Hello March

It's hard to believe that we are already three months into the year. 

March is a pretty busy month around here since we have about a million birthdays this month. On top of that throwing in Easter this month will make it even more interesting. 

But even though it's going to be a busy one I still have some goals that I want to accomplish this month! 

Wake up Early- I wake up fairly early as is but I want to start waking up at least an hour before Kyra does. Most of the time I just let myself lie there in bed until she wakes up but here lately I've been getting up and getting a few things done before she is even out of bed and it makes a world of difference to my day! 

Yoga- I am starting the 30 Day Yoga challenge this month. I love the stretches in yoga and I always feel so much better after I do it so I'm going to attempt to make it part of the daily routine this month. I want to increase my flexibility and make some extra time for myself. 

Meditation- I have been doing this daily pretty consistently these past few months but I want to continue. It really has helped to clear my mind and focus on the things that are really important. I also want to try new apps for meditation because it is really fun to switch things up when you are having a hard time with one in particular. 

Outside Play- When the weather is nice I am going to try and get outside more. Kyra loves outside and playing in the dirt and mud. I'm not really an outside person but I don't want her to miss out on it just because it's not my thing. Plus it makes it ten times more fun to see her so excited to play and run and jump without a care in the world. 

Planning- I've been "officially" using a bullet journal for about a month now and I really love it. I love the lists and I love having a planner that actually works for me. This month I hope to continue to make progress in planning extending it to meal planning, savings planning, and finding systems that work for me! 

What are your goals for the month? Do you do yoga? Any tips or favorite videos on YouTube? Let me know! 

Happy March Everyone!


  1. Okay so I'm starting the yoga thing this month too, but not doing it daily. So I don't think that counts even though I'm using the 30 day things on YouTube! LOL. I'm supplementing other scheduled workouts.

  2. I think it is wonderful that you have "outside play" as a goal for Kyra :)


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