Tuesday Write It! Challenge

Good Morning Everyone, 

Today I am doing the second Write It Challenge that I had set for myself this month. I didn't make this one a linkup since last week was a bit of a bust, however if you feel inspired feel free to leave your submission in the comments! 

Today's Challenge was the 6 word memoir.

Basically describe your life, yourself, whatever, in six words. No more, no less. 

I had seen this done in magazines and I always loved just how much story someone could reveal with only six words to work with. It was inspired by the most famous six word story written by Ernest Hemingway who was challenged to write the shortest sad story which you can Google because it always makes me sad and I'm not about being sad this early in the morning! 

I have three submissions today! 

On my husband/marriage: 
Love gripped tight, Love held on. 

On Kyra: 
Delightful chaos wrapped in a smile. 

On Life: 
Live Bravely, Love Fiercely, Kindness Always

Okay so that is it for me today! Hope you all are having a good day and we will see you back here tomorrow for Confession Wednesday!


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