Confessions 3/16

So I confess that I totally skipped out on blogging last week. It was just one of those weeks where I couldn't get it together. There were a variety of reasons that I won't get into but I'm back at it this week and ready to go! 

I confess these past few days I have also been dealing with Insomnia. It happens from time to time and when it does it hits hard. I have been up past 4 am more times than I would like to ever be this past week. Not sure what is driving the insomnia but I do know that I am SO over it.

I confess this past weekend was pretty mellow due to insomnia and due to the weather. March is a month of pretty turbulent weather with the season change and my sinuses are super sensitive to the changes. So I took it easy since I spent most of the time nursing a bad headache while dealing with the insomnia mentioned above.

I confess that I am still laughing about this awesome birthday surprise for my brother. We have a running joke in our family about Robert Goulet. My brother would call my Mom up and sing to her in his voice and the joke has just been going around for years now. It just so happened that my parents ran across a picture of him at the thrift store. The best part? It was signed and dedicated to Brandon...which just so happens to be my brother's name. IT. WAS. EPIC.

I confess that I finally used one of my gift cards! I found some stuff I wanted at Sephora and finally used it up! Of course I also spent an extra ten dollars to get the free shipping....I mean I was going to have to pay 6.95 for shipping anyhow so why not spend the ten and get something I want and not pay shipping?? Sound logic if you ask me.

I confess I finally did break into my Coloring Book! It took a couple days to finish this picture because I am crazy picky selective about my color choices. I am really happy with it though!

I confess that I am not good with flowers. However Hyacinth are some of my favorite flowers and so (with permission!) swiped some of my Mom's. I had no idea what color I was getting when I got them but they turned out to be pretty in pink and they smell AMAZING! 

So I told you all a couple weeks ago that the neighbors were moving out. Well with pretty much any move out like that you get some stuff that gets left behind. I confess that we totally took some of the leftovers. Hey I haven't seen them in two weeks now and I figured it was all fair game since the landlord put it all on the curb!

I confess that while I really am enjoying this new yoga app I got for my phone what I am really enjoying is the playlists! It just pulls random music and I have to keep stopping to screenshot the song so I can remember it for later! I wish they saved the playlists! 

I confess that I am still playing catch up on the Show Us Your Books linkup! I have gotten through quite a few but I'm not done yet! My library holds list is BURSTING. 

That's it for me! Be sure to join the linkups and Confess!!! 

Also Chris Hemsworth is YUM.

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  1. Ohhh your flower is so pretty, I want one of those!!! I love your coloring book too :) Insomnia is the worst, I hope you get some good rest soon!!!

  2. That gift for your brother is PRICELESS! I've been experiencing bizarre sleep patterns myself. Sometimes I can't sleep, sometimes all I want to do is sleep, and sometimes I have the craziest dreams and I keep waking up throughout the night.

  3. blah, insomina sucks balls. i used to have awful insomnia for years and i was always so tired all the time. hope this passes for you!

  4. I love Hyacinth too! I have one in my yard and I honestly can't remember what color it is. I'm waiting for that bad boy to finally bloom! i think it's pink too... hmmm. Sorry about the insomnia problems, hopefully that will pass soon!

  5. OO did you get anything good from the neighbors? I had a hyacinth that I planted outside of my townhouse in MD. I loved it. Yay for finally devirginizing the coloring book!


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