Confessions: Things that Irk Me

I remember Kathy doing a post of things that made her irrationally angry and I decided to come up with a list of my own. Not so much things that make me angry but things that just irk the hell out of me.

1. Dirty socks stuffed in shoes and not put in the laundry

2. Wet Towels thrown on the ground. Ick. Ick. Ick.

3. There is a church that I pass every time I leave my house and their sign is always attempting to be funny or clever and it just really annoys me. The latest? "Have the Donkey and the Elephant let you down? Try the Lamb!" ------I cringe every time I see it. 

4. How freaking hard it is to get SnapChat to load the silly filters. Maybe I'm just dumb but it takes forever for it to recognize my face and load the list of filters. Annoying. 

5. When people play music in the car while someone else is watching a video or listening to some other form of media. Seriously the car is TOO SMALL A SPACE for all that noise! 

6. When one side of the sink is clearly dirty dishes and someone puts their dirty dish in the clean side. Seriously WTF? 

7.  When my husband puts work calls on speakerphone so I am forced to listen to the nonsense as well. 

8. When people tell me to "Smile! It's not that bad!" Usually it is men that do this too. Why do you do this? Why do you need me to smile all the freaking time? Is it because you are afraid that I'm thinking? Well I am. So leave me alone. 

9.  The fact that Hulu plays the same damn commercials every break. Sure it is only a few commercials but the same ones every time? So annoying. 

10. The fact that Instagram is changing things up the same way that Facebook did......I legit do not care about stuff that happened three days ago...I want the instant feed. Same way I wanted the "Most Recent" on Facebook. Why is Instagram ruining things? 

What Irks You? Anything on my list irk you as well?  Let me know in the comments. 

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  1. I laughed at so many of these because I can so relate. I'm not an overly clean person. I am NOT. But wadded up, used, damp towels on the floor drive me crazy.
    That sign in #3 is ridiculous.
    #8! - I had a professor of Sociology give an entire lecture of the cultural norms of Americans and smiling.
    Don't use snapchat filters. Don't know how, and I find myself skipping the pics of those who use them anyway.
    IG - damn them. I am not open to their changes.
    Fun post!

  2. The church sign is horrible and hilarious at the same time, I'd be annoyed if I had to pass it every day too.

    I can only get my snapchat filters to work half the time, I do like the filters that squish my face in different ways.

  3. I'm anti-IG changes and anti-snapchat in general.

    I HATE SPEAKERPHONE. I do not even want to hear ONE side of your conversation, let alone two.

  4. I still wonder how someone got the faceswap to work with their little girl & cat???? It takes too long for that nonsense, because I've wanted to try something that!
    They should be glad I don't work for Facebook or Instagram, because I would hunt down whoever came up with the idea for these "algorithms" and beat them with a shoe. I liked a page because I want to see ALL their posts! I don't need some moron deciding what I get to see for me.


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