February Goals

I am just doing a Top 3 for my goals this month because I tend to jump into too much at once and it always ends in disaster. So this month I am just going to focus on these three things and hopefully it will all turn out awesome!

1. Work on being more active on blogging/commenting/ "healthy" social media- I have really been slacking on blogging and that has been because I've been really debating on whether or not I want to continue. However I was sitting here staring at the computer screen one day and I thought about how much I really was missing blogging and how it makes me so happy when my regulars comment. I am not a big blog but I feel the love from my loyal readers and I want to start making more of an effort to give you all something quality to read.  Also I want to be more active on like Instagram and SnapChat in a "healthy" way. Meaning I want to post things that lift people up, that motivate people to be the best version of themselves. That are fun and happy. I'm done with negativity and I refuse to let the world break me down. I will continue to rise.  Facebook will get the occasional post but honestly I am pretty much done with it. It's such an angry place and it makes me feel rage each time I see my news feed and the hate that is being spewed there. I can't unfollow everyone, but I can just avoid the platform all together!

2. Cut down on screen time- I realize that that may seem counterproductive to my above goal of blogging and stuff but what I mean here is that I want to start setting aside more times where there is no screen involved in my or Kyra's activity. We have our reading hour and story time at the library but I want more evening playtime that doesn't always involve the TV, phone, or iPad. 

2. Organize my basement room- It kind of became a catch all after the holidays and I am now officially tired of just shifting things from one spot to another. Time for a clean, purge, and reorganize. 

What are your goals for the month? Anyone else done with Facebook? 


  1. Teh German has this PILE of shit that he has moved 3 times now and refuses to go through. He says it's important paperwork and he wants to create a filing system for harboring his hoarder tendencies. As in, all his paycheck stubs. I get wanting to keep them, but I'm of the option keep maybe 6 months worth or even a year and then shred them! Ain't nobody got time for you pile that is on MY DESK. This was all because you were talking about shuffling piles in the basement. I feel you. I'm tired of shuffling HIS pile.

  2. Yay for purging, cleaning and reorganizing! I just started doing the KonMari method so my goal is to finish decluttering all areas of my house this month. It is a big undertaking, but so refreshing in the end!

  3. honestly, blog when you want to blog; don't do it for the readers. maybe that's blogger blasphemy but people can tell when your heart isn't in it...that's why i sometimes disappear for days at a time...i just don't feel like blogging so i dont but when i do want to blog, i can sit here and crank out a post in minutes!

  4. i am rarely on facebook except to talk to family back home, it can definitely be a negative place. healthy social media sounds like a great idea, i've been struggling to post things lately because i feel like i don't want to be negative but there's not a whole lot of positive stuff to share haha. hope you're doing well girl xx


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