Throwback Thursday: Guinea Pigs and Pancakes

Good Morning Everyone,

First off let me thank each and every one of you that come here to read my blog. Some comment and that is AWESOME and some don't and that is fine too. I apologize for my little pity party yesterday. I suddenly realized at some point yesterday while reading comments and really thinking about things that I was being selfish and while my readership isn't huge, it is SIGNIFICANT. You are all important to me and each and every comment I get is greeted with a proper fangirl scream. I promise you. 

So again, Thank You to all of you! 

Now back to the task at hand....Throwback Thursday. 

Now I know you all have seen the Throwback Thursday pictures. Fun images of times past but I thought it would be fun to share a memory of times past! Today I will share the story of Guinea Pigs and Pancakes! 

It was finals week of Freshman year and not a one of us was studying. Honestly we had all be studying for the past week and now that there were only two days left in the semester we just didn't have it in us to go through any more notes or quiz anymore flashcards. We were done. 

The dorm room was small and my roommate and I had crammed as much stuff in it as possible but there was the tiny rug in the center of the room that was free of clutter and that was where we gathered, my roommate, her boyfriend at the time who would later become my best friend, Matthew, Robert, my future husband, and myself. Sitting in a circle around the board game and laughing in a way that reveled in our rebellion.  
We were going on our fifth round of the game, still laughing and carrying on with all the carefree joy that is 2am procrastination, when it happened. 

Ginny was giving birth. 

Ginny was a guinea pig that I had gotten along with another guinea pig. They were both supposed to be girls. They were not. 

So the game came to a standstill as four "adults" gathered around the cage to watch the miracle of life. After about an hour there were three new little guinea pigs in the world.

FYI guinea pigs are born ready to go. Their eyes are open, they have fur, and they eat solid food. Just a fun fact. 

It was pretty awesome as we all raised our glasses (of soda of course!) to the new mother and toasted her success. It was all pretty hilarious and uplifting until they all started to squeal along with us..(they aren't called "pigs" for nothing!) 

Once the little family had settled down and it was now at the point of "well might as well just stay up" that we decided we were hungry. The only place open? International House of Pancakes. 

Now again we were freshmen. Freshmen have to park in the lot farthest away from campus. Still nothing was going to stop us, we were still too excited from the game, the miracle, the rebellion! So we gathered up and piled into my car and set off in search of pancakes. 

It is an odd assortment of people that gather at the IHOP at 4am on a Thursday morning. You have other rebellious college students (mostly frat guys) ordering omelets and full sides of pancakes. Shift workers looking half asleep downing cup after cup of coffee. The EMO kids with sunny side up eggs or just a side of toast. Our favorite however were the drag queens. A hilarious group still on a rush from the performance the night before, dressed to the nines and toasting one another with orange juice and buttermilk flapjacks. We couldn't help but laugh along with them and admire the intense amount of makeup that still was in place at 4am. 

After breakfast we all felt exhausted and ready to finally call it a night. We parked the car in the lot and started the long trek back to the dorm. That was when it started to rain. It might have been a hard slog back but something about that rain, something about that whole night actually...well it just couldn't have been more perfect. We laughed, spirits renewed, and ran through the rain.

This night is one of my favorite memories because it marks the beginning of some of the best years of our lives. Hope you enjoyed! 

Here is my Husband and I on our wedding day. Matthew was Robert's best man.

Big hugs from here! Happy Thursday Everyone!


  1. Happy Thursday! Those are some cool facts about baby guinea pigs who knew??? That sounds like a fun night though! My kind of college night except we could drink because 18 is the legal age limit where I studied!

  2. I didnt know that about Guinea pigs cool fact :)
    Sounds like a fun night and IHOP at 4am is ALWAYS interesting


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