Confession Day is upon us!

Good Morning Everyone! 

It's Wednesday! 

Vodka and Soda

Here are my confessions this week:

...I bite my nails. ALL. THE. TIME. The only time I don't is when I get them done professionally but man the minute that they chip or I break one....I am nibbling away. Part of it is stress and part of it is the obsessive need for them to feel smooth. Once again confirming my crazy. 

...I confess that yesterday after giving nine puppies a bath and cleaning out the kennel I was feeling all sorts of crumbly and nearly cried when my parents offered to take Kyra for a bit. You would think I would use the time wisely and do all the things that you don't get to do with a kiddo around but actually all I did was make some dinner and then say I was going to dry my hair when actually I fell asleep on my bed. It was too hot to do my hair anyway! 

...I confess that I HATE SUMMER. Seriously. I hate it. I LOATHE it. I hate summer clothes, I hate the bugs, but most of all I hate the heat. It was 100 degrees here yesterday and with the humidity it felt more like a million. Seriously I broke a sweat standing outside waiting for the dog to finish her business so we could go back in. I wasn't even walking! The heat sucks. Please bring back the snow so I can put on my sweater and leggings and not feel like my face is going to melt off! 

..I confess I've been really bad about blog reading this week. Also comments. I just haven't been able to get up the go to sit and read them. Part of it is because Kyra is now very mobile and into EVERYTHING, so I can't really take the time to log on and check things. But part of it is just...I am dreading opening my BlogLovin' or email. I know it is backed up and I know to be a good blogger I need to respond, but I just haven't felt it lately. Hopefully I get back in the groove soon. I feel like my BlogLovin' is just sitting there like....

...I confess that I will never tire of some books. Honestly I don't care if I have read it a million times or if I have a pile of books I have never read sitting next to me. If one of the old one is calling my name I will reread it. I can't help myself. 

...I confess that lately Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have felt more like a chore than entertainment. The thought of surfing through trying to find something to watch is exhausting. I have worn out all my series and the summer TV schedule bites. I'm bored with it all. I am now at the point that I just let my husband have the remote and tune out whatever rubbish he puts on. 

...I confess that as of late my blog posts have been getting written in the dark, on the floor, next to the bed while the baby sleeps. Either I have had no time to write during the day or I have had no inspiration for what to post. However you can ask any writer and they will tell you, your best ideas come right at bedtime the moment you find the most comfortable spot to sleep! 

That is all for me today! Hoping that it is less hot out and maybe I can get some other things done without turning into a sweaty puddle! Cheers to everyone and Happy Hump Day!


  1. the first year after having a baby is TOUGH! but it does get easier, mama. kayla is now 6 but around 2, she started to gain more independence and wasn't up my ass as much. now i have to chase her around to give me a few cuddles because she's such a busy body! wah!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Summer haters UNITE! I loathe summer. Winter is where it's at. Where I can add as many layers as I want and no one looks at me weird for sitting under a blanket (which I sometimes do in the summer). You can't take off all the layers in the summer, cause then you'll get arrested. I mean, really. Heat is of the devil, because swamp ass. Most people want to move to FL? Me, I want to move to Canada where it snows in June.

    PS You have captchas enabled.. :(

  3. I bite my nails constantly. I try not to, I really do, but I just can't stop. That and my bottom lip. Those are my two worst habits!

  4. I used to be a habitual nail biter. I now am obsessed with my nails! Also I write at night as well .. you write when you can and in your case, if its when the baby sleeps then so be it! :)

  5. I could never bite my nails I always wanted long nails lol

  6. I dont bite my nails but if my fake nails start growing out I start picking at them until they look one hot mess.

  7. I know what you mean about not getting things done, whenever someone takes the kids and I have the day to myself all I want to do is nap or relax ha ha. Humidity is awful, we rarely have it where I am at but the few times I've experienced it I was miserable.

  8. I was so sad when I read you hated summer. Luckily, I then read you love books. So that's okay.


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