What Makes Me Happy

Good Evening Everyone!

Apologies for the late post today but I was SUPER busy this morning re doing my kitchen organization and then spent the afternoon with my Mom and Kyra! 

However I am getting a post up today and I am linking up with Juliette from over at The Other Juliette! 


Today's prompt is Things that make you Happy

So here is what makes me happy: 

This little girl. She is my WORLD. Seriously could not ask for a sweeter cuter baby. 

My husband, of course. 

My family, they are my rock. Without them I could never have become the person that I am. 

 Pinterest. Seriously when they invented this I found my new way to pass time. Honestly my doctor visits while I was pregnant were made so much more enjoyable with Pinterest! 





I Speak Fluently in movie quotes Chalkboard by AltusPhotoDesign, $3.00
 THIS PLACE. (the view from the pavilion at my parents' place. Same spot I got married.) 

Supernatural. Sherlock. Harry Potter. Cosplay.



So there are a few of the things that make me happy! Leave your comments below with the things that make you happy!

Also don't forget that I am hosting my Write It! Challenge Linkup tomorrow! Grab the button and join in the fun!

Chaos and Cocoa


  1. All good things. Your little girl is so cute!

  2. I recently found your blog and am a new follower :)
    Pinterest, Books, Movies and Baking are all some of my time smile motivators too.
    And of course, what doesn't make us smile any brighter than our precious babies.
    I look forward to reading more from you


  3. Your little girls is SO adorable! Books, Movies, Supernatural, and Harry Potter? Yes, please.


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