Add it to my List aka My Faves for January

Skin Care:

Garnier Micellar Water- I love this stuff. Not only does it take off stubborn eye makeup but it is refreshing enough for when you just want to wipe the day off your face. Super inexpensive and there are coupons all the time for it. I use it daily!

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Fresh Soy Face Cleanser- I got this in a sample size and now I am hooked. It does have a scent but the scent is cucumber and therefore not overly strong. However I do notice so if you are sensitive to smells or hate cucumber you might not like it. Anyhow it is really gentle on the skin and makes my skin look brighter when I use it.

Foreo- I actually got this in a gift set from Sephora and I honestly didn't think I would really use it that much as I already have a Clarisonic. However I love this little guy! It is perfect for when you are traveling and something about the vibrations honestly does make my skin feel and look so much better! It is pricey if you are looking to get the bigger version but I have to say this little mini one does the trick for me.

Tony Moly Panda Eye Masks- I adore sheet masks. I use them all the time and when I got these little eye masks I was so eager to use them! They are so relaxing on your eyes and have a definite cooling effect. Perfect if your eyes are prone to puffiness.


Dose of Colors Palette- I use this palette so much more than I think I even thought I would. The colors may not be something that most people would wear on an average day but I really enjoy the different amount of looks I can get from this palette! Great quality but like most palettes a bit pricey.

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Nyx Soft Matte Creams- Now these are inexpensive but absolutely high quality! I have at least four different shades of this in my purse at all times. They are creamy and set so well and last all day long!

Buxom Mascara- This is a mascara if you are looking for VOLUME. My lashes are fairly long but when I put this mascara on I get that va va voom volume that makes it possible to not wear false lashes which I suck at applying.

Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte- My every day foundation. Ride or Die.

Milani Conceal and Perfect- I use this just to conceal under my eyes but have used it as a full foundation on days that I want an entirely new face. Inexpensive and super full coverage.

Image result for milani conceal and perfect
Kandee Johnson Sinful Colors Polishes- Adore Kandee Johnson. Love Sinful colors. (They are only .99) The matte colors in this collection are just gorgeous. Strawberry Milk and Mint Chip are my favorites. 


SPLIT- Saw this movie on Sunday. Now M. Night can be a bit of a hit or miss for me but THIS MOVIE. Crazy. Brilliant. So well done. James McAvoy is PHENOMENAL.
 Image result for split movie 2017

Lipton Black Vanilla Tea- I love this stuff. It's becoming a problem.
Lipton Tea Rich Black Tea Vanilla K-Cups 24ct

Phone Tripod- A Christmas present that I now use daily. I love having my phone propped up while I get a recipe off of it or if I am watching YouTube. It also has a remote for taking hands free pics.

Bluetooth Headphone- Another Christmas gift. These are the BOMB. No wires while working out or if I am listening to an audio book while ignoring children's television! 
LG Electronics Tone Ultra HBS-810 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset - Retail Packaging - Black
Topless Baker on Youtube- He's a shirtless, British, adorable guy that makes amazing desserts. Seriously. 

Girls Girls Podcast- HILARIOUS. Brittany Gibbons of Fat Girl Walking is the host with her friend Meredith and I have nearly fallen over while listening because I was laughing so hard. Warning however NSFW. 

Whew! That ended up being a lot longer a list than I intended! What's on your list? Join the linkup and share! 


  1. I think my husband has similar headphones..he loves them.

  2. I'll have to check out that podcast- always looking for new ones!

  3. That Garnier cleansing water is definitely going on my list. And the panda eye mask too. Only in the last few years have those dark circles haunted me. I need to do something about it. I agree about the NYX soft matte creams. A blogger buddy actually gave me a couple for a Christmas gift :)

  4. I should give some cleansing water a try.

    I recommended NYX products as well. They're so good. And so affordable!

  5. That podcast sounds fantastic. I've used the cleansing water before and I really like it too. I got my mom using it every night. I don't because I don't always wear makeup but I use it when I do.


  6. What is this tea?! I must try it. I like the Fresh soy cleanser too. I got the rose mask as the birthday gift from Sephora and really like that too. Lauren recommended the lip scrub too!

  7. A phone tripod would totally come in handy for when I'm cooking.. even though I'd have to keep turning on the screen, which gets annoying, but is my own (battery saving) fault.

    I see people at the gym with those headphones and I just can't get past them sitting on their sweaty necks and never getting wiped down and getting super gross. I have the most irrational germ fears.

  8. I just got a phone tripod for Christmas too! Never thought to use it for putting my phone up for recipes though- love that idea. I've heard so many great reviews of Split and even though the trailer looks super creepy I really want to see it. Also, adding the headphones to my wish list!

  9. So many good recs! I'm not a tea drinker but that sounds great. And I never finish products, ever, but I have to second you on the micellar water - I'm almost done with a bottle! I've heard good things about Milani and love cheap options so I need to pick some up next time I see the brand. Thanks for linking up!


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