Confessions: Um Bye January....

I confess I am overly happy at the above image. It's so tropical and fun. Sure it doesn't really have anything to do with confessions but I still really like it!  

I confess that I was both surprised and a little relieved when I remembered that today was the first of February. It's been a topsy turvy month and while I don't think that it will get all that much better just because it is now February I'm still relieved.
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I confess that this past weekend turned out to be so much more fun than I could have expected. It was all unplanned and maybe that was why it was so amazing.

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I confess this is exactly my life. I have a huge stack of "To be Read".
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I confess that I have thrown my knitting needles down more times than I can count this week out of frustration. WHY IS DOUBLE KNITTING SO HARD?!

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I confess I usually respond to comments using the voice translate on my phone because I am lazy. #sorrynotsorry #somanyautocorrectfails

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So what are you confessing today?


  1. don't give up the knitting! just keep at it.
    although, that's why i switched to crochet; knitting was just way too hard and i could never get the tension right. that said, crochet wasn't a walk in the park either; i spent THREE DAYS in utter frustration screaming and yelling and constantly unravelling. i kept at it, though, and one day it clicked!

  2. The voice-to-text thing would explain many of your "typos" lol. Now they will be extra funny.

    February kinda snuck up on me this year. Even with my birthday, I wasn't prepared.

  3. I confess that I forgot about Confessions. And, I could have totally tailored the post that I shared into a confessions post.


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