Friday Favorites 7/11

Good Morning Everyone and Happy Friday!

It is time for Friday Favorites!

Favorite Fashions

...I would totally rock this look all summer!
. - Click image to find more Women's Fashion Pinterest pins
....I am IN LOVE with this apron! So Retro and Adorable!
Retro Kitchen Apron in Purple and White Dots

...This skirt is screaming my name....problem is maxi skirts don't really work with my short stature! Still Super Cute!
This skirt
Favorite Quotes/Funny

Yep this is me...
So me!!!  (But I'm glad it's a common enough occurrence in other households that they made it a meme picture thingy.  Now I don't feel so bad.). :)
My response to my in laws about camping...
Ha! True words!

....This is my life right now...
.i'm not sure i'd feel like it

...This is also me! LOL

...This is a shirt I need.
I have mixed drinks about feelings #Tee
Random Favorite Stuff

...This polish is beautiful. Not normally a light pink person but I like this!
essie fiji

...I featured an owl ring before but these are SUPER cute as well!
Adorable little owl rings! I really really want an  owl thumb ring!!
...This is gorgeous.
Silver Koi Fish Print. $20.00, via Etsy.
...Crab Artichoke dip. YUM.
Crab and Artichoke Dip - This crowd-pleasing dip comes together in just 10 minutes, and it is baked to absolute cheesy perfection!

 Song of the Week: An old one but still rocked out to it!

Favorite Nerdy Stuff

...Yep this onesie will need to be in my life when baby #2 comes around....
Harry Potter inspired unisex Baby onesie clothing shirt bodysuit - movie tribute list
...COSPLAY!!!! Also Avatar the Last Airbender!!
Beautiful hand-beaded Princess Yue cosplay from Avatar: The Last Airbender. This is one I want to do sooner rather than later. I also just want to wear the coat.
...These gloves...actually I need an entire outfit out of the dragon scale armor....
Dragonhide Armor Gauntlets Pheonix knitted know secretly want to where them!
...My feelings exactly Belle....
My Junk Drawer

Favorite Moment of the Whole Week:

I know I say it a lot...but this little girl is AMAZING. I love her so much....

So those are the favorites this week! Be sure to join the linkup and share your favorites!

Have a great weekend Loves!


  1. I thought that apron was a dress! It is totally adorable!! And I completely relate to the laundry. I swear I never can understand why I have so much until I realize I have been washing the same load over and over because I am always forgetting to dry the dang thing. In fact, I like all your Memes. They pretty much describe me right now too. :) Thanks for sharing and happy Friday/Weekend!!

  2. fake butter and cheese? nope; that shit is nasty. pass the real stuff please :)

  3. Hahaha yes girl I waste so much laundry detergent from rewashing clothes.

  4. hahah love the camping meme I dont think Id be good at it either and that first outfit is totally something I would wear!

  5. That first outfit is so cute!! And that skirt! I need that skirt in my life! I look ridiculous in maxi length stuff for whatever reason...but I have a jean jacket I could pair with it like in the picture. So cute!

    I am dying over the fake butter, cheese and people one! Ain't that the truth!!!!


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