason. They are so relaxing and calming and now they are geeky as well! They have everything from Harry Potter to Disney to Marvel!

5. Minis-  Blind box minis! These are just so fun and I am in love with the Disney Villains sets! 

What do you think of this Mini Gift Guide? Like it? Any other ideas that you would want? Let me know! 

A List of Threes

Saw this post on Steph's blog but forgot I had started it until I saw Kristen post I finally finished it! 

Three Things I would never give up- Books, Makeup, or time with Kyra 

Three Favorite Vegetables- Potatoes, Broccoli, Zucchini

Three Shows I watched faithfully from beginning to end- Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Supernatural. I have also seen all of Friends, The Office, That 70s Show, Deadwood, Sex and the City,.... But the first three I watched from the day they aired until the day they finished. Except Supernatural is still going strong! 

Three Places I want to visit in the US-Hawaii, New Orleans, California.........This was so hard I want to go LOTS of places!

Three places I want to visit outside the US- New Zealand, Japan, Bora-Bora. Again this was SO HARD.

Three things I always have with me- a pen, lip gloss, hair tie or clip

Three things that are always in my car- Ice scraper, napkins, the ever present smell of soy sauce

Three most recent phone calls- Bobby, My Mom, My Dad

Three most often used makeup products- Foundation- I have been using the L'Oreal Stay Matte lately or the Milani Conceal and Perfect , Mascara- I have been using Smashbox and then Buxom as a combo, Matte Lip Cream- I love the ones by Nyx and use Istanbul, Tokyo, and Copenhagen the most!

Three Things that make me laugh- Kyra, My dogs, Silly animal gifs

Three things that make me cry- I am a crier. Seriously I cry over most things. However Hallmark Christmas Commercials, Christmas movies in general, and Disney are the biggest culprits. 

So what is your list of threes?
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