Confessions: Back to Life

Well I confess that blogging on a schedule went out the window. We came down with an awful sickness. I mean it was terrible. We were all down and out for a week and we still have a bit of the cough lingering. Also by down I mean DOWN. We spent the entire time in bed, coughing and aching and miserable. I wouldn't wish this sickness on anyone. 

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I confess that during the time I was down I spent a large chunk of time watching YouTube and found one channel that I was obsessed with, FACTS. Basically it is Irish people trying things and it sounds boring but it is HILARIOUS. 

I confess our Valentine's Day consisted of getting Kyra a gift, giving each other some hilarious but simple cards, and eating Taco Bell. #notsorry #itwasamazing 
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I confess we did go out for Chinese on Monday night instead because guess what? No crowds on the day before Valentines. #notapeopleperson 
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I confess that I though about blogging a LOT during my sickness and kept meaning to bring my laptop to the bed and type while I sat there in misery but honestly I just felt so completely shite that I never did it. 
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I confess that I've been debating changing up the blog layout lately as well. I like this layout but I feel like it's really impersonal and just kind of ....blah? I dunno, maybe I'm just ready for a change. 
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That's it for today. Hope you all are having a good one and if not well, at least it is Wednesday.


  1. this year has been brutal wrt colds! i had one that lasted a good 5 days which is rare for me; i'm usually done with a cold by day 2 or 3.

  2. I'm almost in a panic because people are coming to my house this weekend and 2 of the 3 have reported that they are dealing with a sickness of some sort and I just know they are going to leave their death germs in my house and we'll get sick and I'll resume hating everyone.

    As for the blog, maybe it's time to update the side bar? Switch up the order, maybe create a list of links instead of the buttons, I'd also take down popular posts to 5 if you're going to include text or list out however many you want without text. I'd add your email to the social buttons up top.
    Not that you asked me.. just that I like to give out my opinion.. :)

  3. We did Taco Bell for Valentine's day, too! Because I've been told that I'm "PRACTICAL" (insert side-eye glare here)we don't go try to fight the crowds at fancy places, but that's actually OK by me! And because he sucks - his words, not mine - I was with him after we ate while he picked out a card for me. Those videos of people trying other foods are hilarious!

  4. Ugh. There is some sort of sickness going around here too and I think it's coming for me next. As for changing up the blog, I'm with you on that front! Been wanting to redo my whole entire blog, name and everything. The problem is finding time and motivation to actually sit down and do it...


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